Vinegret diet. no life

Sometimes holidays leave a sad mark in the form of extra pounds of fat on the body. It would seem: how can you get better in a couple of days? And is it possible in the same miraculous way to lose this excess weight? There is a short diet lasting only 3 days, helping to lose a few extra pounds of weight. This is a vinaigrette diet !!! Surprised? Maybe still worth a try?

How to cook a healthy vinaigrette?

Vinegret Diet


  1. Potatoes - 4 pcs.
  2. Beets - 2 pcs.
  3. Carrots - 3 pcs.
  4. Green peas (canned) - 1 jar.
  5. Fresh greens (dill, parsley) - 1 bunch.
  6. Fat-free cottage cheese - 250 g
  7. Onions - 1 pc.


  • Medium potatoes, carrots and beets are boiled until cooked. Cut into small cubes, mixed. Peas, finely chopped onions and greens are added. Ideally, the vinaigrette should be without salt, but if you don’t like it at all, it’s better to slightly salt it. Instead of refueling, low-fat cottage cheese is used.
  • If desired, low-fat cottage cheese is replaced with a glass of 1% kefir. And the usual onions - green. Also for all the ingredients for a variety, you can add 100 grams of seaweed.
  • Yes, the classic recipe is distinguished by the presence of pickles and vegetable oil instead of dressing. But the preparation of dietary vinaigrette requires a reduction in calories, so the composition of the original dish was somewhat modified.

Fundamental rules

  1. There can only be a vinaigrette. It is better to cook fresh every time. So it retains more nutrients. Alternatively, cut in the morning for the whole day, and fill and mix just before use.
  2. From the extra food during the day you are allowed to eat a couple of apples, kiwi or orange. Absolutely not banana (it is high-calorie).
  3. For drinking it is recommended purified water, green tea without sugar, low-fat varieties of different fermented milk products (for example, 1% kefir).
  4. As already mentioned, the vinaigrette diet lasts 3 days. After it, you can safely go on a normal healthy diet.

Vinaigrette diet - what reviews?

Of course, before you begin to comply with the new diet, I want for myself to decide on the effectiveness and rationalism of this method. For some reason, not eggplant dishes are recommended, but the vinaigrette!

  • The opinions of specialists are attributed to the fact that the main ingredients of vinaigrette have a high glycemic index value. It is he who is responsible for enhancing the production of insulin that regulates the formation of body fat. Thanks to vegetable oil, this process is enhanced. Protein foods are known to have an almost zero glycemic index. As a result of their consumption, glucagon is released, which affects the burning of previously deposited "reserves" of fat. Thanks to this information, it is easy to conclude that the classic vinaigrette helps to get better. A dietary, with the replacement of a number of ingredients, watching for partial weight loss.
  • The opinions of those who tried the given method are mostly enthusiastically surprised. Many are perplexed that they still lost weight. And a little regret that the course ends just before it begins. One assumption is that by the end of the first day I don’t really want to eat the same thing. Each time, a smaller portion is eaten, and by the end of the third day, one either doesn’t want anything (the stomach partially decreases from a lesser load), or the desire to definitely eat something else wakes up. In the latter case, it is recommended to switch to vegetable light salads for a couple of days; boiled meat of low-fat varieties is allowed in the diet.

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The benefits of vinaigrette diet is obvious: almost all components are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber. This three-day unloading period will help to quickly normalize the entire digestive system.

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