The drug Siofor is the commercial name of the drug metformin. This is a very serious medicine that was developed in order to significantly improve the vital activity of all people suffering from diseases such as diabetes, without various painful injections. But its side effects are a drastic reduction in weight.

If you still use it for weight loss, you first need to consult with a specialist who must determine how to take the drug, as well as appoint an individual dosage. In no case can not self-medicate, since it is the doctor who must prescribe a course for you. Otherwise it may lead to negative consequences.

Siofor for weight loss: reviews

There are several varieties of the drug Siofor, such as:

Siofor 500 for slimming, the capacity of hydrochloride in one tablet is 500 mg of metformin. In addition, this drug includes additional substances, such as macrogol, magnesium stearate and povidone.

Siofor 850 - has similar components, and the capacity of metformin per 1 tablet is 850 mg.

Siofor 1000 for weight loss - in contrast to the above 2 drugs, this one has the highest concentration - 1000 mg.

From the human body, the drug in any dosage is excreted in the usual way approximately 7 hours after its administration.

Reviews of the drug Siofor 1000 for weight loss

This tool reduces blood glucose, has a positive effect on lipid metabolism, which leads to a decrease in cholesterol and, most importantly, helps to lose weight. The drug "Siofor 1000" is indicated for diabetes mellitus stage 2, especially in patients with excess body weight and the presence of endocrine infertility.

During the one-year follow-up clinical examination, the beneficial effect of this drug on the correction of insulin production (correction of the hyperglycemic state) of the drug has a moderate anorexigenic (appetite-reducing) effect. The use of "Siofor 1000" does not remove calcium and magnesium from the body. Patients taking Siophor for weight loss, noted a decrease in appetite and cravings for sweets and flour. The amount of calories consumed is reduced, and the excess weight goes away without much effort and physical exertion. According to reviews thinner, weight loss in its application ranges from 2 to 10 kg per month.

Reviews of the drug Siofor 1000 for weight loss

There is an extended list of contraindications to taking the drug Siofor.

  • Diseases of the respiratory system or lungs;
  • Early stage diabetes;
  • Complications in the health of the cardiovascular system of a healthy body;
  • Intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • Lactic acidosis;
  • Various diseases that can reveal tissue hypoxia;
  • Alcohol intake;
  • Various infectious diseases;
  • Liver disorder;
  • Comatose condition of the body;
  • Kidney disease.

An overdose of metformin (this is what affects the effect of weight loss) gives a greater load on the kidneys, and also significantly affects the performance of the pancreas.

It is strictly forbidden to take Siofor to pregnant and lactating women, as well as children. Older people should be more attentive, because with sufficient physical activity, the drug can cause lactic acidosis. It is also forbidden to take Siofor before performing x-rays, at least 48 hours before the procedure begins.

You should not combine the use of Siofor with other drugs, as this can cause hyperglycemia. But if you still need to combine them, then before that you definitely need to consult a specialist.

Siofor 500, 850, and 1000 preparations are best taken before or during meals. The tablet does not need to be chewed, you just need to drink it with enough water.

If you still decided to start a fight with extra pounds, then you should not "load" yourself with various medicines. As a rule, no drug will be suitable for all "pill for weight loss." In addition, all these tools often have a negative impact on health. The best way to lose weight, as in all times, is proper nutrition and moderate exercise.

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