Polysorb slimming

Polysorb is a relatively new drug that is used in the fight against obesity. Manufacturers claim that with proper use of the product, you can easily lose weight in just 10 days, as well as carry out effective bowel cleansing. And as a pleasant bonus of taking Polysorb, the skin condition improves significantly, rejuvenation occurs, fine wrinkles are smoothed out.

Polysorb - what is it?

polysorb looks like white powder

Externally. This drug is enterosorbent, which can be taken as a solution, as well as used for lotions and masks. It all depends on the purpose for which this tool is used. Many scientists argue that the appearance of excess weight is directly related to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, absolutely no strict diet that does not help cleanse the intestines, will not help solve the problem.

You can achieve the desired effect when adjusting your own food with the complete elimination of harmful products from the menu. The main reasons for the appearance of extra centimeters at the waist are overeating, unbalanced and unhealthy diet, the use of semi-finished products, a broken schedule of the day, and of course, toxins.

Instructions for use Polysorb for weight loss

Polysorb is a drug that is used when intoxication. After it enters the body, it begins to actively bind and speeds up the excretion of harmful substances, the beginning of their absorption into the bloodstream is prevented. This drug starts the correct operation of all digestive processes, the failure of which occurs after poisoning. Various toxins, harmful substances, allergens and other poisonous products accumulate in the intestines, which polysorb removes.

Despite the fact that reviews of polysorb for weight loss are only positive, in the first place the drug has a cleansing effect. Significantly decreases the amount of indigestible food that has entered the body, at the same time absorbs certain metabolic products. As a result, the work of the intestines is increased several times, so that a person has an excellent opportunity to get the maximum benefit and nutritional value from the food eaten. Polysorb has the following effect:

  • fatty acids are displaced, as a result, significantly fewer calories enter the body with food, which has a positive effect on the state of the figure;
  • sorbents have an effect on body weight due to the fact that the time when food is in the gastrointestinal tract is reduced several times;
  • the effect of polysorb is similar to fiber, because after it enters the body, it gradually increases in volume, so hunger does not bother.

As a result of eating polysorb before the start of the meal, a feeling of saturation appears and during lunch a portion much smaller than usual will be eaten. The composition of the drug includes a substance such as succinic acid, which helps strengthen the immune system, the effects of malnutrition are leveled. If you take this drug with food, your overall well-being improves significantly, unlike a strict diet, when you are not only worried about a strong feeling of hunger, but also appear weakness and malaise.

To polysorb really helped to lose weight, you need to adjust the regime of the day, eat right. It is important to ensure that the body receives the necessary vitamins and valuable minerals. The process of losing weight will be much more intense if you regularly play sports, because in the absence of physical activity, fat cells do not resolve themselves.

Should I take this medication?

do not advise to hope only for Polisorb

Doctors are not advised to rely only on Polysorb, considering that it will become a panacea for any ailment, including overweight. Before you start using the drug, you should carefully read the attached instructions, as the tool is not recommended to use for more than two weeks, so as not to harm their own health. If you ignore this rule, there is the likelihood of serious complications:

  • there is a violation of intestinal peristalsis, which causes severe diarrhea or prolonged constipation (it all depends on the individual tolerance of the drug by a person);
  • the digestive process is disturbed, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced;
  • As a result of the deficiency of minerals and vitamins, metabolic problems begin.

Experts say that the greatest problem with the admission of sorbents is not only health, but because of the development of a stereotype of the behavior of what is happening for many years. Therefore, excess weight appears as a result of such an addiction as overeating, late dinner, the wrong day regimen. Sorbents promote the accelerated development of all bad habits. After all, as a result, something inedible will be ingested into the body, considering that this way less calories are consumed.

Therefore, reviews of doctors about Polysorb, as a means in the fight against obesity, contradictory. After all, in order to really lose weight, you have to leave the comfort zone and for a certain time limit yourself in your favorite and harmful food. It is the feeling of hunger that suggests that the usual large portions are reduced to the norm. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the use of sorbents alone will not do all the work for you, because the body needs to regularly receive not only carbohydrates, but also fiber, proteins, vitamins. Therefore, polysorb is a temporary measure, but it cannot be used continuously, as a result of the abuse of sorbents provoked a deterioration of health.

How to take Polysorb correctly to lose weight?

correctly calculate the daily rate

If this drug will be used as a means to combat obesity, it is necessary to adhere to several rules for its administration:

  • you need to correctly calculate the daily rate - for every 10 kg of weight is taken 1-2 g of polysorb;
  • after the required amount of the drug is determined, the resulting volume is divided into 3-5 approximately equal parts, taking into account how many meals are taken during the day (including snacks);
  • one part of the daily dose of the drug is dissolved in a small amount of drinking water (approximately 0.5 cent.);
  • take the solution must be exactly half an hour before the start of a meal;
  • if the polysorb was purchased in metered sachets, then exactly 1 piece is taken for 10 kg of weight. But cheaper to buy the drug in the bottle - for 10 kg of weight will need 1 tsp. Polisorb with a slide;
  • A full cleansing course should not last more than 14 days.

Women reviews

Marina: I tried a large number of different methods for losing weight and from my own experience I determined that the best way for me is to use Polysorb. A friend advised simultaneously with taking the drug to begin to actively engage in sports, and the result was amazing, because I not only quickly lost weight, but also effectively cleansed the body, thereby improving overall health.

Natalia: I take the drug courses - no more than 2 weeks and during this time it is easy to leave about 2 kg of excess weight. Due to the removal of toxins from the body, vitamins and minerals are absorbed faster, just not having time to settle on the sides and waist.

Despite the fact that reviews about polysorb for weight loss are mostly positive in nature, it is worth remembering that the drug is not able to burn fat deposits on its own. To really lose weight and at the same time carry out a gentle cleansing of the body, you need to eat right and try to exercise regularly. Polysorb has some contraindications (intestinal atony, ulcer, idiosyncrasy, etc.), so before starting to use it, you should consult a doctor.

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