Polina grenz lost weight

Polina Grenz - an actress, fame which brought the TV series "Fizruk". For his sake, the girl had to make some sacrifices related to her figure. Polina Grenz in real life is thin, it can be seen in many of her photos that are in the network.

Polina's star story

The blame for all was the role of Sasha Mamaeva in

Slender Pauline Grenz after a while turns into a fat one. The blame for all was the role of Sasha Mamaeva in Fizruk. But the girl was not originally the goal to withdraw in this series. She was noticed by a photographer among friends, she was engaged in casting just for this project, where Polina invited. After she passed the tests, she had no illusions. Without expecting anything, Polina went through 2 qualifying rounds and was approved for the main role. Since then, she began to learn more about Sasha Mamaev. By the way, Dmitry Nagiyev himself contributed to this, saying that the girl reflects the image of the heroine better than anyone else. The famous actor explained this by the fact that Polina possesses naturalness and simplicity, while the other participants in the samples were “too actresses”.

Script victim

According to the scenario, Sasha Mamaeva is a plump girl with pink round cheeks. If you look at the photo of Polina Grents before the shooting, it is clear that it does not fit this description. Every girl knows how to gain kilos, Polina is not an exception. She easily agreed to change for the role and she did it well. To shoot in the first season of the show, Polina had to recover not by 2 or 3 kg, but by 11!

To achieve such a result in a short time she was helped by poor nutrition and lack of exercise. She ate a lot of flour, sweet. These were buns, chocolate ice cream. Such methods will help replenish many! Of course, for filming under the clothes the actress put special linings, but their role was insignificant compared to these extra pounds. Thanks to her acting talent and charisma, the actress won incredible success with the audience. Many loved it pyshechku. A lot of fans created several fan clubs on the net.

The girl especially liked the youth, which is distinguished by sincerity and openness. Of course, many of the female fans were tied to the actress because of her plump little figure, because it looked like support in favor of those extra pounds. It is worth noting that in the process of filming the first 2 seasons of the series "Fizruk" the actress continued to gain weight even against her own will. Irregular working hours and frequent snacks harmed her figure and health. For a short period of time, according to some sources, the actress began to weigh 89 kg, while her height is 161 cm. It became clear that it was necessary to change the way of life and food. In addition, the next, the third season of the series, apparently, did not require the presence of excess weight.

Good slimming Polina Grenz

And it was not PR, everything happened for real

And after a while, information began to be posted on the Internet, as Polina Grenz lost weight, the articles were accompanied by impressive photos. And it was not PR, everything happened for real, real extra pounds and unforced weight loss using simple, accessible methods. Now Polina Grenz is again a slim, thin girl, but with the same wonderful character. How did Polina achieve such results? There was information that successful weight loss was made possible through the use of Goji berries, however, the girl herself denies such information.

As it turned out, the story of the actress was used as an advertisement for this tool. In fact, the secret to losing weight is simple: proper nutrition. Indeed, the answer to the question of what happened to Polina Grenz is also available, as is the secret of the magnificent figure itself. The actress quickly lost weight through a diet based on the exclusion of flour, sweet, fatty and fried foods. And nothing more is needed. In the diet of the famous girl now includes porridge, low-fat soups. She began to drink unsweetened green tea, and snack and breakfast with baby food. She also prefers to eat vegetables, chicken, turkey, that is, diet foods. At the shooting, the actress even began to carry her own food, because the lunch offered at work did not always correspond to her personal diet. At first, Pauline was not easy to get used to the new food.

She seemed tasteless, but gradually the actress became involved in a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she is engaged in sports: swimming, biking and gym. Thanks to all this, she lost almost 20 kg and now weighs 52-53 kg. About how thin Polina Grenz, the photo tells the best. Apparently, the actress changed her image a little, dyed her hair. She looks great!

Polina Grenz gave everyone a wonderful example of how you can make your figure attractive without spending a lot of money. The methods are simple: proper nutrition and exercise. Thanks to this, appearance and health will always be in excellent condition!

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