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When a woman wants to lose weight, she is looking for a variety of ways to do it quickly, easily and efficiently, so that the pounds will not return, and exhausting diets are a thing of the past. Now the system of losing weight is becoming very popular coffee. There are many opinions that coffee really helps to lose weight.

There is even a special coffee for weight loss Leovit. This is still a new trend in the world of losing weight, but only people who have already tried this new way on themselves can tell about the effectiveness of slimming coffee. Only reviews of people will tell you whether to try to lose weight with coffee or use more traditional methods.

Slimming coffee: reviews nutritionists

Due to the fact that losing weight with the help of coffee is gaining more and more popularity, many nutritionists have decided to show their attitude to this drink. And what opinions can be read:

  • Now many people drink coffee to lose weight. Prefer to do this for breakfast. Coffee really dulls the feeling of hunger, but only for the next 3 hours. My opinion as a dietician with 10 years of experience: those who really decided to lose weight should use other methods, but not coffee. The abuse of coffee can lead to undesirable consequences for your body, but its moderate use, although it does not help to lose weight, will have a positive effect on the entire body.

  • Leovit slimming coffee helps reduce appetite and causes the desire for physical activity. To some extent, this coffee helps to manage your nutritional process, which directly affects the fight against excess weight.
  • Indeed, coffee provides the rate of metabolic processes in the human body, helping to release glucose from glycogen, which affects a prolonged lack of appetite. At the same time, caffeine does not accumulate in the human body, it is eliminated after 4 hours. The only thing that can occur is the so-called caffeine addiction, which can adversely affect the general state of health. Although often coffee acts differently on each person.
  • If coffee is often abused, unwanted side effects may occur. These include cardiovascular diseases, bone thinning due to calcium leaching, and the formation of stones in the genitourinary system. therefore do not abuse coffee, even in order to lose weight, it is better to find some other way safer and more beneficial for your body.
  • Caffeine is a psychoanaleptic, a chemical that stimulates the central nervous system. Coffee can relax breathing, narrow blood vessels, allow muscles to contract. This increases urine output and decreases appetite, which directly affects the number of calories you get. But an overdose of coffee will cause headaches, anxiety, nervousness, dizziness. Therefore, it will be better to lose weight with the help of coffee under the supervision of a dietitian.

Slimming coffee: reviews losing weight

And here are some reviews of women who have tried to lose weight with coffee:

  • I used to drink teas with a slimming effect: coffee has the same effect, laxative. But the nutritionist said that after such a coffee the abdominals would become weaker, I decided not to drink anymore.
  • My friend drank Lida coffee, there is no result, but there is an article about its harm on the Internet about the coffee of this company.
  • Mom's friend has already tried and Turboslim, and teas, and coffee for weight loss, but did not notice any result, only began to often go to the toilet, and as an appetite was, and remained. She refused drinks and became involved in sports.
  • I decided to buy coffee for weight loss, but there are so many contraindications that I honestly did not even dare. There are individual intolerances, insomnia, and nervous irritability, and pregnancy, and breastfeeding, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.
  • I bought coffee Turboslim, but did not notice a strong weight loss. He reduced the desire to eat, but if you drink it in the evening, so as not to have supper. You will not eat in the evening, lose a couple of pounds. But over time, his stomach began to ache, so now I finish it only after eating.

  • On an empty stomach, slimming coffee is really not worth drinking.
  • I drink coffee the third day, I really liked the taste, it looks like ordinary coffee. Appetite really decreased. I hope that the weight will still decrease, at least by a few kilograms.
  • My mother drank coffee for weight loss, but the weight remained the same. Decreased only after the transition to proper nutrition.
  • I drink coffee to reduce my appetite and not eat after 6. So far it turns out, and I have already lost 2 kg.

Slimming coffee Leovit: reviews

But for slimming coffee Leovit caused completely different reviews from frankly positive to negative.

  • I liked delicious Leovit coffee, and the excess weight really disappeared, exactly 5 kg in 10 days. It improves mood, reduces appetite, the only "but" - the price is quite high.
  • And I got the impression that this is just the hope that you will lose weight. Weight as it was, and stayed. The price is high, and I did not like the taste at all.
  • Coffee has a rather pleasant taste, but there is no result. I did not find any virtues in coffee. There is no result.
  • Dear, no virtues, the weight as was in place, and remained. He has some kind of unnatural taste.

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Slimming coffee causes a variety of reviews. Before you start losing weight with the help of coffee, still consult with a nutritionist. Almost all nutritionists, judging by their reviews, do not believe that slimming coffee can help to cope with excess weight. And its excessive use can cause negative consequences for the body. Therefore, do not abuse coffee, it is better to include sports in your day and go on to a healthy lifestyle.

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