Myostimulation - pros and cons. reviews

One of the services for weight loss, which is offered by beauty salons, is myostimulation. Everyone who seriously approached the process of losing weight and body shaping, heard about the miraculous effects of this procedure.

The principle of myostimulation is based on the excitation of nerve and muscle tissue by applying electrical impulses to the body, similar to the signals of the nervous system. An electric current is allowed through the body, impulses enter the brain, which causes the muscles to work, strain and contract, that is, turn away from the electric charge.

Otherwise, myostimulation is called electrostimulation.

The attractiveness of the procedure for a person lies in the fact that the procedure allows you to adjust the figure without exhausting exercise. Myostimulation is a kind of "passive fitness", but not everything is so simple. Consider the pros and cons of myostimulation in more detail.

The benefits of myostimulation

The benefits of myostimulation

  1. Brings muscle tone.
  2. Involves all muscle fibers.
  3. It activates the work of the heart.
  4. Increases vascular permeability.
  5. Improves blood circulation.
  6. No load on the musculoskeletal system, spares the joints and ligaments.
  7. Injury is minimized.
  8. Splits cellulite tubercles.
  9. Stimulates lipolysis, promotes the removal of fluid from the subcutaneous fat.
  10. Normalized metabolic processes.
  11. Improves the condition of the nervous and endocrine system.
  12. The hormonal background is normalized.

Cons of myostimulation

  1. Can not replace physical activity.
  2. Carbohydrate combustion does not occur, because the effect of current on the body does not require energy costs.
  3. Significant weight loss is not possible.
  4. Weight loss by several kilograms is due to metabolic processes, including in adipose tissue, which are activated under the action of current. That is, losing weight is not a direct effect of myostimulation, but an indirect one.

Household and professional

Myostimulation devices can be divided into two large categories.

  • Household. Cheap, ineffective, mostly Chinese-made. As a rule, have 2 or 4 channels and low power. Powered by batteries. A striking example is the butterfly miostimulator, various belts and the like.
  • Professional. Devices are used mainly in salons and medical centers. There are registration certificates for these devices. This is a more serious technique that has been tested, it is safe for patients, although it has an increased power and an extensive network of channels and an electrode. Common professional devices are ESMA Profi devices. In addition to the myostimulation mode, professional devices have the following modes: electrolipolysis, lymphatic drainage (elimination of fat breakdown products). In household devices, these modes are absent.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that myostimulants are primarily medical devices, and not a panacea for overweight. Miostimulants are used to treat and repair tissues, for example, in bedridden patients. Weight reduction is only a consequence of the activation of body systems.

Even with regular sessions of miostimulation under the guidance of specialists, the procedure will not work a miracle, you can lose 2 to 5 kg.

Myostimulation is effective in the area of ​​not large fat deposits, for exposure to a dense layer of adipose tissue will require a greater electrical charge, and this is painful and unsafe.

Miostimulyation helps to restore, prepare the muscles for movement, then miostimulyatsiyu need to be combined with an active lifestyle.

Myostimulation Reviews

Reviews allow you to judge miostimulyatsii, as an effective procedure for body shaping and minor weight loss. Clients of beauty salons recommends combining miostimulation with a slimming massage, and even better with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Those who continue to combine myostimulation with late snacks, state the absence of a positive effect. And any weight loss requires effort, remind yourself, before visiting a beauty salon.

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And we wish you only success in this difficult matter!

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