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Lose weight on their own at home is very simple. The most important component of this process is a well-chosen diet. It should be moderate and balanced enough to provide the human body with all the necessary nutrients.

Slimming at home: comfortable, easy, effective!

Of course, at home, when there is a refrigerator in the background and you have to open it often to cook for the family, to prevent themselves from eating something superfluous, but very tasty, an extremely difficult task. Here the main thing is to have willpower and attitude towards the result. As they say, to win over a loved one.

Rules for effective weight loss at home

Pequal Pthe first. Drink water before eating. A glass of water will already take some place in your stomach, so you will eat less than if you had not drunk the liquid. In addition, nutritionists advise to drink it before meals, and not during or after meals.

Pequal the second. Give up the sweet and flour. These types of foods are too conducive to the deposition of fat mass in different parts of the body. However, remember, not all that flour is harmful. For example, macaroni from flour of a rough grinding or from it bakery products in small quantities will not harm you. But the cake, ice cream, cake, buns with jam - these are your enemies in the truest sense of the word.

Pequal the third. For meat and fish dishes should be served only vegetable salads. They are easily absorbed by the human body and provide us with the necessary complex of useful substances in the form of vitamins, trace elements and fiber. It is recommended to season such salads with soy sauce or olive oil. Say mayonnaise firm "no." It carries too many calories and is hard to digest.

Slimming at home: comfortable, easy, effective!

Pequal the fourth. Refuse from eating after seven in the evening. Some nutritionists do not even recommend drinking, not what to eat after passing this daily time line. In addition, by carefully digesting the accepted portions of food, the stomach will be in a half-empty state at the time of sleep, which will prevent fermentation processes, which means that pain and swelling in the mornings will not torment you.

Pequal fifth. The main thing - mood Psychology, as a science, for some reason exists, it means someone needs it. It helps, it works so to speak. First of all, imagine the goal that you set. And you have identified yourself in all its slender beauty. So imagine that you lose those extra pounds, life will play with bright colors. It is important that the means justify the goal, in our view. If they do not justify, it means that we will not strive so much towards this goal, as we could, applying all our efforts. Some scientists have even put forward a theory about the power of thought. In any case, the dreams of the good and the light did not bother anyone. You can purchase for yourself a pair of three items of clothing you like from several sizes smaller than yours. And aspire to the possibility of wearing these clothes through time.

Pequal sixth. Diet diet as well nobody canceled physical activity. Where are we without such "beloved" daily active workouts. With the right food ration, fewer calories will come to our bodies, and sport will eat what goes. Not everything, really.

What kind of exercise at home will help us?

Exercises for weight loss at home

Perhaps the main rule is engage regularly. Best of all three times a week. The interval between classes is the most optimal one calendar day. The best time for training is from eleven in the morning to one in the afternoon or from five to seven in the evening. Naturally, you'll follow a certain set of exercises. But remember that the load must be increased. The body adapts after only three to four weeks and if it doesn’t “add heat,” in the sense of not increasing the load, it’s not getting the proper effect. You can change the set of exercises every month.

In order to prepare your body for rapid weight loss run on the spot, raising his knees high. This exercise is repeated two to three minutes. Then lean in different directions for three to five minutes and complete the preparation for the main complex of exercises with sharp rotating exercises of the arms. All these preliminary loads will warm up and prepare, thus, your muscles and joints for the main load. It is necessary to begin physical activities not earlier than two hours after meals. And finish at least two to three hours before bedtime. Otherwise, do not fall asleep for a long time.

Required exercises

The first. First, start with squats. Put your legs together, and stretch your arms in front of you. Squat fifteen to twenty times. Two minutes break. Then the legs are shoulder-width apart, and the arms are at the sides. Perform deep squats. Also fifteen - twenty times.

The second. Then lunges feet. Left, then right and vice versa. Hands on the waist. Exercise repeat fifteen times. It will strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.

Third. Then lie on the mat (it should not be too soft), hold the dumbbells in your hands and lift as high as possible above the inhale and lower them as low as possible as you exhale. Repeat twelve times. Do you feel how your chest muscles get their load? A lot of dumbbells can be increased over time, as well as the number of approaches.

Exercises with dumbbells at home

Fourth. Do not get up. Bring your hands with dumbbells in front of you and slowly raise your head without bending your arms. The number of exercises is the same as in the previous case.

The fifth. The following type of exercise will positively affect the processes of reducing the waist. In order to fulfill it, take a high stick in your hands and put it on your shoulders behind your head. Hands fix the stick at both ends. Bend as low as possible. Perform twenty-five times.

The sixth. Lie on the rug so that you can hold the stationary object with your hands. Bend your legs at the knees and lift above your head. Raising, hold in this position, and then lower.

Engage in intense walking. Such walks also give a lot of pressure and are very helpful in losing weight. Come every day more and more. The load can be significantly increased if you go uphill.

Training for video courses

Very effective. Especially for those who are bored of independently inventing a set of exercises for themselves and doing it. Under the merry musical accompaniment the case will go much faster. And besides, you will get new types of loads for yourself. However, make sure that you do not have overloads. They are bad for health. Performing exercises for a trainer from a television screen, we forget that recording and real workouts are big differences in stress. What is shown, it is necessary to try on to their temporary realities. We recommend trying callanetics. In addition to compliance with the diet and exercise, it is necessary, in spite of the already existing restrictions on food, to arrange fasting days and eat only vegetables and fruits. This food is useful and easily absorbed by the human body.

You can purchase equipment for the home. Very popular remain: a treadmill and a bicycle. Cardiovascular machines or cross trainers have recently become fashionable. They provide low-risk injury and the most effective training conditions. Minus in bulkiness. They take up too much space and are quite massive. Cardio is aimed at burning calories and training the upper body. The results are provided by the movement of special levers.

And so, we draw some conclusions.

Effectively lose those extra pounds at home. It is important to tune in to win and combine various means and methods of struggle. However, the most important ways of burning fat are recognized: dietary restrictions and exercise.

Slimming at home: comfortable, easy, effective!

Regarding dietary restrictions, it is better to consult a nutritionist. Modern means of research of your body will allow you to identify products from the consumption of which it is better to refuse. The doctor will tell you the best and least expensive for your body the way to a slim figure. And where to realize what the doctor ordered? Yes, anywhere, even at home. What is not the place to implement a plan for losing weight.

By the way, it will be said, if you purposefully go to weight loss, then the home environment can only contribute to this. For example, no one distracts. Exercises do what you like, and no one climbs with advice. Load also choose your own. It costs less, because you do not pay for gyms and trainers. Here is such an arithmetic!

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