Summer diet

Summer is coming. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you and I are given a unique chance to try to normalize the weight of your body at the expense of a new type of diet, which is called “Summer”. Our body provides for the accumulation of fat in the autumn period of time, and in the winter period - for its waste. Summer for us is a time of rest. And in terms of holidays and in terms of exchange rebuilding. Metabolism ceases to dominate us, and this means that it is in summer that due to proper eating, we can free ourselves from genetic predisposition and lose weight as much as we want it. It is during the summer period that absolutely all diets become the most productive.

However, you should not waste your time on those diet courses that may be held in winter or autumn. Summer is rich in vitamins and fiber. A lot of greenery, a variety of fruits and vegetables on the shelves of stores - these factors themselves are pushing us to the right choice of diet. Our body has a program - to overcome vitamin deficiency, which is actively manifested in the spring and the lack of nutrients that has developed over the winter. It should be noted that summer diets very much. This is precisely due to the wealth of food choices. A well-chosen summer diet will help you significantly lose weight in a month of regular meals without too much restriction or in a few days, but then your diet will be greatly reduced. The summer diet is also easy to implement financially, because the prices of fruit and vegetable crops are well reduced. You can afford greens in large quantities.

What drink?

Mineral water

Let's start with what we drink. In the hot period of body fluids require a lot. However, it is worth controlling what we drink. Do not purchase high-calorie lemonade with dyes. These are harmful products that will not be able to cope not only with weight, but with every kind of chemistry your body will die. Caloric content of various soda increases due to the added sweeteners. It is better to replace the use of lemonade with chemicals for kvass and juice. They are much more beneficial to your body. Great to drink mineral water without fillers. Nutritionists suggest that it is better to drink non-carbonated mineral water. You will ask why? Everything is very simple, the fact is that bubbles of carbon dioxide inflate the intestines, as a result we get a deterioration in its absorption capacity. If we use mineral water without gases, then we will not impair digestion and prevent the formation of salt deficiency. In addition, it does not contain calories. Is this not a plus for us.

Green tea

Ordinary green tea carries great benefits for our body. Besides the fact that it works according to its intended purpose, that is, it quenches thirst, green tea also tones up, speeds up metabolic processes, promotes the breakdown of fat, dulls the desire to eat something. With body fat, tea fights with the help of enzymes contained in its leaves. With all this, green tea contains almost no calories.


Juices are a separate topic. Of course, they are not soda or tea, calories contain, however, by how much it is a nutritious product containing a complex of vitamins, microelements and fiber, one can judge its benefits. Juices should be used the most diverse, which only your heart desires. It is important to combine them, not stopping your choice on only one thing. It is during the summer period that two dietary principles can be implemented with success: slowly and truly. With their help, we will avoid the stress possible for another organism for another. And this means that upon termination of the diet course, we are not threatened with the return of those kilograms that we have so carefully driven out.

What is?

Fruit and berry diet

Fruit and berry food is perfect for us. Power options are plentiful. For example, it can be built as follows:

Breakfast: your chosen fruit or berries, as well as green tea or gas-free mineral water.

The second breakfast: a glass of any fruit juice.

Lunch: vegetables or rice with a small piece of boiled meat without salt.

Snack: you must eat three hundred grams of a variety of fruits, the selection of which is made to your taste.

Dinner: this meal as such is absent, it is recommended to drink one glass of kefir only two hours before bedtime.

This kind of food, which involves writing five times a day, has a number of significant advantages.

Pluses of fruit and berry five meals a day

The first. The process of eating will not leave you feeling hungry throughout the day. You will be able to work.

Second. Diet is suitable entirely to our stomach. He will not suffer from a lack of nutrition.

Third. The organism will receive the whole complex of vitamins and microelements.

Fourth. You do not limit yourself only with vitamins, protein food is also present. Trace elements and proteins contained in meat and kefir will help balance your fruit and berry diet.

Many may protest, saying that it is better to refuse fats altogether. This is not the right move. Our body fats are needed. In this regard, nutritionists even advise to drink one tablespoon of vegetable oil per day in order to harmonize the diet during the period of the diet.

