Slimming music - 100% way

Do you think that the process of losing weight is always fraught with deprivation, restrictions, changes lifestyle and excludes pleasure? In fact, everything is much nicer. Scientists from Montreal have proven that love music can contribute to weight loss.

Do you like music? So you can outwit the body and give it instead of a portion of a sweet portion of pleasant sounds. Feeling rhythm under the force to overcome the reflex absorption of food. Not only nutritionists, but also cosmetologists use this technique in spas, music helps to relieve fatigue, stress, and therefore it makes it much easier to get yourself in shape.

Slimming music

Experts confirmed that slimming music is very effective. After all, the melody, which is pleasant to the perception, pleases, soothes, contributes to improving the mood and the production of the hormone is as happy as the chocolate bar. A man receives pleasure, comparable with satisfaction from food, sex. This explains why music is so highly regarded by humanity.

But the melody must be loved. It is this melody that increases dopamine levels.

In a study of two hundred volunteers, it was found that a melody without words has a positive effect. Words evoked an audience of associations that blocked the therapeutic effect.

Music can replace food.When during a diet you have a feeling of hunger, deceive your body, turn on your favorite melody, let it take pleasure in another way. Some consider such use of musical works as unethical, but in the fight against obesity all means, especially affordable, are good.

True, this method is not suitable for people without a musical ear and a developed musical taste. But it can be fixed. Getting pleasure is associated with recognition. A person does not always like food at first sight, you need to taste, love, get used, the same with music. The melody should be listened to repeatedly to be loved, from a gourmet to become a music lover is not easy, but strategically necessary.

Music instead of sweeta wonderful panacea for overweight - he cheered up, forgot about hunger and got pleasure.

How is slimming music practiced?

Slimming music

Choose a relaxing melody that helps you to forget, dream, remember pleasant moments of the past. Typically, this effect has music in which the heart beats 60 beats per minute. This frequency normalizes metabolism and has a health-improving character. If you indulge in pleasant memories and dreams in an aromatic bath, the effect of weight loss will increase. At this moment of peace, imagine yourself slim, beautiful.

Musical auto-training will help not only to cope with the feeling of hunger, but will strengthen the strength, support, help to love your body.

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