Is it possible to recover from apples

One maxim says: "If you want to eat, eat an apple, if you don't want an apple, you don't want to eat." Indeed, these fruits are losing weight one of the most popular components of the diet. However, there is a perception that you can recover from apples ...

The composition and properties of apples

In this fruit is concentrated a whole storehouse of useful substances for the human body. For example, this fruit is rich in vitamins of group B, C, E, and R. In addition, apples contain many trace elements: boron, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, potassium, sulfur, iodine, sodium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, fluorine, etc. . They also contain organic acids, because tartaric, malic, citric and chlorogenic. Apples also contain a lot of sugar, fiber and pectin.

Is it possible to recover from apples?

It is known that these fruits have a positive effect on digestion, improve kidney function and increase immunity. Since apples have a lot of juice, they are irreplaceable helpers in replenishing body fluids. Various varieties of these tasty fruits lower cholesterol in the blood, prevent the formation of uric acid and are the prevention of anemia. Scientists recommend eating apples for gout, anemia, vitamin deficiency and dysentery. Bright juicy fruits, like bananas, are excellent antidepressants and charge the body with energy.

TOaloe apples

Apples in the diet are valid in almost any quantity. The only harm they can do in the diet process is to increase their appetite. It should be noted that these fruits are low-calorie products. They contain almost no fat.

However, eating only apples is not worth it. Such food will be an ordeal for your stomach, because these fruits have a high content of acid. The optimal amount of 2-3 apples per day.

Do apples get better?

Apples are not only extremely healthy, but also low-calorie product. They do not contain harmful cholesterol - another big plus. In addition, fiber, which is very abundant in fruits, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, helping to cleanse the body.

Everything indicates that apples are an indispensable product for losing weight. But still, there are 2 reasons why apples can increase your weight. About them already mentioned above. The first reason: apples increase appetite. Therefore, eating the fruit, think about the consequences. And remember that in no case can not eat only apples!

The second reason: the abuse of these fruits. Do not eat a lot of apples. Limit 2-3 pcs. in a day. Remember that fruits contain sugar, which in large quantities can affect your weight. Rely on the rule that any, even the most wholesome food is good in moderation.

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Replenishing the apples is almost impossible, the main thing is to eat them in moderation. Remember the old English proverb: "Apple a day - you will be healthy." Do not forget to eat every day at least one juicy fruit - it will become the basis of your healthy diet!

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