Senade slimming

Slim figure - the dream of every woman. But not every woman is ready for hour-long workouts in the gym and constant restrictions in food, therefore, to achieve the desired goal, some go to extreme measures - buy drugs for weight loss. At the same time, part of the miraculous drugs are intended for treatment and are drugs. These drugs include Senade slimming. Before you go to the pharmacy, you need to find out how this medicine affects the body.

Senade slimming

What is Senade for weight loss?

Senade is a potent laxative of plant origin. The composition of the laxative includes leaves of the Seine (cassia). The drug eliminates constipation and contributes to the normalization of the chair, facilitates the process of feces in hemorrhoids and fissures in the anus.

But many drug sellers are starting to play on the desire of people to look slim without any effort and effort. advised to take senade to combat overeating. But you need to understand that a laxative is only suitable for a single intake. Prolonged use of the drug is fraught with side effects.

How does senade for weight loss?

A single use of the drug has a sparing effect on the body, since laxative effect does not occur immediately, but after 8 hours. How to take senade? It is necessary to drink one tablet of the drug in the evening 30 minutes before meals, then the morning stool is guaranteed. Senade stimulates peristalsis, acts on the body according to the principle of activated carbon. If one pill to combat the problems is not enough, then you can use up to three tablets at a time. The therapeutic effect occurs after several days of use of a laxative.

Prolonged use of Senade is addictive to the components of the drug. More than two weeks to drink Senade for weight loss should not be - it is dangerous to health.

Side Effects of Senade Slimming

Senade slimming

  • Urine becomes red-lilac or brown. If the cycle is violated, blood may be released into the urine.
  • Attacks of abdominal pain.
  • Flatulence.
  • The body is dehydrated.
  • Together with urine, proteins and useful electrolytes are excreted from the body.
  • Instead of constipation, the use of the drug may cause diarrhea.
  • There is nausea and gagging.
  • A rash may appear on the skin.
  • The body gets tired, the brain begins to work poorly.
  • Seizures may occur.
  • Acid-base balance is disturbed.
  • Pressure decreases, fainting can occur.

The most unpleasant thing is that with prolonged use the body loses the function of stool self-regulation, in order to go to the toilet, it begins to require a stimulant.

In the US, the wave of fighting obesity led to four deaths from laxatives. The cause of death may be a violation of the heart rhythm as a result of the drug. The fact that the side effects are not horror stories, but the real facts are testimonials about Senade for weight loss, which can be found on the Internet.

You can not use senade for weight loss

  • With intestinal obstruction;
  • In inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity;
  • With hernia;
  • With peritonitis;
  • With gastric and uterine bleeding;
  • With cystitis;
  • Senade is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation;
  • With renal diseases.

Use of the drug for therapeutic purposes or for the purpose of losing weight is possible only after consulting with a specialist..

Senade slimming

Senade slimming

Senade, like other laxatives, is often taken for weight loss. But it is a mistake to think that you can eat as much as you like, drink pills and lose weight. The instructions for use Senade says nothing about losing excess weight. Emptying the bowels with the help of Senade is a bad helper in losing weight. Although the components of the drug inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, extra calories, and therefore, weight loss may be an additional effect. But is it worth the loss of a kilogram during the morning stool feeling unwell during the whole day.

Senade slimming: reviews

It should be noted that the morning stool after taking the drug is accompanied by bouts of pain and frequent urge to defecate. Going to work after such a procedure is extremely dangerous. Use Senade for weight loss should, if digestion is impaired as a result of obesity.

You can use Senade for a single bowel cleansing when overeating and normalizing digestion by removing toxins, but the constant uncontrolled use of the drug may indicate bulimia. With the drug, you can start a complex for weight loss, based on diet and physical activity. Later, fiber, which is part of fruits and vegetables, in itself will have a beneficial effect on digestion.

But even if, as a result of permanent bowel movement, your stomach shrinks in size, you will not look like a happy, cheerful woman, you will resemble a victim of diarrhea with a pale face. Everything connected with health should be approached with prudence. Therefore, to enjoy life itself and to please others with its beauty, you need to think carefully about which means and methods for weight loss are better to use.

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