Vegetable diet

Dietary food, which will consist only of vegetables, is considered pretty hard compared to fruit and berry. The thing is that by consuming only vegetables, we deprive our body of the carbohydrates it needs. And so that he still got a more or less balanced diet, for breakfast it is worth to use one tablespoon of muesli. They are fashionable to cook in the evening in such a tricky way: soak the flakes in cold water, and add honey and berries to them. The rest of the food ration completely repeats the one that is provided for the fruit and berry diet. The only difference is that instead of berries and fruits, we eat raw vegetables. They can be eaten whole or crushed into salads, this is someone you like.

You should drink green tea, mineral water without gases and juices, the most diverse. If, having tried vegetable food, you tell, as it is caloric, then arrange for yourself one - two unloading days a week.

An important rule of a long summer diet (be it fruit or vegetable) is that the vegetable diet should be replaced by a few days fruit and berries, and vice versa. And also, one day a week should be protein. This means that you should eat milk, kefir, yogurt and low-fat boiled meat.

Consider now the opportunity to lose weight by applying a more rigid system of nutrition. These are also summer diets with a summer grocery set, only more limited and less time consuming. So...

Five Day Summer Diet

First diet day

  • First breakfast: green tea without sugar and crackers or toast without butter.
  • Second breakfast: two hundred and fifty grams of low-fat cottage cheese. Green tea.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup: cabbage, fish, carrots, onions, tomatoes. Green tea.
  • Dinner: two hundred grams of vegetables, steamed, without salt and oil. Non carbonated mineral water.

Second diet day

  • First breakfast: black coffee without sugar and milk and two walnuts.
  • The second breakfast: a glass of non-fat kefir and one banana.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup: cabbage, fish, carrots, onions, tomatoes. Green tea.
  • Dinner: two hundred grams of vegetables, steamed, without salt and oil. A small slice of bread. Non carbonated mineral water.

Third diet day

  • First breakfast: black coffee without sugar and milk and a piece of rye bread.
  • Second breakfast: a glass of low-fat kefir and half a cup of berries (any, but best of all, if it is strawberry or black currant).
  • Lunch: vegetable soup: cabbage, fish, carrots, onions, tomatoes. Green tea.
  • Dinner: two hundred grams of vegetables, steamed, without salt and oil. A small slice of bread. Non carbonated mineral water.

Fourth diet day

  • First breakfast: unsweetened green tea and toast or croutons.
  • The second breakfast: one hundred grams of white cabbage salad and two boiled eggs. Mineral water.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup: cabbage, fish, carrots, onions, tomatoes. Green tea.
  • Dinner: two hundred and fifty grams of vegetable salad without salt, but seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil and green tea.

Fifth Diet Day

  • First breakfast: green tea without sugar and half a cup of berries to your taste.
  • Second breakfast: black coffee without sugar and milk and two walnuts (coffee can be replaced with a glass of non-fat sour cream).
  • Lunch: soup: cabbage, fish, carrots, onions, tomatoes. Green tea.
  • Dinner: two hundred grams of vegetables, steamed, without salt and oil. A small slice of bread. Non carbonated mineral water.

Most of all I like that summer diet, which can be carried out once a month. It assumes specific nutrition by day. Lose weight can be five to six kilograms (however, everything will depend on the characteristics of the body of a particular person). Like this? Let's see the menu.

Seven-day summer diet with nutritional benefits

Day number one


Eat fresh vegetables throughout the day. This may be vegetable salads or whole vegetables. There should be four meals. Drink worth non-carbonated mineral water.

Day number two


Take those fruits that you prefer and break into five receptions. Eat most of them at lunchtime. If you are visited by the feeling of hunger, which you cannot cope with, drink a glass of low-fat kefir or eat yogurt.

Day number three


Do not eat anything but berries. Drink mineral water. Eat berries in reasonable amounts, for example, two hundred grams per meal four times a day.

Day number four

Sour milk

Drink during the day any drink you like, with milk. For example, a milkshake. Allowed is also the floor of a standard pack of non-fat cottage cheese.

Day number five


Repeats the diet of the first day of the diet.

Day number six


Again, only berries and a full glass of kefir two hours before bedtime will flow into your body.

Day number seven


This day is considered the most hungry for the entire period of the seven-day summer diet. You only drink juice and do not eat anything. That is, fiber does not enter your body, and juices are rapidly excreted.

These are the summer diets.

Good luck on your way to a slim figure !!!

Especially for - Julia

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