Lena katina lost weight

Elena Katina, a 27-year-old ex-soloist of the scandalous TATU group, has always been famous for her “lush” forms that have been publicly criticized by leading Russian stylists more than once. This charming singer already had to deal with losing weight, before shooting the video for the famous song “I’ve lost my mind”. Recently, in the headlines of news about the life of "stars", it was often possible to read "Lena Katina's weight will soon reach one hundred kilograms."

What "pushed" Lena Katina to lose weight?

Approximately half a year ago, Lena Katina’s stylist wrote on her blog: “It’s difficult to pack such bag-like shapes presentable. It’s better to go to a fitness club than to put anything in your mouth.” Perhaps it was these words that became Lena's last straw. And already on January 25, 2011 at the premiere of the film "You and I" Elena Katina flashed her stunning forms.

Some journalists even noted that she looked much more attractive than her friend, Yulia Volkova.

How did Elena Katina lose weight?

It is no secret that famous nutritionists helped her in slimming Elena Katina. For Lena, a special diet was developed (based on healthy food) and a set of physical activities. But the basis of her weight loss - the desire and desire.

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