Salt-free diet for 14 days

For quite a long time, doctors and nutritionists have been debating whether the human body needs salt and in what quantities. Some people call it white poison, others argue that the body cannot function normally without salt. In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle. One thing is certain: a salt-free diet has a beneficial effect on the general health of a person.

What can lead to excess salt in the human body?

Of course, salt (or sodium chloride) serves to maintain the water balance in the body, ensures the normal state of the vessels, and its lack affects the general state of health. Excess salt in the human body can provoke a violation of the same water balance, cause swelling, promote the development of hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system and the accumulation of extra pounds. Hence the conclusion: salt should be consumed, of course, necessary, but not in such large quantities as we are used to.

It is known that the daily rate of salt for a person is about 5-7 g, but we, as a rule, use it much more. The fact is that the salt contained in the finished products (bread, vegetables) is quite enough for the normal functioning of the body, so it is better to slightly salt the already prepared dish, rather than add it in the cooking process.

What can lead to excess salt in the human body?

Salt-free diet for weight loss: the main aspects

The name of the diet speaks for itself: for a certain time it is necessary to completely or partially eliminate salt from the diet. As mentioned above, this does not mean that it will completely cease to enter the body. You just need to stop salting foods that already contain it: bread, vegetables, meat, etc. So, the basic rules of a salt-free diet:

  • it is allowed to cook everything that you want, only without salt and from certain products;
  • eat food needs fractional portions;
  • dishes desirable to steam
  • if the food seems completely fresh without salt, then spices, herbs, lemon juice, onions or garlic will help improve its taste.

Recommended products:

  • wheat or rye bread;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • chicken and veal;
  • a fish;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • green tea and coffee.

Products recommended for salt-free diet

Products that are prohibited to use:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • pickles and pickles;
  • flour and confectionery;
  • smoked meat, fatty meat;
  • rich broths;
  • alcoholic beverages.

Who can follow a salt-free diet?

Salt-free diet: reviews

This diet is recommended for people suffering from overweight, disorders of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, hypertension. For pregnant women, a salt-free diet is also useful, however, starting from the 20th week of pregnancy, because it is during this period that expectant mothers suffer from increased edema as a result of metabolic disorders.

It is important to remember that before making a decision to go on a similar diet, it is necessary to consult a doctor, especially this concerns future mothers. In addition, its compliance is not recommended for people engaged in heavy physical labor. To adhere to a strict salt-free diet is allowed no more than 14 days, after this period it is necessary to take a break.

Approximate menu for 14 days

First day


carrot salad (you can add cabbage and apple);

egg - 1 pc .;

savory coffee.


lean meat -100 g;

vegetable soup;

kefir (required defatted) - 1 tbsp.


boiled fish;

cabbage salad

salt-free diet

Second day


decaffeinated coffee or drink;



boiled veal;

fat-free kefir - 1 tbsp.


skim cheese;

cabbage salad;

any unsweetened drinks.

The third day


savory coffee;

apples - 2 pcs.


vegetable salad;

boiled fish or meat - 200 g;

green tea.


a pair of apples;

low fat kefir.

vegetable salad

Fourth day


unsweetened coffee or tea;

boiled egg or low-fat cottage cheese.


low fat boiled meat;

Vegetable Salad.


fruits (except sodium-rich grapes, bananas and mandarins).

Fifth day


carrot, ground with lemon juice;

unsweetened tea or coffee.


boiled fish;

juice from tomatoes.


eggs - 2 pcs .;

salad with fresh cabbage and carrots.

Salt-free diet for 14 days: menu

Sixth day


a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee;



boiled chicken;

cabbage and carrot salad.


boiled fish;

vegetable salad.

Seventh day


green tea or coffee.


meat (steamed or boiled);



low-fat kefir or cottage cheese;


tea or coffee.

From the eighth day we start all over again. Note that green tea without sugar, subject to this diet can be used without restrictions. In addition, please note that the proposed diet is indicative: you can vary your menu based on your own taste preferences.

Dietary reviews

Who can follow a salt-free diet?

Feedback from people who have followed a salt-free diet is positive in most cases. Many say that the state before and after the diet is markedly different: swelling, extra pounds have disappeared.

So if you have no medical contraindications to a salt-free diet, feel free to try. But remember: as soon as you move to the previous power supply system, those extra pounds may return. Therefore, you need to step out of the diet in stages, and if you want to stay healthy, beautiful and slim, review your diet and reduce the amount of salt consumed.

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