Nervous stress and weight loss

Modern life is full of stress. Nervous stress negatively affects health., The reaction of the human body to stress may be different, some seize problems, gain kilos, others lose weight dramatically. It is impossible to drive oneself deliberately into a state of stress for the sake of "good purpose", but what to do if nervous tension took hold of you.

Nervous stress and weight loss

Consider the typical body reactions to prolonged nervous stress caused by serious and prolonged problems.

  • A person gains extra pounds during stress, if he takes what is happening close to his heart, he loses sleep even because of small problems. Such people tend to compensate for the lack of pleasure in life, the pleasure of eating. This problem comes from childhood, often parents calm the child with sweet candy, if he is upset, this habit follows the person through life and leads to a set of extra pounds in a stressful situation. After delicacy, momentary joy gives way to self-hatred, which increases stress and makes the process closed, growing like a snowball.
  • Nervous stress can lead to weight loss., if the human body perceives stress as a disease, and during the illness, appetite is often absent. The main thing is not to let stress become depressed, which promises unconditional weight gain.

Slimming during stress - This is a more explainable process, stressful mechanisms take away nervous energy, which leads to loss of calories, and, consequently, to weight loss.

Nervous stress and weight loss

Stress can be different, but Slimming leads to short-term stress, rather than permanent stay in adverse conditions. Slimming in the process of domestic tyranny, nervous work can not be called positive.

But it happens in life and positive stress, short-term. For example: a parachute jump, a session, falling in love, helping the body to lose weight. Yes, even love is a kind of stress. So ohOne of the characteristics of love is the lack of sleep and appetite. Such stress is useful for losing weight, because that joyful, emotional.

In any case, nervous stress should not take possession of you, remember the words of the heroine of the famous novel "Gone With the Wind" Scarlet: "I will not think about it today, I will think about this tomorrow. " Any stress will end sooner or later, and the slim figure will lietooh honey in a barrel of tar.

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