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To whom, also as a pharmacy chain, we trust our precious health and the substantial amount of our wallet. However, the choice of a slimming agent should be made by a nutritionist for you. Consultation with him is irreplaceable by any recommendations of high-quality specialists of pharmacies. Only an individual selection of drugs will ensure your safety and prevent allergic manifestations caused by individual intolerance to the components that make up the drug.

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A pharmacy will help you find what has been prescribed by a doctor. However, you yourself, having made the monitoring of the market so to speak, that is, having seen the assortment of a panacea for losing weight, you can go for a consultation with a nutritionist in all weapons. Discussing new drugs that have only been introduced to our market or that have been successfully used for a long time with a doctor will never be superfluous. In addition to being assigned to you, you will also have information about other manufacturers and the pharmacological properties of teas, capsules and pills that help you lose weight. A sensible approach to food restriction and an active lifestyle will help you to drink to the slim figure you dream of. By the way, it is interesting to note that in our country there is no relation to obesity as a serious disease and as a pathology. It is the low informational activity in this direction and the lack of attention to excess weight on the part of medicine that leads to the fact that advertising slimming products replaces us with a good consultation of a qualified nutritionist.

What preparations for weight loss offers us the modern market?

All of them can be divided into two large groups. The first includes biologically active food supplements (BAA). These are drugs that become a battery. BAA is a concentrate of bioactive substances derived from natural products or by synthesis by chemical and biotechnological methods. The most popular are vitamins. In aggregate, these supplements contain useful elements that you and I get every day by consuming the usual components of our diet. The difference is only in the concentration and methods of production, respectively. The second group consists of other drugs. Basically, it is a means for external use. All dietary supplements can be divided into two components: nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. What do these terms mean? Consider in more detail.

1. Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals - this word is rooted in the Latin language. Translated means "food". In their content they have the very minimum of medicinal components. This is characterized by their similarity with food. Nutraceuticals can be eaten without harm to health. The meaning of their intake is that they are low in calories and can serve as a substitute for several meals. A big plus in the content of vitamin and mineral complex. All food substitutes are referred to nutraceuticals. Drugs are actively used in diets.

2. Parapharmaceuticals

Parapharmaceuticals closer to drugs. Abuse them is not desirable. They can only be used as an adjuvant, but not as the basis of treatment. Too much harm from large dosages. Parapharmaceuticals include anorectics (regulators of hunger), cleansing preparations and fat burners. Apply them only by doctor's prescription.

Let us now consider more specifically and clearly those drugs that are most actively bought up in pharmacies by Russian consumers.

3. Anorectics

Regulate hunger by reducing appetite. Very effective. Sold in the form of sprays, tablets and aromatic substances. It is very important to pay attention to the composition of such a drug. Choose those that do not contain caffeine. After all, his dose will be very high. As a result, you can earn problems with the cardiovascular system and develop insomnia. The composition should include: a complex of vitamins, herbs and chemical compounds in the form of sodium benzoate. Anorectic use is only part of the way. Watch your diet and move more. Essential oil choose very carefully. The cost of a quality product is high. If the price is low, then you purchased a fake. As a rule, a fake is a synthetic analogue with perfumes, but not useful properties.

Select oil based on your preferences so that it does not cause headaches and vomiting reactions. To date, the shops have a variety of flavors: orange, basil, valerian, verbena, cloves, grapefruit, oregano, peace, myrtle, ginger, hyssop, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, frankincense, marjoram, tangerine, lemon balm, mint, patchouli , juniper, nutmeg, rosemary, rose, pine, sandalwood. And this is not the whole list. You will easily detect a fake if you drop oil on paper. Good quality oil will not leave fat stains after evaporation. If you are gaining weight due to the active absorption of products, anorectics will help you. However, after the end of their reception appetite will return. Consider this sad fact.

4. Tea for weight loss

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It consists of laxatives and diuretic herbs. This tea will not only help lose those extra pounds, but also work as a good cleaning agent. Just do not overdo it. A strong laxative effect can significantly deplete your body and then tea will be the cause of the removal from the human body of both slags and nutrients. But the most important is the effect of dehydration. It seems to consume liquid, but it also removes water from cells and tissues, bringing it out in a natural, so to speak, way. With proper selection of tea, you can achieve a mild laxative effect and successful weight loss. That is what we should strive for. Again, beware of fakes.

5. Microcrystalline cellulose

It will help to get rid of extra pounds by removing slags. Make it from specially processed cotton. By its properties, microcellulose is similar to the fiber of vegetables and fruits. When taken, it swells in the stomach and gives the impression of fullness. It clears the intestines as it passes through it. This tool will help you to limit food intake, normalizes metabolic processes and digestion. In addition, cellulose is the least expensive product. So it does not hit your wallet too much.

6. Thai pills

Banned in civilized countries, but very popular on the Russian market, although the test for quality was successfully failed. Often they are in the active sale of stores selling oriental goods. The harm of Thai tablets lies in the composition. Phentermine, found in the drug, scientists believe psychotropic substance. So the exit to the street with a poster "Let's fight the drugs!" when taking Thai pills, this is a big contradiction, my friends. American doctors have proven the ability of Thai pills to hit the valves of the heart. True, not everyone leading them accepts, but only every third person. So be calm, and maybe you are the first or second? This is a joke of course. The drug is strictly prohibited. Domestic medicine during its verification has established a possible negative effect on sleep, as well as on the hair, teeth and nail plate. Think, well, why do you need such problems?

7. Fruit Extracts

Fruit acids, according to the instructions, bind food calories. The benefits from them are and are in supplying the body with vitamins and amino acids, as well as macro and micro elements. Fruit extracts accelerate metabolic processes. They improve well-being and increase the vitality of a person. They are especially useful in the spring, when avitaminosis attacks us, and in winter, when there are also not enough vitamins.

8. Supersystem six

I bet you haven't heard about this drug. It is rarely used. And completely in vain, as it contains many useful minerals and vitamins, normalizing metabolism. But without fitness and work on your favorite result, too, will not. But no, there will be, but not quite the one we expect. Supersystem six will help to build muscle mass and get rid of time for craving for sweets. Strongly you will not lose weight.

9. Fat burners

Checks have shown that they do not burn fat, but help to transfer loads during workouts in the gym or in the fresh air. If you are not actively involved in sports, then fat burners are not drugs for you. Lost time and money we do not need. However, with frequent visits to the gym and eating fat burners, you will undoubtedly achieve the effect. The beneficial properties of this kind of drugs include improving well-being and normalizing the work of the cardiovascular system.

10. Dietplaster

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Acts only psychologically. It releases very small doses of iodine into the skin, which assist in the work of the thyroid gland.

By the way, it is the problems with the thyroid that in some people lead to obesity. So it is not unimportant to fight, so to speak, on all fronts, but it is better to undergo a comprehensive survey. It will identify the causes of excess weight and ways to solve the problem.

Modern technology has allowed a network of pharmacies in our country to have its own database of medicines. The full version of this database requires the following information:

  1. trade name of 13,000 products in Russian and English;
  2. description of the composition;
  3. characteristic of drug interactions with other drugs;
  4. about 1500 descriptions of active substances;
  5. approved instructions for use of drugs.

The Internet will help you in finding the right tool. "First-aid" will allow you to search for drugs in pharmacies of our country and find out the prices. The site price is constantly updated, which is very convenient for both consumers and manufacturers.

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