Seaweed diet reviews

Snow melts, streams run,

The window blew in the spring ...

And we worry again. What to wear? How to look slim? Where to hide a few extra pounds?

Calm down! There is still time to fix it!

Seaweed Diet

And the usual seaweed will help us. So, everyone knowssea ​​kale.It has long been considered a dietary product containing substances (iodine, phosphorus, trace elements) that support the vigor of the body. Laminaria is good in soups, mashed potatoes, and also in canned food.

In early spring, the body more than ever lacks vitamins. And here comes to the aid of seafood, which not only contributes to weight loss and the acquisition of more slender forms, but also replenish the supply of vitamins spent for a long winter.

However, if you are contraindicated in preparations containing iodine, you are pregnant or suffer from a disease of the gastrointestinal tract - try to choose for yourself another way to bring "the body in order."

Seaweed Diet Menu

So, our suggestions.


Light salad with sea kale, cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with a little oil. (The next day you cancombine cabbage with boiled carrots and green peas).

Seaweed Diet


Leaves of dried sea kale pour cold water for 10 - 12 hours,rinse wellunder running water (otherwise an unpleasant smell may persist). Next, boil the leaves for 10 - 15 minutes in salted water, pour the broth after boiling, pour with warm water - and again on the fire. This procedure is repeated three times.

Your work will be immediately rewarded - you will get an excellent side dish for boiled meat (alternating turkey, rabbit, beef), which will give a charge of vivacity and bring it closer to the ideal forms.


Finely chop the seaweed with one egg. (Egg can be alternated with boiled meat).

And do not worry that, at first glance, you will have to starve. Sea kale miraculously dulls the feeling of hunger - and you get a great mood and desired shape.

And remember that sea kale increases sexual attractiveness, due to the wealth of minerals, salts. Be healthy, beautiful, slim and desirable.

Seaweed Diet Reviews

Seaweed Diet

Reviews of readers about the sea kale diet are varied. Many are advised to buy only dried cabbage, which is sold in stores and pharmacies.

  1. Victoria writes: "Personally, I take only dried cabbage, pour boiling water over it and let it stand. Water is drained (as there is rubbish there)."
  2. Snezhanna writes: "And I buy frozen sea kale. Boil it in 3 waters for 30 minutes. It turns out very tasty and can be eaten without worrying about the figure."

Also, readers, who consulted with doctors, do not recommend to use sea cabbage in large quantities in pregnant women because of its iodine content. Doctors believe that iodine penetrates the placenta and can harm the fetus. But if you use cabbage in small quantities, and only when you really want it, then there will be no harm from it.

Summing up, we say that there were no such cases when seaweed was full and not lost weight. Therefore, eat sea kale and be healthy!

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