The best effective exercises for the development of the

An attractive man should have a sporty, toned appearance. In turn, the strong and firm torso is an integral part of the ideal male image. To boast such a "decoration", you need to regularly perform exercises for the pectoral muscles, designed for men.

Each representative of the strong half of humanity wants to become the owner of the convex and prominent muscles of the chest. However, those who tried to achieve such changes in appearance through exercise, know that the results are visually imperceptible for a long time. To increase the effectiveness of sports activities for men, it is necessary to choose the most effective exercises for the pectoral muscles and perform them according to theoretical knowledge in this area.

10 rules for future athletes

Exercises for the pectoral muscles for men

  1. Pre-stretching the muscles of the sternum is as follows: with an outstretched hand, you should grab the stand, slowly bending the body in the opposite direction, and then changing hands.
  2. In order for the external muscles of the chest to be involved, the grip or the distance between the upper limbs in the support should be a few centimeters wider than the shoulders.
  3. When doing presses and push-ups, you should raise your arms high to train the upper part of the chest muscles.
  4. Hands need to be squeezed smoothly, and unclenched sharply. The optimal pace - unclasp your hands in half the time than squeeze.
  5. While pushing the lower limbs should be above the level of the head.
  6. It is necessary to control breathing: exhalation is done with strong tension, inhalation - with relaxation.
  7. Do not forget about the rest. To give the muscles time to recover, classes are held at a daily interval.
  8. Muscle pain after a set of exercises for the muscles of the sternum is for men evidence that the muscles are increasing, so these feelings should be positive news. They will stop bothering after 1-2 weeks of regular workouts.
  9. After classes, it is not recommended to drink cold water, otherwise you can trigger the development of pneumonia. It is best to quench your thirst with warm tea or compote.
  10. Muscle growth is impossible without the intake of protein foods: nuts, cheese, meat, eggs, legumes, as well as cereals and fresh fruit.

We pump up a torso, without leaving the house

We pump up a torso, without leaving the house

Those who can not afford to attend a gym, pump up muscles at home. For men of different ages, one key to success is to regularly perform the best exercises for the pectoral muscles.

Push-ups from flat surface

  1. Lean your arms straight on a flat surface.
  2. Keep your head clearly on the spine line.
  3. Place your hands so that they are a little wider than shoulders.
  4. Lower yourself, and then with maximum effort, rise again to straight arms.
  5. Rising, exert chest muscles and again approach the floor.
  6. Elbows should be slightly bent, and press - tense.

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Head push ups

  1. Stretch your hands on the edge of the elevation 2-3 cm wider than the shoulders.
  2. Bend your arms and lower until you touch the ribs of elevation with your chest.
  3. With a sharp effort, return to the starting position.

Head push ups

  1. Lean your hands on the floor and your socks on the surface of the bench.
  2. Lower the body slowly, and lift sharply.

Push up from the knees

  1. Focus on straight arms.
  2. Place a gymnastic mat under your knees.
  3. Try not to bend your back.
  4. The torso and hips should form a straight line.
  5. Squeeze out without bending your back and body.

Exercises for gym visitors

Exercises for male pectoral muscles

Push-ups on the bars

  1. Lay your hands on the bars.
  2. Go down until your elbows form a right angle.
  3. Straining triceps, rise, until the upper limbs are straightened.
  4. During the repetition, try to keep the torso smooth and do not spread your elbows to the sides.

Push ups on the simulator

  1. Place yourself on the Pesk-Desk simulator so that the top of your arms is shoulder-high, and your forearms and elbows are in close contact with the pillows.
  2. Straighten up and press the back of the case to the back of the simulator.
  3. Put your legs a little wider than shoulders, put your feet under your knees - bend them at a 90 ° angle.
  4. When breathing in, bring the handles in front of your chest.
  5. Exhale when the most difficult moment of the exercise has passed.
  6. When the elbows are as close as possible, for a moment, stand still and strain your chest muscles even more.
  7. Relax a bit and wait until the arms smoothly separate the arms.
  8. After reaching the lowest point, stop and rest your elbows.

Breeding dumbbells

  1. Lie on a flat bench, place your hands with dumbbells over the hips, palms should be directed towards each other.
  2. Hips lift weights up.
  3. Lift the weight alternately and hold it in front of you shoulder-width apart.
  4. Squeeze the dumbbells, but not completely, leaving your hands in a slightly bent position.
  5. Inhaling, with wide movement, lower the arms to the sides until you feel discomfort in the chest area.

Press in a sitting position

  1. By adjusting the level of the arms, make sure that they are slightly below shoulder level.
  2. Sit up straight, touching the back of your head and back of the simulator.
  3. Place your feet so that the soles are under the knees.
  4. Grasp the handles with a wide grip.
  5. While breathing in, squeeze them from the sternum.
  6. When your arms straighten, exhale.
  7. After the moment of maximum voltage, stop for 1-2 seconds and then slowly return the handles to their previous position.
  8. As soon as the hands get closer to the rib cage, again press the arms in the opposite direction.

Experienced trainers assure that the appearance will change in 2-3 weeks - subject to the regular implementation of the proposed exercises for the pectoral muscles. For men who want to surprise others with their breasts, nothing can be a hindrance - workouts are completed with success both in the gym and at home. Alternating classes with rest and observing proper diet will give you a beautiful torso and a great mood!

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