Simulators for home

There is only one fashion that never changes: it is a massive passion for a beautiful and healthy body. However, not everyone can afford to become a frequenter of the gym. Therefore, the issue of acquiring multifunctional home simulators for all muscle groups becomes particularly relevant.

Profitable compromise

the question of the acquisition of multifunctional simulators for the home

Both women and men dream of a toned body - sport makes this dream attainable. That's just to choose the time for training in the gym is very difficult. Exit - buy simulators for the home, developing the maximum number of muscles. There is a huge range of so-called "health machines". It allows you to choose a device for certain tasks on the work on your body, corresponding to the budget. As for the latter, in this matter it is better not to save: a low-quality product will constantly require repair, and this will have to be spent significantly more.

How to choose?

Since the simulator is an expensive pleasure, the purchase must be carefully considered and weighed. And, above all, it is necessary to determine the goal that you are pursuing. You need:

  • lose weight;
  • give a cyclic load on the entire body;
  • improve metabolism;
  • improve the performance of the cardiovascular system?

Then you have to choose from a group of cardiovascular machines, and this:

  • jogging track;
  • ellipsoid;
  • two stepper pedals;
  • exercise bike.

If you are facing a goal:

  • build muscle;
  • increase endurance;
  • become stronger;
  • strengthen joints, bones;
  • improve overall health;
  • burn fat

then you need to buy a power simulator.

Fitness instructors recommend combining power loads with cardiovascular exercises so that the effect on the body is complex. But if we are talking about a home option, then you hardly want to turn the house into a mini-gym. In such a situation, it is most reasonable to dwell on a multifunctional device for strength training.

What is a power station?

What is a power station

Work on the forms involves the impact on all muscle groups. If you buy a separate simulator for each one, then it’s really easier and cheaper to find a budget and time for visits to the gym. But there are power stations that combine several types of devices. As a rule, on such an installation, you can do three or four dozen exercises that affect the whole body, paying particular attention to:

  • hands, making them resilient, tucked up;
  • legs, returning them slenderness and youth;
  • chest, tightening it;
  • back areas, effectively breaking up salt accumulations.

Mini-station implies:

  • board for the formation of biceps;
  • bench for pushups;
  • thrust oriented in horizontal and vertical directions;
  • low bench for press modeling;
  • blocks for working with limbs.

In the latest models, manufacturers have also provided a mini-computer, which allows you to see the consumption of calories and pulse rate.

Universal simulators, which allow to train 2-3 muscle groups, are considered to be younger “brothers” mini-stations. These include the upper unit. With it, you can pump your arms, back and legs.

Those who prefer to engage in the whole family, manufacturers of simulators offer multistation. These are devices for sports, which are designed for simultaneous training of several people at once, including children. But, of course, such a unit will take much more space.

Overview of manufacturers

Buying a simulator is a crucial step, trusting which is better than proven manufacturers. Among them there are several companies that have gained popularity all over the world.

  • German quality Kettler confirms its image of reliable and durable simulators for over 60 years.
  • The American company CYBEX offers compact power plants, made in a different design design.
  • Torneo offers simulators designed for beginners at an affordable price.
  • Horizon for several years considered the best option for home multi-station.
  • The Italian company Diadora offers high quality training units with a large range of prices.

Whatever exercise machine you choose, be sure to test it before purchasing. If you purchase it through the Internet, then the test can be carried out at any sporting goods store where there is a model you need.

6 in 1

Modern technologies are not standing still, and a couple of years ago, the Wander Cor Smart equipment for home for all muscle groups appeared on the market of sports equipment. This compact device in the form of a rectangle of 55 x 49 cm and massive handles takes up minimal space in the room. However, it is a worthy and effective alternative to training devices aimed at a particular group of muscles, namely, pumping:

  • buttocks;
  • hands;
  • press;
  • back;
  • inner and outer thighs;
  • calf muscles.

The main feature of the simulator "Vander Cor Smart" is that in the process of training it provides resistance from 12 to 22 kg, and this is significantly more than when doing fitness in the gym.

How to choose a high-quality simulator?

How to choose a high-quality simulator

The choice of sports equipment should be approached very carefully, as it affects health and safety. Indicators of the strength of the simulator are:

  • welded frame;
  • a coating that is not afraid of wear;
  • protection from scratches, peeling, chips;
  • strong aircraft ropes;
  • wear-resistant cushions for the backrest and seat.

Do it yourself!

If you have the desire and certain skills, sports simulators for the home, which act on all muscle groups, can be built with your own hands. Consider some popular units.

"Roman chair"

There is nothing better for pumping the press, arms and back, than practicing in the "chair of the Romans." No wonder the Roman gladiators trained on it!


  • 3.5 m whole pipe of small diameter;
  • board 900x350 cm;
  • a small piece of rubber;
  • foam rubber;
  • bolts, nuts;
  • drill and drill;
  • grinder for pipe cutting;
  • welding machine.


  1. We make a plank of a height of about 65 cm, we cover it with foam rubber.
  2. Slightly tilt it out and fasten the bar to it, which will support the legs.
  3. Making legs about 50 cm tall.
  4. The edges of the pipes are covered with rubber gaskets.
  5. All parts of the pipes are welded.
  6. Cut off the pipe handle.
  7. We wrapped foam rubber these support rollers. The simulator is ready.

Universal simulator

To work out the muscles of the legs and arms, you can make a universal rope unit.


  • 8.7 m thick rope;
  • roller block;
  • cartridge;
  • fixing hook;
  • drill.


  1. Cut off 6 m of rope.
  2. Fold the segment in half.
  3. From each piece we cut off by 30 cm.
  4. We fix the rope, passing it through the roller.
  5. In the same way we wear a 2.7 m rope.
  6. In the wall we make a hole for the hook at a distance of 1 m from the floor.
  7. We fix in it a fixing hook.
  8. We catch the rope - the simulator is ready.

A beautiful body is a dream that can easily become a reality. Regular workouts can make a miracle with your figure, especially if you work out your whole body right away. This will help simulators for the home on all muscle groups. Adaptations can be bought, and you can do it yourself. Whichever option you choose, pay special attention to the safety and quality of the unit.

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