Protein shake for weight loss at home

Many of us admire the refined figures of top models and the muscles of athletes inflated. But at the same time, it seems to us that it is possible to take off those extra pounds only through hunger strike and exhausting physical exertion. However, everything is much simpler: you can take a protein shake for weight loss. Let's talk about it and talk.

Losing weight is easy, or why do we need protein?

Protein shake for weight loss at home

Every adult knows perfectly well that food intake must be balanced. This is necessary not only for the consumption of nutrients and vitamins. Our body is designed in such a way that without replenishing the supply of protein (protein), carbohydrates and fats, we can not fully enjoy life, relax or work. And if you also expose yourself to exhausting physical loads, then nutrition should be given special attention.

There are many skeptics among us who believe that protein shakes cannot contribute to weight loss. Let's dispel this myth together. Our muscle tissue will not be able to grow and strengthen without the protein in the body. Everyone knows that protein is found in meat, dairy products and some fruits. But if you are not professionally engaged in powerlifting or bodybuilding, then the question of building muscle mass disappears by itself.

In order to get rid of the right pounds should balance your diet. Protein shakes not only help to saturate the body with the right amount of beneficial mineral and fortified elements, but also contribute to weight loss.

Let's see how this works. Protein cocktail should be replaced with one full meal. Our body will receive a certain amount of calories that will not be converted into fat, for example, as empty carbohydrates. Protein itself does not turn into fat, it only helps to strengthen muscle tissue. If you drink such a protein shake every day, devote time to physical exertion and balance your usual diet, you will soon become the owner of your dream figure.

It is best to contact a nutritionist in order to properly schedule meals. Protein shakes, in turn, will only contribute to weight loss. The composition of many homemade cocktails include plant fiber, bran and pectin, which contribute to the normalization of the digestive process, accelerate metabolism, as well as the rapid elimination of fecal masses.

In addition, protein shakes have a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. And this, too, those extra pounds. Just imagine that a person can accumulate up to a dozen kilograms of slag in his entire life!

Sports nutrition at home

ingredients for the preparation of protein cocktails for weight loss

Many of us believe that to buy all the ingredients for the preparation of protein cocktails for weight loss at home is possible only in specialized outlets. And some people are generally convinced that protein is sold only in powdered form and has an adverse effect on the body. These are all myths. You can get the right amount of natural protein from ordinary foods.

Before you start making protein shakes, let's look at the main aspects of this process:

  • Protein shake should combine the liquid base, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and protein mass.
  • The proportion of proteins should be greater than the other components, in particular, carbohydrates.
  • Liquid bases in protein shakes are kefir, filtered water, yogurt, milk, or freshly squeezed fruit juice.
  • Protein mass can make chicken or quail eggs, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • To the body was filled with the necessary amount of fat without harm to the figure, in a protein shake, you can add refined olive or linseed oil.
  • You can replenish the vitamin reserve of the organism by adding berries, fresh or frozen fruits to the fruit cocktail.
  • One portion by volume should not exceed 350 ml.

Let's talk about the consequences

Despite all the benefits that our body provides protein shake, you need to use it properly. Otherwise, an excess of protein can cause the development of complicated consequences and various pathologies. Nutritionists and sports doctors are advised to drink this cocktail in the morning. You cannot drink it for too long and without interruption. The daily dose should not exceed 350 ml.

If a protein product is consumed for a long time, it begins to actively produce calcium, which is deposited in the kidneys. This condition is fraught with the development of pathologies, including the formation of kidney stones. If you have an allergic reaction to one of the components of the drink, choose another recipe, otherwise the use of such a protein shake will cause a violation of the chair, bloating and cramps.

Take a course on weight loss: homemade protein shakes

homemade protein shakes

Many people who seek to get rid of extra pounds, are actively involved in sports. Regardless of the sport, after exhausting load the body requires replenishment of energy and vitamin reserves. A protein shake for weight loss comes to the rescue after a workout. Let's look at some simple recipes of his available products. Preparing such cocktails, you can not only eat tasty and full, but also lose weight.

Recipe number 1

For the preparation of any cocktail, we need a bowl mixer or blender. Based on dairy products. You can choose soy or dry milk. Fat content in whole milk should be minimal.


  • 1 tbsp. 1.5% kefir;
  • 1 PC. kiwi;
  • 2 tbsp. l liquid honey;
  • 300 g of soy milk.


  1. All of the above components are laid out in the bowl of a mixer or blender with the exception of Kiwi.
  2. Beat the liquid mass, and chop the kiwi into equivalent pieces.
  3. Mix kiwi pulp with whipped mass.

Recipe number 2

This protein shake helps not only to lose weight, but also to cleanse the body as a whole. The role of the "brush" for the intestines will play flax seeds.


  • 340 g of milk;
  • ½ tbsp. low-fat yogurt;
  • 0.5 tbsp. crushed strawberry fruit;
  • 1 tbsp. l flax seed.


  1. First mix the milk with nonfat yogurt.
  2. Add strawberries in a bowl with milk mixture and beat with a blender or mixer.
  3. At the end add flax seeds to the glass and mix everything.

Recipe number 3

As you know, beets are low-calorie and useful vegetables. And in combination with carrots and ginger, such a cocktail will not be equal among other products for burning fat.


  • ¼ h. Beet root;
  • 2 pcs. carrots;
  • 1 tsp. chopped ginger root;
  • ½ h orange.


  1. Grind ginger root on a fine grater or in a blender.
  2. Blender whisk all the vegetables, and then add half the peeled orange pulp.
  3. In the resulting mixture lay out ginger root and mix well.

Recipe number 4

make your own protein shake from the available products

As you know, kefir cocktails are perfectly absorbed by our body and contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora. And with the addition of protein, such a cocktail will help to lose those extra pounds.


  • 1 tbsp. kefir;
  • a bunch of fresh dill and parsley;
  • 1 fresh medium-sized cucumber.


  1. Greens thoroughly washed and chopped.
  2. Cucumber peel, cut into pieces and send into the bowl.
  3. Fill cucumber with kefir.
  4. Add chopped greens.
  5. All whisk to obtain a mass of homogeneous consistency.

Protein shakes - the reality of our time

Before we introduce a new product into the diet, especially for burning fat, we try to study the reviews of other people. This is not spared protein shakes for weight loss. Opinions of people on this issue are very diverse. Some express their indignation and share the bitter experience that a homemade protein shake did not help them. But those people who actively follow the course of losing weight, on the contrary, share their achievements. Each picked up a cocktail in accordance with their diet and daily routine.

Of course, the use of a single cocktail for burning fat is not enough, because you need to work on yourself at home or in the gym. Do not try to find the answer on the Web, it’s better to contact a qualified nutritionist or sports doctor.

In order to saturate your body with the right amount of protein, it is not necessary to purchase powdered protein. You can make your own protein shake from the available products. However, before using such cocktails, consult your healthcare professional. Follow all recommendations, do not abuse protein intake, play sports, and you will certainly find the figure of your dreams. Be healthy!

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