"Metformin" - a drug focused on the treatment of diabetes caused by impaired glucose tolerance. Based on the component of the same name, it has the ability to regulate insulin levels, reduce cholesterol and restore metabolic carbohydrate processes. Due to its depressing effect on the appetite, Metformin is often tried to be used for weight loss. Is it reasonable, and is it possible to achieve the desired result?

"Metformin": instructions for use for weight loss

metformin for weight loss

The reason why the drug suddenly found a new property and, accordingly, a new wave of popularity is its ability to block glycogen, and with it the feeling of hunger, as well as craving for sweets, fat, flour. In fact, it is precisely those nuances that prevent the majority from switching to a healthy diet and, therefore, start losing weight. This reduces the caloric intake of the daily diet, there is a shortage of energy, and the body's existing fat reserves are consumed.

Due to the fact that Metformin is not focused on weight reduction, but on adjusting insulin, there are no instructions for burning body fat: those who are trying to adjust the shape with this drug use the standard recommendations of the manufacturer and doctors.

  • The dosage of "Metformin" for an adult - 1/2 tablet, can be increased to 1 tablet. You can start the course with smaller volumes - with 1 / 4-1 / 3 tablets. It is necessary to take a preparation during food or right after it, surely washing down with a large amount of water. The recommended reception time is morning.
  • Water mode - the most important moment in the case of "Metformin". Daily fluid intake should be increased by 20–25% or more to prevent dehydration. Doctors advise to calculate the new rate, based on the proportion - 35 ml per kg of net weight.
  • The maximum time for losing weight with “Metformin” is 3 months, but due to its negative effect on the body, it is better to limit it to 1 month. At the same time every 2 weeks it is recommended to take a break equal to the duration of the reception or increased by 2 times. First, to reduce the power of addiction, and second, to give the body a proper rest.

Judging by the reviews, "Metformin Richter" for weight loss will not bring any results if you only wear it and continue to live your usual life: correct the diet, stop drinking (it increases the likelihood of adverse reactions), fat and sweet, normalize the meal schedule . However, hard diets are also prohibited, as they only contribute to the deterioration of health.

"Metformin" for weight loss: reviews of doctors and consumers

metformin for weight loss reviews

As for the opinion of experts, they categorically prohibit the use of the drug only for the purpose of weight loss, without a specific doctor's prescription. Tablets have a strong effect on the body, in particular, insulin levels, so they can only act on excess weight in the absence of glucose tolerance. The remaining causes of the appearance of the fat layer "Metformin" does not solve, which explains the negative comments in his address from consumers. In addition, a large number of adverse reactions, not only assumed by the manufacturer, but actually occurring in patients, require medical monitoring of the therapy.

From the side of slimming reviews on "Metformin" for losing weight is not the most optimistic - the moment of weight loss is noted more as an additional than the main one. And almost everyone who has tried this drug mentions strong side effects, sometimes even forcing them to give up.

  • Anna: Metformin was prescribed to me by a doctor for lowering the level of sugar, which held high positions for more than a year. Weight, respectively, also began to grow, even though the power I watched as much as possible, but in vain. The main difficulty was getting used to the drug - on the first day (1/4 pill) nausea showed up, which I was warned about, but I hoped for no adverse reactions. The next day, again in the evening at dinner, I drank 1/4 pill, again I had to fight with nausea. The condition improved only by 7 days, while Metformin in the same dose and with the same frequency, I continued to take. As soon as the nausea had passed, I increased the dosage to 1/2 tablet, and from the 10th day I began to drink the same half-tablets not only in the evening, but also during breakfast. The course has stood in 3 weeks, then a break for a month, now I drink again, but already on the whole tablet. Now there is only a feeling of some gravity in the stomach, but at the expense of it the appetite disappears - I fill up much faster, I don’t pull to sweets. The level of sugar fell, but the weight for this period has changed by only 4.5 kg in minus.
  • Irina: About the side effects of "Metformin", when I acquired it at the insistence of the doctor, my sister told me - she tried to overcome her craving for baking with his help. And vomiting, and diarrhea, and that only she did not have. I bought a pill for reasons of restoring the menstruation schedule, so I was very scared, but it was too late to turn back. However, I panicked for nothing: despite the sensitivity of the body, I did not react to the pills at all (I drank 1/2 in the morning and in the evening, while eating). True, she didn’t notice any special influence on the appetite - satiety didn’t come before, it continued to be like chocolate. Therefore, how he can help in the issue of losing weight - I do not know. The cycle, by the way, improved.
  • Alyona: Girls, do not drink "Metformin" only for the sake of the elimination of extra pounds! This is not a safe dietary supplement that can be taken by handfuls for prevention: it seriously affects the body, and any negative reaction to it is an excuse to refuse treatment, and not to continue waiting for "adaptation." I drank some time "Metformin" to solve the problems of the liver, the moment of appetite oppression was really present, but not for long, then the body apparently got used to it. She didn’t notice much weight loss.

Some doctors note that the drug should not be taken at night - the pill is considered the most expedient in the morning, which helps reduce the degree of nausea, which is a side effect.

Metformin does an excellent job of adjusting sugar, showed itself well as a component of therapy in type 2 diabetics, but cannot only be used as a hunger blocker, even in a healthy person, because it bears too much damage to the body. Starting the drug is allowed only after consulting a specialist.

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