Low-carb atkins diet

The desire to lose weight is inherent in many of our contemporaries, who, because of the crazy rhythm of life, do not at all think about what they eat. Meanwhile, extra weight is a serious problem. The body can not fully work, which means that well-being deteriorates. The Atkins diet every day menu will help build relationships with your own body.

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food in the framework of the Atkins diet - protein food

Robert Atkins, a nutritionist from America, in 1972 substantiated the effectiveness of the system, which he originally invented for himself to get rid of weight. The main idea of ​​nutrition in the framework of the Atkins diet is protein food in the diet and reduction of carbohydrates to 20 g per day (this is 4 tsp.). The body begins to process the already stored reserves of fat, thereby reducing body weight.

The main advantage of the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet is the absence of restrictions for authorized products, that is, they can be eaten in any quantities. But among the minuses doctors call the duration of the inclusion in the diet of large amounts of protein and the lack of vegetables and fruits. This can lead to:

  • disorder of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • weakness;
  • weakening of immunity;
  • deterioration of appearance.

Principles of diet

In addition to the already mentioned norm of carbohydrates and the use of products from the permitted list, the rules of the new revolutionary Atkins diet include:

  • a categorical ban on sweets, bread, biscuits, grains, vegetables containing starch;
  • eating only with strong hunger, preferably 5-6 times a day with an interval of not more than 6 hours;
  • focus on satiety, not on the amount of food on the plate;
  • use at least 1.5 liters of clean drinking water per day.

Dr. Atkins has combined diet approved foods to the table. Among them:

  • any meat products, including sausage (only without carbohydrates);
  • chicken and quail eggs;
  • butter;
  • hard cheeses and cheese;
  • seafood;
  • some vegetables (cucumbers, radishes, garlic, etc.) and greens;
  • olive oil in an amount necessary for salad dressing;
  • water and drinks that do not have carbohydrates.

The diet consists of 4 phases with menu recommendations for each of them:

  • introduction or induction - the body starts the process of splitting fats (up to 2 weeks);
  • the main level is a gradual decrease in mass, which lasts from 2 months to 3 years - depending on the number of "surplus";
  • consolidation - stabilization of the achieved results;
  • support - watching weight gains.

However, the first stage is considered to be the most responsible - introduction. Consider a sample menu for these 2 weeks.

Atkins diet menu for 14 days

The author of the method of losing weight could get rid of 28 kg in 2 months. At the same time he dropped 7 kg in 2 weeks.

1 day

Atkins diet menu for 14 days

The first meal - the eggs with thin slices of bacon. Lunch - chicken meat cooked in the oven. Snack - vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato), dressed with sour cream. Evening - meat stewed with eggplants.

2 day

First meal - a slice of cheese

The first meal is a slice of cheese, boiled beef and cucumbers. The second meal is pumpkin soup. Safe, a glass of kefir any fat. The last meal is salmon steak.

3 day

Lunch - steamed chicken

The first meal - cottage cheese, seasoned with sour cream, 1 green apple (take leave). Lunch - steamed chicken. Tea time - a slice of cheese and tea. Evening - a fish (you can fry).

4 day

1st meal - bacon omelet

The first meal is bacon omelette. For lunch - minced pork cutlets with steamed vegetables. Snack - a glass of unsweetened yogurt. Evening - zucchini fried and seasoned with garlic.

5 day

First meal - Fritters

The first meal - fritters. The second meal is grilled chicken with vegetables. Snack - 2 hard boiled eggs. Evening - 2 stuffed sweet peppers.

6 day

Lunch - meat stew with vegetables

The first meal - the eggs with dill and cilantro. Lunch - meat stew with vegetables. Tea time - a glass of yogurt. Evening - milk pumpkin pap.

7 day

1st meal - bioyoghurt

The first meal is bioyoghurt. For lunch - ear. Snack - cheese and tea. Evening - chicken chops with hard cheese.

8 day

First meal - curd

The first meal is a curd. The second meal is a vegetable soup in meat broth. Snack - a glass of yogurt. Evening - steamed fish cakes.

9 day

Lunch - cabbage stewed with meat

1st meal - protein omelet, slice of cheese. Lunch - cabbage stewed with meat. Tea time - bioyoghurt. Evening - minced fish meatballs.

10 day

First meal - vegetable salad

The first meal - vegetable salad (tomato, cucumber, dressing - sour cream). For lunch - meat with mushrooms and yellow cheese in the oven. Tea time - tea and a slice of cheese. Evening - casserole of any available vegetables in any combination.

11 day

1st meal - 2 hard boiled eggs

1st meal - 2 hard boiled eggs. Lunch - chicken soup. Tea time - bioyoghurt. Evening - meat stew in a pot.

12 day

Kefir and 1 apple sour variety

Kefir and 1 apple sour variety - the first meal. Meat stewed with vegetables - lunch. Curd casserole - snack. Fish cooked in foil - evening.

13 day

chops with a side dish in the form of a mixture of raw vegetables

The first meal - protein scrambled eggs (chicken eggs), yellow cheese. Lunch - chops with a side dish in the form of a mixture of raw vegetables. Snack - a glass of yogurt. Evening - steamed fish with tomatoes.

14 day

cottage cheese stew

The first meal is a stew of cottage cheese casserole. Lunch - broth with vegetables. Snack - bioyoghurt. Evening - river fish steamed with onions and tomatoes.


As the opinions of physicians, consumer reviews about the Atkins diet are ambiguous. The fact is that the main contingent of doctor's wards from America is women. And many ladies just can not do without sweets, chocolate and similar pleasures of life, they feel uncomfortable without these products. Many become nervous and get tired quickly. However, those who are not so dependent on carbohydrates, note that already during the induction phase they were able to correct their parameters. And, of course, everyone who tried the diet is simply delighted with the fact that you can eat as much as you want, and even meat dishes.

The Atkins diet menu for every day includes quite a lot of products, so that losing weight does not have to choke tasteless mixtures. The nutritionist has selected such components for his technique, which can be purchased at retail outlets without difficulty. Moreover, they are very quick and easy to prepare. So do not pull and start to take care of your weight and state of health as quickly as possible, especially since you don’t have to make huge sacrifices on the altar of beauty.

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