Obesophobia. how to get rid of the fear of getting fat

The dream came true, you lost 5 to 20 kg, but with the desired weight comes an obsessive fear of getting fat. This fear haunts many women who are slim and successful.

Obesophobia. How to get rid of the fear of getting fat?

Fear of getting fat can appear for a variety of reasons.

  • The woman lost weight with great difficulty, but now she does not want to go through all the trials again.
  • Looking at corpulent moms and grandmothers, many girls do not want to become like them in the future.
  • Unwillingness to grow up and acquire the form inherent in the woman by nature.
  • The ideal of feminine beauty of modernity is a thin figure, unattainable for many girls because of their constitution, hence the complexes and fear.
  • Fear of pregnancy, which will lead to weight gain.

Fear of getting fat sometimes leads to psychological disorders, anorexia, which in turn threatens cardiac arrest.

The roots of fear lie in the absence of love for oneself and one’s body.

Fear of getting fat and the fear of eating is almost the same.

Obesophobia. How to get rid of the fear of getting fat?

If you analyze the topics of the forums, it turns out that the fear of getting fat is haunting many girls.

"Anna, Moscow.

Hello, I am 19 years old height 169 cm, I weigh 57 kg. I know that this is a normal weight, but I am very afraid of getting fat, I always think only about this, when we sing I have a feeling of guilt. I do not know what to do????"

Fear of getting fat otherwise called isophobia.

How to cope with bezophobia

  1. Important acknowledge the problem, gradually the fear will begin to subside.
  2. Imagine the worst version of events and accept it., as a rule, it never comes. Once you have lost weight, then you can again.
  3. Sometimes fear is the body's defense mechanism, don't bring your body before obesity. Keep it in good shape.
  4. Eat right. Develop a rational nutrition system.
  5. Do not eat before bedtime.
  6. Go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle.
  7. Separate food into dangerous and safe., which is helpful.
  8. Change idols. Suffice it to recall Anfisa Chekhov, she likes a lot of men that is a fact.

Obesophobia. How to get rid of the fear of getting fat?

Often to get rid of the fear of one willpower is not enough, you need the help of a psychologist.

With age, in most cases, a woman gains weight - it is the laws of nature. You can’t think that if at 15 you weighed 50 kg, then this weight will accompany you through life. Try to come to terms with the imperfections of the world.

Fear concentrates you on the negative. If you live in constant fear, you need to stop, Your attractiveness depends on your well-being.

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