Siofor 500 for weight loss

Siofor 500 is not a medicine for weight loss., It is a chemical drug for maintaining the health of people with type 2 diabetes.

Siofor 500 for weight loss

The action of the drug is aimed at reducing blood glucose and improving metabolism. Metformin, which is part of the medication reduces appetite, only with this is connected the drawing of parallels between Siofor as a means for losing weight.

The dosage of Siofor 500 can be of three types: 500, 850, 1000 mg per tablet.

If you are desperate to lose weight, this is not a reason to go to the pharmacy and buy medicine that can ruin your health. Nothing will help a person lose weight until he himself decides to work on himself, play sports and eat less.

Weight loss is only a side effect, which decided to successfully play the beauty industry.

The use of the drug Ciofor 500 for weight loss reduces the body's need for sweets, sweets and cakes are no longer a cherished treat. But this applies only to sweet, reducing the love of other harmful products. Siofor 500 does not guarantee, and cannot, do so, because its main goal is for a diabetic to reduce glucose consumption.

However, if you still decide to use Siofor 500 for weight loss, you will need to abandon the sweet, flour and fatty. But, if you refuse these products without Siofor, the kilograms will go away anyway, and your body will remain healthy. If you take Siofor 500 for weight loss uncontrollably, then this can lead to problems with the heart, liver, pancreas.

Side effects of Siofor 500: emetic urge.

Anyway taking Siofor 500 for weight loss is only necessary under the supervision of a specialist, which will conduct tests, and monitor changes in body functions.

Siofor 500 leads to a slight weight loss - about 2 kg per week.This effect can be achieved if the week looks like a dance, sit on a light diet or go on an intensive walk. Only you will take care of your health, and not put it at risk.

Siofor for weight loss

Reviews of Siofor 500 for weight loss

People who use Siofor as a drug speak about its positive effect, it helps them to deal with the ailment, in particular with diabetes and thyroid diseases, but they are very concerned about the use of the drug as a medicine for weight loss. There is also the fear that after taking the drug, the weight may return.

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