Metabolic disorders often lead to an increase in body weight. And what is the metabolism? Why is it so interconnected with overweight?

Metabolizing products

Metabolism is the interrelation of various processes occurring in the body during food digestion. from the moment of its use, ending with the elimination of toxins and slags from the body. Metabolic processes convert starch into the body into glucose. Glucose, decomposing into carbon dioxide and water, emits energy, which is used by the body in the process of life. Gas we exhale, the kidneys expel fluid. All substances that come to our bodies undergo similar changes. Coherence of metabolic processes speaks about the health of the body, and multiple metabolic disorders can lead to diabetes, overweight and obesity.

Disturb the metabolism and speed up its course can various products and phenomena of our daily life.

Metabolizing products

  • Apple vinegar. Many sources can read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss. It is recommended to use to reduce cravings for sweets. As a preventive measure, you can drink such a drink before bedtime: for one glass of water, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. However, people with high acidity of the body, should be treated with such recipes more carefully.
  • Products containing Omega-3 fatty acids. Not everyone loves fish oil and not everyone knows that these valuable substances for the body contain walnuts. Enough to eat some nuts to speed up the metabolic processes.
  • Protein food helps to speed up the metabolism, because the body spends more energy on its digestion. Therefore, if you like meat, include its lean varieties in your diet food.
  • Products containing B vitamins. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits normalizes metabolism and can not but have a beneficial effect on the figure. Vegetable food in general will not allow to gain extra pounds, it is not surprising that vegetarians and raw foodists are always in good shape.
  • Eat more carrots, because it contains folic acid, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Drink in the morning green tea or herbal infusions. Natural, bound caffeine increases the rate of removal of fat from the body.
  • Hot pepper contains in its composition capsaicin - a substance that accelerates the metabolism.
  • Cottage cheese, useful product containing calcium. Curd diet allows you to speed up the metabolism by 70%.

Metabolizing products

  • Citrus fruits, especially grapefruits. There is even a grapefruit diet, and not by chance, this fruit speeds up the process of burning fat. When doing sports, take with you purified water with grapefruit juice, the effect of training will increase.
  • Sea kale contains iodine, which speeds up metabolism. Also helpful apple seeds, Eat one apple with seeds, and your body will receive a daily rate of a useful trace element.
  • Accelerate metabolism will help ordinary water. Recall that almost every diet, except for a dry diet, recommends eating at least two liters of liquid per day. After all, water is involved in all metabolic processes.
  • Whole grains. Germinated grains have unique nutritional properties, so that the body spends them a lot of energy and energy, and calories - the result is not only health benefits, but also for the figure. You can eat whole grain bread.
  • Chocolate also speeds up the metabolism. People who practice raw foods suggest replacing plain chocolate with a calorie-sized calorie. It is not only more useful, but also not addictive.

It is worth mentioning the procedures that should be combined with proper nutrition to speed up the metabolism.

What speeds up the metabolism?

  • Fractional power. Eat at least 5 times a day in small portions and do not forget to have breakfast. Proper breakfast will relieve you of hunger and constant snacks throughout the day.
  • Physical activity. Muscles spend more calories on their vital functions than fat reserves, therefore, the more muscles you have, the faster your metabolism. You can practice sports for 3 hours before bedtime, then a good and healthy sleep is guaranteed. By the way, you can also lose weight during sleep., but spend more than 7 hours of sleep.

Metabolizing products

  • Massage, especially anti-cellulite.
  • Sauna and bath. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to take a bath with Skipofit.
  • On a warm sunny day, do not sit at home, Vitamin D is a wonderful effect not only on the mood, but on the figure. Plus, fresh air is a great helper for burning fat.
  • Do not get depressed. Indeed, for many, depression is the path to excess weight, since stress contributes to the conversion of fatty acids into fat.
  • Have sex, and in the morning take a contrast shower.

Think of the beauty and health of your body, love yourself, and your body will respond to you in return.

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