Inna volovicheva diet

Inna Volovicheva - participant of the popular TV project House 2. Inna came to the project to one of the participants, hoping that he would remove from her the "crown of celibacy." Because of this, in her opinion, she could not manage to build her relationship beyond the perimeter. But was this the main reason for her failures? Of course not!

Inna Volovicheva Diet

Twenty six years old, while Inna Volovicheva weighed 115 kg. One of the main goals of all the participants in the TV project House 2 is to get on the cover of the monthly magazine. In order to achieve this, Inna had to acquire two men, for who is interested in looking at the lonely 115 kilogram woman? Then she decided, by all means, to get rid of extra pounds. At that time, none of the participants of the TV project, which Inna was not infrequently attacked because of completeness, did not believe in her success.

So, the diet of Inna Volovicheva- This is a kind of diet, during which you can drop 4kg per week. The basis of the diet was suggested to her by the famous presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

First, it was necessary to abandon:

  • Alcohol
  • Whole roast
  • Whole fat
  • Sweet
  • Smoked
  • Salty


  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Kashi
  • Lean meat
  • A fish
  • Seafood

Inna Volovicheva Diet

Inna Volovicheva Diet

You could drink clean water (at least two liters per day), green tea, and juices. Last meal up to 18 hours.

It turns out that what was so shocking to all the participants of the TV project and all the TV viewers did not have any special secret. Of course, during the diet, Inna was intensely involved in sports. Her weight went like water, men began to take care of her, she became self-confident and achieved all the goals! Volovicheva did not have time to change her wardrobe, because she lost 45 kg, i.e. 4-5 sizes.

Here is what Inna Volovicheva wrote in her blog:

“My friends, I seriously sat down with nadiyu. Finally I gathered my strength and began to change the“ main man of my life ”- the refrigerator. More precisely, I left him .... And the result did not keep me waiting. For the first ten days I dropped 4 kilograms, and for the month - 12. I will share the recipe. Now every morning I eat oatmeal boiled in sugar-free water, salt and butter for breakfast. as they contain too many carbohydrates.) Supportive meals are vegetables, fish, meat (beef, tel Ina, chicken fillet), seafood, but all this should be boiled. Nothing sweet, fried, salty. Instead of white bread - black. After six in the evening I don’t eat at all. I am addicted to grapefruit fresh fruits. Pineapples are also useful for burning fat, but they are better to eat during the day because they contain a lot of sugar. By the way, I lost 8 kilograms on this diet a month. I was already accustomed to such a daily routine, and proper nutrition has become my way of life. I gave up alcohol, fried potatoes, chips, sandwiches and began to feel much better. And when your favorite pants start hanging on you, you don’t feel like throwing a diet. However, losing weight only on a diet is not as effective. Be sure to need power loads. On the Glade with this case is much easier - more expanse, and there is a gym.

By the summer I plan to change the entire wardrobe, and so that all the things in it were not 50-52 sizes, but 46-48. So it will be! "

Video about the diet Volovicheva

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