Pastila from apples - diet sweetness

During the diet often want something tasty. Therefore, tips for weight loss have been developed., who offer to arrange themselves sometimes feast belly. But, unfortunately, such experiments can lead to serious breakdowns, overeating. Therefore, it is much easier to adhere to dietary nutrition, and simply initially include in its menu a useful and natural sweetness. For some, it may be a favorite dried fruit, such as dried apricots or prunes. We offer you the recipe miracle marshmallow apples. Summer is the time to stock up on this marvelous delicacy.

Pastila from apples - diet sweetness

Apples marshmallow recipe


  • Apples sweet varieties - 3 kg.


  1. Wash the fruit, cut the core and spoiled places, peel them.
  2. Take a cauldron or pot with a tight bottom, place about 1 cm of water in the cauldron bottom.
  3. Put the apples in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cook lozenges until the apples are soft. For soft apple varieties it will be enough for an hour, but solid apples taken from the branches will have to be cooked for 2 hours. Boil without stirring.
  4. Do not be afraid to put apples in the cauldron "with a hill", during the cooking process their volume decreases.
  5. Cool, drain the formed juice. Juice can be closed for the winter, and you can just drink. It is quite concentrated, so it can be diluted with water.
  6. The mass formed after cooking should be passed through a sieve; this is the basis for apple pastes.
  7. Fasten an oilcloth or baking paper on a large rectangular cutting board, it is convenient to do this with clothespins. Spread an even layer of applesauce on the oilcloth. Layer of mashed potatoes about 5 mm. It is better to let the layer be thinner, then the pastes will come out more and it will dry out sooner.
  8. Dry marshmallow better in the sun, so summer is ideal for its preparation. In sunny weather, pastila will be ready in one day, if the weather is gloomy, then it will take three days to dry. At night, the pastille dries in the house.
  9. To determine whether the marshmallow is ready, you can, if you press on the dainty with your finger, the surface should remain smooth and elastic. After the plate has dried, remove it from the oilcloth, turn it over, let it dry for another 2 hours on the reverse side.
  10. Cut the pastille into squares. You can keep natural sweetness in food paper or in a can.

Good appetite!

Do you have any favorite home-made diet sweets, or purchased ones, but low-calorie ones?

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