Vumbilding exercises at home

Vumbilding is training the intimate muscles of the female body. The topic is very delicate, so many women bypass it, despite their love for sports and training. And it is completely in vain, becauseany muscles, including intimate ones, require training. This article is about vumbilding exercises that you can do at home, as well as the results and feedback on this practice.

Vumbilding exercises at home

Before moving on to practical exercises, let us try to answer an objective question: what do women give to bodybuilding, what is their use for the female body?

Vumbilding exercises at home: reviews

  • The training technique allowsfeel the intimate muscles of the body, get new unforgettable feelings. How many women do not experience orgasm during intimacy, and in fact the case may be in the unwillingness to make an effort. A woman is accused of frigidity, marriages fall apart. To feel good, you need to engage in sports.
  • Vumbilding does not require a lot of free time, you can do the exercises standing in traffic jams, sitting at your desk.Ease of exercisewomen should already be intrigued, because a busy schedule and lack of motivation often leaves the gymnasium for women.
  • And how often does a woman wantbecome for your beloved goddess in bed, Vumbilding is also able to solve these problems. Only the practice must be approached with all the responsibility and not wait for short-term results. It is known that fast weight loss and express exercises do not have a positive result.
  • Training intimate muscleswill allow a woman to control orgasm, make it brighter and longer. Of course, it is impossible to give guarantees to everyone in a row, the body of each person individually, but the reviews of Internet users about the wumblling are mostly positive.
  • Vumbilding exercises at home will help not only to solve problems in bed, but alsodesigned to help with the prolapse of the uterus, hemorrhoids and many other female diseases. For symptoms and additional treatments for uterine prolapse, see the article Uterus prolapse: symptoms and treatment.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of vumbilding in preparation for childbirth.If you start to train the muscles of the vagina before delivery, you can prevent perineal tears, which torment and cause discomfort to most women in labor.
  • A huge plus technique is the abilityrestore vaginal muscles after childbirth.

From theory smoothly move on to practice.

Vumbilding exercises at home

Vumbilding video lessons are not able to fully reveal the essence of the exercises for a woman, because the most important thing in the video is not to see, everything happens inside, and if there are detailed visual aids, then the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Also, it is not necessary to go to the classes in vumbildingu, learn how to do elementary exercises can be done at home. Muranivsky’s books on this topic can be a good help to work.

Vumbilding exercises at home

  1. Kegel exercise.The essence of the exercise is restoring urination for a few seconds. But it is not necessary to do this exercise in the toilet all the time, just remember the degree of tension and repeat this exercise while sitting, standing - in any setting, gradually increasing the number of approaches. The Kegel exercise trains the muscles of the orgasmic cuff. You can compress and decompress muscles up to 1500 times. But this is already a professional level. Be careful, such exercises can lead to excitement.
  2. Raising the pelvis.To perform this exercise, you should lie on your back, bend and slightly spread your legs, feet should be placed on the floor parallel to each other, arms stretched along the body. Next you need to raise and lower the pelvis 10 - 40 times. When lifting the pelvis, it is necessary to compress the muscles of the vagina and the sphincter, to strain the buttocks and hips. You can use the trickscallaneticsand hold tight muscles for a few seconds in working position.
  3. Breath during vumbildinge.When you do the exercises, watch your breathing. It should be deep, the abdominal muscles, not the chest, are involved in breathing. When exhaling, you should maximally draw in the abdomen, hold your breath a little, squeeze the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and intimate muscles. It is important to learn to breathe a relaxed belly.
  4. Exercises for the clitoris.We must learn to distinguish the muscles of the vagina from the bulbous-spongy muscle. For a few minutes, retract and release the clitoris. The result of the exercise can be a little agitation. Feel the location of the pelvic floor will help alternately squeezing the muscles of the anus and the clitoris. The clitoris needs to be tightened to the vaginal area. Tension needs to be alternated with relaxation.

It is important during training to numb up the muscles of the sphincter and vagina, not using the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Because the abdominal pressure inside is not useful for training.

To achieve the result, you need to give exercise 20 minutes a day for 1 to 2 months.

Wumbing simulators

Vumbilding exercises at home

If you decide to seriously engage in the training of intimate muscles and elementary exercises is not enough for you, you can buy in a store or pharmacyspecial vaginal loops with a loop and a stone egg for vumbildinga. It is necessary to understand that such practices can be dangerous, foreign objects can get stuck in the body and although the coaches say that it is enough to relax the ball from the vagina and it will come out, you still need to think that it is not painfully painful and embarrassing in the gynecologist's office which will extract balls and stone eggs from your intimate area. But if you are still interested in vumbilding simulators, follow the rules of hygiene and caution, boil the balls and eggs after purchase and before use, wash thoroughly with soap after class, lubricate with a lubricator before the introduction, so as not to injure the delicate zone. Massage your breasts before the introduction to form a natural lubricant.

Wumbing Result

  • Blood circulation is improved in the intimate area;
  • Strengthens the uterus;
  • The hormonal background is normalized.

Vumbilding exercises at home

Part of the exercise can be performed with your spouse. When performing exercises, trainers advise to represent your beloved, but it is important not to overdo it so that training doesn’t distract you from driving a car or from work, because these are exercises for home.

Do not be alarmed if you do not have exercises immediately at home in the technique of a numbing, if your muscles do not obey or you do not feel the muscles at all. Patience and work will put everything in its place, and you will experience inexpressible sensations, at least as practitioners say.

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