Is it possible and how to lose weight quickly when

Most of the newly-minted moms meet face to face with the problem of excess weight. And, although I want so much to get in shape again, there are concerns: how to lose weight while breastfeeding without compromising the health of the child? In fact, it is not so difficult, especially since, contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding itself contributes to the normalization of weight.

The first year of life is considered the most important for the formation of a child. Right now, the baby needs a full range of nutrients, the ideal source of which is mother's milk. But how to lose weight quickly when breastfeeding, if the experiments with nutrition immediately affect the composition of milk? It depends on how long after the birth of the child you made the decision to lose weight.

Can I lose weight when breastfeeding?

The first six months, if the mother has no problems with lactation, the child eats exclusively milk.

The first six months, if the mother has no problems with lactation, the child eats exclusively milk. Therefore, during this period, under an absolute ban, low-calorie diets, hungry days and other drastic changes in the mother's diet. But this does not mean that it is impossible to make adjustments in the amount and quality of food consumed.

  • Try to get the necessary for the full composition of the milk substances from quality products. Get rid of convenience foods, non-natural and too fatty foods (sausages, sausages, fast food, canned foods, etc.). They can be replaced by natural and more useful analogues: fish, natural meat, vegetables, fruits, honey, dried fruits.
  • Limit or remove sweet drinks from food: coffee, tea with sugar, sweet (especially carbonated) water, packaged juices. They contain many calories, and saturation, and even less benefit do not bring any.
  • Even the most useful and necessary products can be harmful if they are improperly prepared. Instead of fried and smoked food, give preference to steamed, boiled or baked.
  • If such food seems fresh, you should not use purchased sauces: they usually contain a huge amount of calories, as well as various flavor and smell enhancers, which are unsafe for the baby. To create a rich taste, add to the food natural and not particularly spicy seasonings: coriander, paprika, turmeric, curry.
  • Use the principles of fractional and separate nutrition: Eat several times during the day, trying not to mix many different foods at one time. Understand the principles of product compatibility - this will facilitate the process of digestion.
  • Do not load the stomach 3 hours before sleep. In extreme cases, eat some vegetables or drink milk (as an option - tea with milk).
  • Drink more fluids: this not only helps with weight loss, but also improves lactation.

By the way, contrary to the opinion that you can lose weight after breastfeeding, but not before that, it has been proven that breastfeeding, on the contrary, contributes to weight loss. At this time, through the milk of a woman, a large amount of fats, which are necessary for the baby, leave her body. It is in connection with this food should remain full. After all, if the nutrients do not come into the milk from food, the body will begin to "extract" them directly from the woman's body: from the teeth, nails, hair and muscle tissue. The amount of fat consumed during this period should be 45-50 g per day. Exceeding this rate, you run the risk of gaining weight, and shorting up - to reduce the quality of milk.

How to quickly lose those extra pounds after lactation?

Six months later, when the introduction of complementary foods begins, the calorie content of food in the mother’s diet can be reduced.

Six months later, when the introduction of complementary foods begins, the calorie content of food in the mother’s diet can be reduced. After all, the child already receives part of the nutrients directly from the products. But it is necessary to adjust the diet in such a way that the lactation does not decrease until the moment when the child has completely switched to eating normal food.

  • Sweet (whether it is chocolate or fruit) try to eat until noon.
  • Replace fast carbohydrates slow: bread, pasta and flour products, choose from durum wheat, eat cereals and legumes. But even in this form, carbohydrates are preferable to use in the morning.
  • Despite the benefits of seeds and nuts, do not get carried away with them: they are among the most high-calorie foods.
  • Move your last meal 4-5 hours before bedtime.

Physical activity

Another answer to the question of how to lose weight when breastfeeding is physical activity

Another answer to the question of how to lose weight when breastfeeding is physical activity. Today, there are many techniques developed specifically for mothers with small children. With their help, a woman can quickly regain her shape, while spending time with the baby. These include yoga for mothers with babies, fitness, fitball exercises and some other techniques. The advantage of such classes is that they are also useful and interesting for the baby.

  • Be sure to get out with your baby on walks in the fresh air.
  • Having free 20-30 minutes, it will be useful to do exercises for the press, various bends, squats and turns.
  • Another indispensable way to restore the slimness of the waist - torsion hula hoop.

What to do after a cesarean?

For most women, losing weight after giving birth while breastfeeding is easy.

For most women, losing weight after giving birth with breastfeeding is not difficult - just adjusting the diet a little and adding exercise. But for mummies after a cesarean section, this can create certain difficulties. The recovery period after the operation requires a very careful attitude to your body: only six months later, you can begin to do some exercises, you can not lift weights more than 2 kg.

In this case, weight can be normalized, first of all, due to the power adjustment, which is described above. Later, when the body recovers a bit and the doctor gives recommendations about the load, you can begin to gently introduce such sparing types of physical activity:

  • swimming. This means, of course, not sports swimming, but very calm, not traumatic belly trauma exercises at a slow pace. In the water, the load on the body is much less, so for the recovery period, hiking in the pool is indispensable. But for effect they must be regular;
  • walks. Even an unhurried promenade with a stroller for 1 hour will help to burn at least 150 calories, and also slightly speed up the metabolism;
  • breathing exercises. Despite the fact that during such a gym you are static, breathing exercises help to waste extra calories. In addition, this kind of gymnastics soothes and relaxes;
  • in the presence of a bandage after a while (exactly when the doctor prompts), you can begin to carefully perform simple exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, as well as squats and bends;
  • yoga. Of course, not all exercises in yoga are permissible for women after cesarean section, but in general it is a kind of very soft and gentle load.

Depending on the amount of excess weight, health, and many other conditions, you can get yourself in shape from 3 months to a year after the baby is born. The main thing is to remember that for the good health of mommy and baby weight loss during lactation should not exceed 2 kg per month. Before taking any measures regarding diet and physical activity, be sure to consult your doctor.

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