Ultrasound liposuction

Any woman wants to always remain young and beautiful. But to look great, it takes a lot of time and effort, which an adult woman has very little. In the afternoon - work, in the evening - family, and in breaks you find time to care for yourself. And here the question arises, how to maintain its attractiveness, without spending a significant amount of time on it and not putting at the expense of its affairs?

In the salon you can be offered to make a spectacular make-up, a gorgeous hairstyle, services for hand and foot care, massage. All this is necessary and effective procedures, but usually when you step over a thirty-year milestone, this becomes small. The skin is no longer so elastic and fresh, stretch marks appear on the body, the outlines of the figure are not so elegant. And this is where ultrasonic liposuction can help.

Ultrasound liposuction

Someone may scare such a word, and some may be interested in the opposite, but in any case, in order to draw conclusions, you first need to learn about this procedure. Currently, liposuction is very common and has several varieties. The most popular is ultrasound, but also vacuum, laser, vibration, tumescent and even electronic liposuction.

Operating and non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction gives you the opportunity to get rid of excess fat, located on the most prominent places.and spoiling the impression of the figure. but For general weight loss, this method is not suitable, Since the treatment must begin with a properly constructed diet and physical exertion. Liposuction will remove excess subcutaneous fat only in some places.

The most common are vacuum and ultrasonic liposuction. In vacuum liposuction, subcutaneous fat is destroyed by low atmospheric pressure, after which direct suction of adipose tissue occurs through special tubes that pass into the body. In order for the tubes to reach the fat cells, tiny incisions are made on the skin. Liposuction works well for women with normal weight who have excess fat in problem areas. It is important to have good elastic skin. If the skin is not sufficiently elastic, then it may be necessary to remove excess skin.

Ultrasonic liposuction can be performed using two methods - thisclassical method, when small punctures are made on the skin and the tissue is destroyed by ultrasound, andnon-invasive method, when the integrity of the skin is not broken. In the non-invasive method, the fat cells are destroyed by ultrasound and excreted through the lymphatic and venous systems. The method of fat destruction during ultrasonic liposuction is selected depending on how fast the patient wants to receive the effect.

non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction

When conducting ultrasonic liposuction, blood loss is minimal, while it is possible to remove a large amount of fat - up to 1.5 liters per procedure. Problem areas are smoothed evenly, leaving no hillocks or pits, and hence scars.

Recently, non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction (non-invasive) has become very popular. It is carried out without anesthesia and leaves no bruises, and also does not require rehabilitation therapy. When all the fat cells are removed by the body, it will take some time to see the final result. Where tissue is removed by ultrasonic liposuction, fat cells are no longer formed, but with an increase in total body weight, it can be deposited in other places, which does not look very aesthetic. Therefore, after treatment, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and combine this with optimal exercise.

Ultrasonic liposuction: contraindications

Despite the seeming security, ultrasonic liposuction has a number of contraindications. This procedure should be abandoned to underage girls, pregnant and lactating mothers, those who have diseases of internal organs, diseases of the cardiovascular system, with implants at the site of impact, with a pacemaker, when there are tattoos, scars on the skin, It is also not recommended to do ultrasonic liposuction for chronic hepatitis and renal failure.

This is not all contraindications, and before the procedure, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive medical examination to avoid possible complications.

Ultrasonic Abdominal Liposuction

Liposuction of the abdomen is one of the most effective operations, since the fatty layer on the abdomen is formed in such a way that it is easy to remove using this technique. Sometimes the patient is literally shocked by the outcome of the operation in a good sense of the word. Some women just do not recognize their waist. If you follow the recommendations of doctors, stick to a diet and exercise regularly, then in the future you can maintain a great shape for a long time.

Ultrasonic Abdominal Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction of the abdomen is suitable for women who have already become disillusioned with sports and diets., however, they did not lose the desire to find graceful forms. In most cases, after a routine liposuction, a person is in the clinic for about a day, and during ultrasound liposuction, the patient can go home after a few hours, enter into the usual rhythm of life after five days. The only "but" - during the month it is forbidden to play sports and go to the sauna.

Ultrasonic liposuction techniques are constantly being improved and become more secure. Modern non-surgical liposuction minimizes possible side effects, and the result often exceeds any expectations. Of course, it is necessary to take into account contraindications before going on liposuction of a particular part of the body. And to make a more detailed impression of this procedure, you can read on the Internet reviews about ultrasonic liposuction.

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