L carnitine

Perhaps, every representative of the fair sex throughout life seeks to improve their figure. To do this, we visit fitness centers, try to eat properly and in a balanced way, or we exhaust ourselves with diets. Professional coaches and world-famous athletes say that it is enough to exercise regularly and eat only the right foods for weight loss. Many of us have repeatedly come across the names of various biological additives that accelerate metabolic processes and burn fat. One such supplement is L-carnitine. How to take for weight loss this tool, and what its features, we will discuss in our article.

L carnitine - what is it?

Opinions of specialists in the field of health about the nature of origin and the effects of L carnitine are divided

Opinions of specialists in the field of health about the nature of the origin and the effects of L carnitine are divided. Many believe that this substance can be attributed to the amino acids that are produced by our body. And some experts claim that L-carnitine is a common dietary supplement of vitamin origin.

Due to such disagreements, it is very difficult to define the exact concept of L carnitine. But if we proceed from the composition of this substance and its chemical action, then L carnitine can be considered a semi-essential amino acid, which belongs to the B vitamins. It is believed that L carnitine is identical in its chemical composition to vitamin B11.

L carnitine is widely used in sports and diet. When used properly, such a dietary supplement acts as a catalyst for metabolic processes and contributes to the rapid burning of fat, but only on condition that you follow the dosage, frequency of intake, and systematically perform physical exercises. After taking L carnitine in the body due to the burning of fat, the energy is released, which is so necessary in training.

L carnitine does not break down proteins, so with intense exercise a person will be able to build muscle. L carnitine has a number of beneficial properties and affects our body in this way:

  • replenishes the energy supply in the body;
  • fights accumulated fatigue;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • helps with cardiovascular pathologies;
  • effective in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and liver, since it is in these organs that natural L-carnitine is produced.

How to take L carnitine for weight loss?

Many girls, and representatives of the strong half of humanity, today are faced with the problem of overweight

Many girls, and representatives of the strong half of humanity, today are faced with the problem of overweight. If you decide to lose weight, then know that this path will be very difficult, long and thorny. It is possible to reduce body weight in a short period of time, exhausting oneself with mono diets, but to achieve an amazing, and most importantly, fixed result for many years is possible only by eating the right foods and playing sports.

L-carnitine will not work unless you correct your habitual way of life. It is known that due to the release of energy L carnitine irritates the nervous system and increases appetite. Therefore, many girls who misuse such a dietary supplement suffer from weight gain. Let's see how to take L-carnitine correctly, so that after a while your body will delight you with extraordinary and attractive forms.

Features of taking a liquid drug

Let's first find out that in the departments of sports nutrition and pharmacies you can find L-carnitine in two forms:

  • liquid;
  • in capsules.

Each of the pharmacological forms differs in dosage and, accordingly, in the intake system. Remember that the result from taking L-carnitine will be noticeable only with constant physical exertion. You can practice any kind of sports, in particular:

  • running
  • aerobics;
  • dancing;
  • athletic walking;
  • on simulators;
  • swimming.

When taking liquid L carnitine nutrition should be fractional and as balanced as possible.

When taking liquid L carnitine nutrition should be fractional and as balanced as possible. It is best to give preference to protein foods so that during exercise, the fat reserves are burned due to the release of energy. It is necessary to accept liquid L carnitine in 20 minutes prior to food. It is best to use such a dietary supplement in the morning. Athletes are advised to take L carnitine before going to the gym.

On days when you do not play sports, the daily dose of L-carnitine should not exceed 250 mg. The portion should be divided into 4-5 parts. And in those days when you go to the gym, the dose of L carnitine should be increased to 500 mg. In some cases, athletes are recommended to take 1500 mg. It is not necessary to wash down the syrup or suspension - the product has a pleasant taste.

Capsule Dosage

The dosage of taking L carnitine, produced in capsules, is similar to the amount of liquid supplement consumed. However, the capsules are longer absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby slowing down the process of releasing energy and speeding up metabolism. L carnitine tablets should also be taken at least half an hour before meals and before exercise.

Capsules need to be washed down with a small amount of natural freshly squeezed juice, best grapefruit. Also allowed the use of mineral water, but only without gas. Most often, pills are prescribed by sports doctors to support the activity of the heart muscle. In the fight against overweight, liquid supplements are considered more effective.

Do not forget to completely eliminate caffeine while taking L carnitine, because with this combination the nervous system of the body will be greatly excited, causing an increase in appetite.

What are the contraindications for taking L-carnitine?

L carnitine has one contraindication - individual intolerance to active substances.

L carnitine has one contraindication - individual intolerance to active substances. In all other cases, it is allowed to use people of different age categories.

Despite this, the attending specialists still focused on the side effects of L-carnitine and expanded the list of contraindications. So, it is not recommended to take L carnitine in such cases:

  • in case of diabetes;
  • with pathological insomnia;
  • in the presence of acute gastrointestinal diseases associated with impaired intestinal microflora.

People with diabetes can harm themselves because L-carnitine breaks down carbohydrates. In this case, their content may increase to a pathological amount. If you suffer from insomnia, then use L carnitine only in the morning, so as not to irritate the nervous system once again. In violation of the intestinal microflora in people taking L-carnitine, there may be such side effects:

  • dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea.

That is why before taking such an additive, it is better to consult with a specialist.

Reviews of those who took L carnitine

In various forums you can read reviews of people who take L-carnitine.

In various forums you can read reviews of people who take L-carnitine. Many of them leave comments that L carnitine does help to cope with being overweight, but only with intense physical exertion. Some users after training takes up to 600 g of body weight.

There are people who complain that L-carnitine does not help them at all, so they use other nutritional supplements. You can also find a lot of reviews about the high cost of L-carnitine, which makes it not so affordable for everyone.

Experienced bodybuilders advise taking L-carnitine in combination with exhausting physical activities. In their reviews, you can find out that warming belts should be put on problem areas, and fat-burning creams should be applied to the skin beforehand. Some representatives of the strong half of humanity in their responses complain that after taking L-carnitine, their breasts actively began to grow, and this is due to changes in hormonal levels.

As you can see, you can find both positive and negative, and neutral reviews about the action of L carnitine. For each person, this additive has an individual effect. Before making any conclusions, you need to try it out for yourself.

If you want to create the body of your dreams and lose weight, try to play sports, eat right, and use L-carnitine as an auxiliary, but not the main means in the fight against excess weight. Don't forget to consult a specialist before taking a dietary supplement. You may be able to speed up metabolic processes without the use of food active biological additives. Be healthy and beautiful!

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