Successful training secrets and basic rules

Constant physical exercise makes our figure beautiful, but in order for workouts to bring maximum benefit, you need to follow a number of rules. To maintain your figure in perfect shape, you need to regularly pay attention to physical training. Many adhere to this rule, but, unfortunately, sometimes training does not bring the expected result.

Stretching, or warm-up.

Many lovers of physical activity forget to pay attention to the workout, but in vain is a very important part of the workout. Any exercise should include three phases of warm-up, exercise and hitch, i.e. relaxing exercises. You also need to remember that exercise on simulators must be performed in its own order.

Correct start

They do warm-ups before any exercises in order to prepare muscles for work. The optimal time to warm up is 10-15 minutes. The duration of the basic exercises is determined by the level of physical fitness of the person. More attention is paid to the muscles, which will be given the maximum work in the exercises. For example, in running it is important to warm up the muscles of the legs, while working with dumbbells, they warm up the arms. Beginners need a longer warm-up, as their muscles can react painfully to a heavy load. If you have been doing enough time, you can reduce the warm-up time.

Why do we need a warm-up? It warms the human body to the desired temperature. Also during the warm-up changes are observed in the body - from the digestive organs blood flows to the muscles and on its way it is enriched with oxygen and useful substances, which gives a person the opportunity to withstand an accelerated pace. If the muscles are not prepared for work, then after exercise you will feel very tired. Another important plus is the preparation of the heart for accelerated work.

Exercises for stretching

After completing the warm-up, you can begin to perform exercises for flexibility. If you regularly pay attention to stretching your muscles will remain in good shape for a long time and the probability of injuries will decrease. Beautiful posture and confident gait depends largely on the fitness and flexibility of the joints. With low physical activity, the chest is deformed, the mobility of the neck decreases, and the spinal column gets the worst of all, which shrinks in the absence of mobility. An important aspect of stretching is the uniform distribution of the load on all muscle groups, since during daily activity our walking gives a greater load to the front muscles, which makes the back muscles less developed. In this regard, a clumsy gait can be obtained, which further upsets the balance between muscle development. Therefore, if you notice that there is no smoothness and grace in your movements, then it’s time to start practicing stretching exercises.

The basic principles of stretching:

1) Must be a warm-up

2) After the whole set of exercises, repeat the stretch again.

3) Pay attention not only to the muscles that will actively work during training, but also to the rest

4) Do not make sudden movements, so you can damage the ligaments. Severe pain should not be felt during class

5) With a weak physical fitness, the work time with each group can be 15 seconds, then gradually increase the stretching time

6) Breathe deeply, trying to relax. Exhale slowly do through the nose, and inhale through the mouth. To get distracted by stretching, you can imagine pleasant pictures from your past or future life.

Exercises on simulators

After completing the warm-up and stretching, you can proceed to the main type of training. For starters, it is better to consult an experienced instructor who will select the best program for you. Training should start with a treadmill, exercise bikes and cardiovascular machines. After you can go to the power simulators, here we must very carefully calculate their strength so as not to overdo it with the load. Better to put at first a little weight, gradually adding mass. When changing the simulator, do not increase the load; it is more correct to keep the same load on all the simulators during the training session. It is strictly not allowed to suddenly stop classes, as the pace should be reduced gradually.

Cooling phase

Approaching to the end of the workout, smoothly reduce the load, even if you did not feel very tired during the sessions. Well suited for this easy running, fast walking and easy work on the stationary bike. Intensive work on simulators causes the heart to pump blood at an accelerated pace, so if you don’t pay attention to this phase, you can get headaches and stomach pains due to increased blood flow to the brain and digestive organs.

After exercise, it is also important to level the breath, for this you can hang on the horizontal bar. And after completing the entire workout, it is useful to take a douche, it is good to recuperate, and just refreshing. For beginners, you can relax in a hot bath, it perfectly removes the tension in the muscles and joints.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to maintain your body in excellent condition for a long time!

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