Kremlin diet - menu for 10 days

Fragrant hodgepodge, skewers melting in your mouth and fine tea ... Not a bad company, is it? Did you know that this delicious lunch is part of the 10-day menu offered by the Kremlin’s diet? Anyone who wants to get elegant forms, but is not eager to part with your favorite dishes, it will be interesting to know the details of this method of losing weight.

Principles of the Kremlin menu

10-day menu for the Kremlin diet

In the era of perestroika, all women in the post-Soviet space were stunned by the diet, which at one time was developed by doctors especially for the first ladies of the country and kept secret from mere mortals for a long time. And the surprise was caused not so much by the amazing results of the Kremlin method, but by the approach to nutrition itself.

The main idea of ​​the diet is scoring. Each product is attributed 1 point per 100 g. Each of the 3 stages of weight loss allows a certain number of conditional units per day. In other words, you can eat many "inexpensive" dishes in a day, and you can afford one thing, but "expensive". The menu of the Kremlin diet for every day is based on the following important principles:

  • serving size should not be larger than the size of the palm;
  • after eating you should experience light hunger;
  • drink more;
  • take vitamins;
  • let your body rest from the diet;
  • always count points.

Options for a 10-day diet

Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet suggests different types of menus depending on the goals you set for yourself. Using this technique for 7-10 days you can:

  • lose weight by 10 kg;
  • Gaining weight by 10 kg;
  • stabilize your weight.

The whole program is divided into 3 stages:

  • input (7-10 days) - a drastic change in weight;
  • the main (45 days) - the gradual introduction of products of the usual diet;
  • holiday (from 10 days to a month) - fixing the result within 60 points.

Thus, the most responsible and significant for weight loss are the first week or one and a half.

Classic Kremlin menu

At the entrance stage, the maximum number of points per day should not exceed 20.

Kremlin menu

  • 1st day The first meal - the eggs (1 point), a piece of hard cheese (1 carbohydrate point), black tea (0 points). The second meal is barbecue or steamed fish (0 points), meat soup (1.5 points), tea. Dinner - steamed chicken (0 points), fresh tomato (6 points), low-fat yogurt or kefir product (6 points). Total, we get 15.5 points - an excellent result.
  • 2 day. The first meal - 2 hard boiled eggs (1 point), unsweetened curd - 1 point, tea. Lunch - broth on the bone (0 points), cabbage rolls (8 points), tomato juice (3.5 points). The third meal is fried chicken (0 points), salad with fresh cabbage (5 points), tea. Total 13.5 points.
  • 3rd day. Breakfast - squash saut (8 points), a couple of wieners (0 points), tea. The second meal - pea soup (5 points), kebab (0 points), green tea. The third meal is steam fish (0 points), tea. Only 13 points. You can get up to 20 with something sweet.
  • 4th day. The first meal - 2 hard boiled eggs, sweet curd (5 points), unsweetened tea. Lunch - soup without zazharki (6.5 points), braised brains (0 points), tea. The third meal is steam chicken, kefir. Total 18.5 points.
  • 5th day. Breakfast - scrambled eggs with grated cheese (3 points), weak coffee (2 points). The second meal - soup with rice (6 points), steamed veal (0 points), tomato juice. Dinner - a pair of sausages, kefir. Total 20.5 points.
  • 6th day. The first meal - 2 hard boiled eggs, steamed eggplants (5 points), tea. Lunch - pickle (6 points), chop (0 points), green tea. The third meal is steam fish, hard cheese, a glass of dry wine (2 points). The result - 15 points.
  • 7th day. Morning - 2 hard boiled eggs, a slice of cheese, 2 sausages. Day - soup (2 points), steam beef (0 points), tea. Evening - steamed fish, kefir. Only 16 points.
  • 8th day. The first meal - scrambled eggs with herbs (5 points), coffee. Lunch - fish soup (6 points), baked chicken (2 points), black tea. The third meal is a stew of veal with vegetables (0 points), tea. Only 16 points.
  • 9th day. Breakfast - liver pate (2 points), boiled eggs, tea. The second meal is vegetable soup (4 points), baked turkey (2 points), seafood cocktail (5 points), tea. Dinner - mushroom roll (3 points), a glass of dry red wine. Total 19 points.
  • 10th day. Morning - chicken salad with cheese (3 points), 2 hard boiled eggs, coffee. Day - vegetable soup in meat broth (10 points), chop, tea. Evening - steamed fish, kefir. Only 20 points.

4-time menu for 10 days

The Kremlin diet is also called the menu for $ 20. But this reduction denotes special conventional units — the carbohydrate points already mentioned above. Their distribution can be connected not only with 3, but also with 4 meals.

Kremlin menu for 10 days

  • 1st day Boiled sausages, cabbage salad, tea - breakfast. Onion soup in meat broth (5 points), shish kebab, mushroom salad (6 points), coffee - lunch. Cottage cheese, shrimp (2 points) - afternoon tea. Fried fish, tea - dinner.
  • 2nd day The first meal - an omelet (3 points), tea. The second meal is celery stalks soup (8 points), carrot salad (7 points), chop, a glass of wine (red). Safe, - 30 g nuts (5 points). Dinner - steam fish, salad, wine.
  • 3rd day. Morning - a slice of cheese, eggplant caviar (5 points), sausages, black tea. The second meal is a vegetable soup, a salad of fresh vegetables, a steak, and a weak coffee. A mid-morning snack - 10-15 pieces. green olives. Dinner - steam fish, kefir, tomato.
  • 4th day. The first meal - scrambled eggs with sausage (1 point), a slice of cheese, coffee with milk. Lunch - celery soup, chop, tea. Tea time - a slice of cheese, tomato. Dinner - steam chicken, green tea.
  • 5th day. For breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese, 2 hard boiled eggs, black tea. The second meal - meat broth, kebab, tea. Safe, - 30 g nuts. Dinner - fried chicken (0 points), steamed vegetables (5 points), green tea.
  • 6th day. Morning - zucchini sauté, sausages, tea. Day - chicken broth (0 points), steamed liver (6 points), black tea. Lunch - avocado (5 points). Dinner - steamed meat, kefir.
  • 7th day. Fried eggs with sausage, a slice of cheese, green tea or coffee drink - breakfast. Fish soup, fried chicken (5 points), salad, green tea - the second meal. Mandarin (4 points) - afternoon tea. Steamed fish, salad, kefir - dinner.

From the 8th to the 10th day we repeat the menu from the 1st to the 3rd day.


Many people call the Kremlin's ration a "meat-eater's dream", because every day you have to eat meat. However, many ladies at first feel discomfort due to the lack of sweet. But those who have come to terms with this state of affairs note that the lost kilograms are more than paying for these “sufferings”. And women, who lead an active lifestyle, are convinced that such a protein diet perfectly supports the vital forces of the body. However, among the reviews of the menu for 10 days of the Kremlin diet come across and negative. In them, women most often talk about problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract due to the lack of fruits and vegetables.

For many, the fight against overweight is synonymous with tight food restrictions. But self-denial on the verge of deed is hardly needed if you choose the Kremlin diet. The menu for 10 days makes it easy to lose up to 10 kg, while not giving up the fried and fat. So you can eat delicious, and get rid of centimeters at the waist.

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