Therapeutic fasting for weight loss

The problem of overweight in modern society is among the most common problems with human health. This is due to many factors: lack of food culture, products of inadequate quality and modified food, global environmental problems, stress, intense rhythm of life.

Overweight is an individual problem. Some people suffer from dozens of extra pounds, but most of the problem is not so significant.

Medical fasting for weight loss at home

Most often women are concerned about this issue. After all, who wants to have a sagging belly, sides bulging above the trouser belt, wide hips, thick legs, a big ass, a triple chin ... However, some still exaggerate their fullness. Normal weight is calculated using the formula: height minus 110 (for women) or height minus 100 (for men).

Excessive thinness is also not good. Just as overweight, it can affect a person’s health.

If you intend to bring your figure back to normal, choose the right way to achieve the goal. Solutions for body shaping and weight loss are mass: diet, exercise, cosmetic and medical procedures, drugs, dietary supplements, special devices. Recently, the so-called unloading-diet therapy or fasting has been actively discussed. What is it and how does it work? Can I use at home?

Medical fasting for V. Nikolaev

This technique was developed, studied and tested in the middle of the 20th century. Doctor of Medical Sciences Yuri Nikolayev. A scientist practitioner devoted a lot of work to the theme of unloading diet therapy. The principle of medical fasting in Nikolaev, which, by the way, is quite applicable at home, includes 2 stages.

The first is fasting. Complete refusal of food for at least 3-5 days. Nothing can be eaten either ready or raw. The only thing you can - drink. But only clean, non-carbonated water. These days it is recommended to be more outdoors, take baths in the evenings. The complex of measures of the first stage also includes procedures for cleansing the body.

The second is a special diet. Dietary diet is on the rise: first, exclusively fruit and vegetable juice. Next, turn to the use of raw horticultural crops in the grated form. After - boiled vegetables, green salads. Next - nuts, kefir and pap. No spices and salt, no fats. Recovery diet is longer than the fasting period.

Medical fasting will be effective if you follow the rules exactly, especially the first stage, when the body has to switch to internal nutrition. This method of losing weight is called curative, because it takes place under control, has a specific time frame, and is accompanied by a complex of cleansing procedures.

The photo before and after medical fasting is Alexander Andreiko, who has been regularly supporting this practice since 2005. According to Alexander himself, the maximum term on the water that he endured is 35 days. Today, he is actively promoting this method in the media as one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Medical fasting for weight loss: results

Fasting on the Water Day 21: Results and Reviews

If you intend to go on a diet, do not immediately choose the most radical. For starters, it is better to consult with a specialist. Then go through the minimum course. Then gradually move to a longer one.

Among the methods of unloading and dietary therapy the most popular is fasting on water for 21 days.

  1. The most important thing is to cope with the feeling of hunger in the first 2-3 days. Do not give in, hold on. When the body realizes that, in addition to water, it will not get anything, it will begin to use its own reserves. During this time, you can lose up to one and a half kilograms per day.
  2. On the third day of fasting, a whitish plaque begins to form on the tongue. This is a characteristic sign that metabolites are excreted from the body.
  3. By the fifth day, the feeling of hunger will disappear completely. The attack on the tongue will become even greater (it’s good that we are starving at home and no one sees it). Daily weight loss stabilizes up to 500 g per day. Oddly enough, but all the natural secretions will be preserved and even intensified, for example, sweating. Excreted substances will acquire a harsh acetone odor. It means that toxins have gone from the body.
  4. By the 8th - 12th day, the body will completely switch to internal energy resources. True, at this time a person will not feel very. Weakness, aching joints, headaches, nausea, and even vomiting. Manifestations of chronic pathologies will become more noticeable. That is how it should be. Neither today or tomorrow will come the turning point when the body begins to adapt to new conditions.
  5. Then the process will go more fun. You feel the physical lightness, good spirits. Continue to lose weight by 100-200 g per day.
  6. Optimal results of fasting on water for 21 days - a loss of 20-25% of the initial body weight. If these indicators are doubled, irreversible pathological problems may occur. The first photo before and after medical fasting displays the result of 21 days of SH, on the second - 40 days.

Medical fasting for weight loss: results

Medical fasting for weight loss: results

After VG, an equally important stage of unloading and dietary therapy begins - restoration of the body, the features of which are described above.

Elena Lapteva, MD: “It is better to use medical fasting for a reason, for some purpose, for example, to cope with the disease. Just before that, you must get permission from your doctor. For example, insulin-dependent diabetics are contraindicated As with a number of serious pathologies: oncology, tuberculosis, renal-hepatic failure, and others. "

Alexey Kokosov, MD: "Undoubtedly, there is some benefit from unloading and dietary therapy. I would recommend, if this is not absolutely necessary, not to use prolonged fasting. And it’s better to take as a rule a monthly unloading week. Go to fractional meals, not overeat, restrain their gastronomic impulses. "

According to many who effectively apply the method of therapeutic fasting, the main thing is to tune in to the process. Taking this method of cleansing the body as a rule, over time you will be able to endure periods of hunger strike more easily. In general, you will feel much better. After all, it was not for nothing that doctors called the correct fasting “curative”.

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