Special diet for those

Diabetes is one of those diseases in which adherence to a special diet is an indispensable part of treatment. This disease can be observed both in children and in adults; therefore, a diet is needed, contributing to the normalization of the body's metabolic processes. At the mild stage of the disease, diet is enough, but more severe are prescribed special medications.

Diabetes - a group of endocrine diseases, developing as a result of absolute or relative insufficiency of the hormone insulin, as a result of which hyperglycemia develops - a persistent increase in blood glucose. The disease is characterized by a chronic course and violation of all types of metabolism: carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral and water-salt. "

The basis of the diet in diabetes is the use of foods rich in proteins, and the restriction of carbohydrates (allowed a small amount of polysaccharides, since they are almost not absorbed, and are removed from the body in its original form).

It is recommended to eat: cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, millet); wholemeal bread; vegetables and fruits (except very sweet: bananas, grapes, dates);

Observe diet with high blood sugar constantly, and I am confident that she will help you cope with the disease!

Be healthy!

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