Pills for reducing appetite

You can not deny yourself delicious? Just eat, and the eyes and "wander" on the plates in search of supplements? Eat and not fill up? And then what? Scales are already tired of proving to you that this is really your weight, and not an exaggeration.

Today, when we can eat almost anything that we desire, many are in no hurry to deny themselves such pleasure. Few people exactly follow the culture of nutrition. And after - only suffering: heaviness in the stomach, extra pounds, extra centimeters at the waist, health problems. Nutritionists insist: for the health of the body it is necessary that after a meal there is a slight feeling of hunger. Half an hour later, saturation will come. We just have to wait. And for those who lack the willpower to wait, special pills are available to reduce appetite.

Various drugs allow you to control the period of saturation, suppress hunger, reduce appetite. There are many. The target audience of consumers is people who want to control their diet and, as a result, adjust weight and volume. Reviews of pills for reducing appetite are different. A positive result depends on compliance with the rules of taking the drug and recommendations on nutrition.

Reduxin for weight loss

Reduxin Slimming

Drugs that control the appetite, primarily designed to combat obesity. Note that one pill will not be enough. For the process of losing weight flowed qualitatively, you need a whole range of activities:

  • proper, balanced nutrition, perhaps moderate (reduced portions), fractional, dietary, special;
  • regular exercise - for efficient calorie burning;
  • rejection of bad habits, healthy lifestyle;
  • drugs for weight loss, stimulating metabolic processes;
  • other means of correction.

So, Reduxine. The drug is designed to intensively combat excess weight. Recommended for people suffering from obesity and too large a deviation of body weight from the norm. Tablets are used as a medical treatment for obesity. The active substance of the drug - sibutramine - a drug that enhances the feeling of fullness. And this means that it is enough to take only Reduxine and adhere to the recommended diet, and the problem will soon be solved.

As a result, the portions are reduced, in the intervals between meals there are no thoughts about snacking. Tablets help to improve digestion, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, stimulate lipid metabolism and other metabolic processes.

It is clear that reviews about Reduxine for weight loss will be the best. But do not forget that it is still a drug. Therefore, there are some limitations and contraindications in admission, as well as a number of adverse events. The drug should be taken only by the instruction of a nutritionist. Daily dosage - no more than 1 capsule per day. It is advisable to start a few days to take Reduxin in the "test mode" - half a capsule - to ensure the safe use of a means for losing weight.

Fluoxetine as diet pills

Fluoxetine like diet pills

A drug called Fluoxetine is not a direct drug. It is an antidepressant, designed to combat alcohol dependence, anorexia, bulimia, schizophrenia, mental disorders. Its main task is to stimulate the release of serotonin. A person's mood improves, no longer pulls stress.

The drug should be dosed. If Fluoxetine is used as a diet pill, the first positive results will appear only for 2-3 days. That is, a person can start to struggle with the feeling of hunger. Daily intake - a maximum of 80 mg. The drug is taken in an intensive mode for a month, on the following days the dosage should be gradually reduced until complete discontinuation.

Although tablets can be freely purchased at any pharmacy, be sure to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects, such as:

  • digestive disorders;
  • allergic reactions;
  • headaches, dizziness;
  • lethargy and drowsiness;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • systemic disorders of internal organs;
  • other

With taking fluoxetine you need to be very careful. Trying to overcome the feeling of hunger and lose weight, people not only lost their appetite, but also fell into an apathetic state. Therefore, you should always listen to your body, given its individual characteristics.

However, if an overweight problem is caused by a breakdown, then the pills will help solve both situations.

Tablets for reducing appetite: reviews

Tablets for reducing appetite: reviews

It will not be superfluous to provide some feedback on other effective (according to users) preparations for reducing appetite.

Irina: "A drug called Strovenitin helped me in the fight against excess weight. With it, I was able to switch to a proper, moderate diet. The truth is, this is not pills, but a syrup specifically designed to suppress hunger, improve and speed up the digestive processes."

Tamara: “I used microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) Ankir-B. The drug, as for me, is absolutely safe. But to achieve a good result, a large dosage is required - up to 30-50 tablets per day for obesity. The absorbent properties of MCC create the illusion of saturation. Therefore, the feeling of hunger does not fit for a long time. "

Olga: “And here I was sitting on the Turboslim complex from the series“ Loss of appetite. ”Of course, there was no instant effect, but the gradual establishment of metabolic processes in the body, one way or another, led to a good result.”

Margarine: “I took the risk to buy Fluoxetine, although I understood that the drug was not intended solely for weight loss. But during the month of administration, my result was minus 5 kilograms. I think this is not the limit for me, especially since the body tolerates these pills.”

Yulia: “I was afraid to take medications for weight loss, because the list of side effects is impressive for many people. Therefore, it has acquired the dietary supplement Dietrin Natural. It really pacifies the feeling of hunger, suppresses appetite, stimulates metabolic processes, and allows you to burn calories effectively.”

For every product, as they say, your merchant. Choosing the most effective means to reduce appetite is an individual solution. But even if other people speak of the method as the most effective, you should not self-medicate. Before buying, be sure to consult with a specialist for the admissibility of the use of specific tablets in your case.

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