Phenotropil for weight loss. reviews

Stress is a constant companion of our life, as a result, the mood deteriorates, the meaning of life is lost, a person is immersed in depression, begins to seize their problems, and eventually gaining excess weight. When your strength to fight stress does not remain, you can resort to medical treatment. Phenotropil is a drug that helps fight stress and overweight.

Phenotropil for weight loss

Phenotropil is a nootropic stimulant that improves memory, which helps in the fight against mild degrees of depression, as well as improves attention and mood.After taking the drug improves mood and decreased appetite, resulting in Fenotropil helps fight excess weight and obesity. After the course of taking the medication, the feeling that you are full will come faster, which means that The drug will help fight off unnecessary snacks throughout the day.

However, it must be remembered that any slimming medicine has contraindications, side effects. Do not think that just lying on the couch can lose weight. Phenotropil can set you up for an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, but does not guarantee losing weight without difficulty and consequences.

The positive effects of using Phenotropil for weight loss

  • Improving performance and brain activity;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Weight reduction - 1 kg in 4 days;
  • Improving mood;
  • Restoration of vision in the background of the drug.

Cons of taking Phenotropil for weight loss

  • Increases and surges in pressure;
  • Headache;
  • After the end of the reception can be observed a strong appetite;
  • Physical exhaustion;
  • Insomnia;
  • Expansion of blood vessels on the skin.

Do not use the drug for secondary obesity. Phenotropil expensive drug, you need to buy it at the state pharmacy, not to buy a fake. It is also worth noting that phenopropyl, as a remedy for depression, has more accessible analogues, for example, Vazobral, Nootropil.

It is impossible to cure obesity with drugs, any drug affects only the consequences, It is impossible to give a 100% guarantee that this drug will help you in the fight against excess weight, rather than "kill" you with side effects, because each medicine has individual tolerance. Fenotropil with prolonged use can be addictive and addictive, so you need to practice it sporadically.

Reviews of Fenotropile for weight loss

Internet users talk about improving mood, reducing weight by 1 kg in 3 days, but with long-term use, side effects are observed.

With prolonged, improper administration of the drug, the condition may become worse than before the start of its administration, so follow the indications for use and consult with a specialist.

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