Secrets of slimming olga buzova

Olga Buzova - a participant in the past, and now one of the leading scandalous TV project “Dom-2”.

The girl does not hide that she was always inclined to be overweight, but did not attach much importance to this, since the problems with the figure were not so great. Soon, achieving ever greater success in her career, Olga Buzova had to lose weight in order to achieve the perfect figure.

Secrets of slimming Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova never hid how she manages to constantly keep herself in great shape.

Olga Buzovoy's diet is based on proper nutrition and sports. It limits itself in the use of flour, fat, sweet. Of course, Olga does not accept the use of fast foods and other harmful products. She prefers to buy products in Finland.

At Breakfast, Olga Buzova has muesli on milk, also likes sandwiches with caviar or red fish.

Buzova devotes most of her time to training in the gym, which she attends four times a week consistently. The girl admitted that she was already accustomed to playing sports and cannot imagine her life without them. She also enjoys playing tennis and doing belly dancing. "I watch my figure carefully"- Olga admitted in an interview.

In this interview, Olga Buzova tells the full schedule of her day:

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