Injections for weight loss. types of injections for weight

Most slimming products are available in the form of capsules, tablets. Many of them do not give the desired effect. Some believe that this is due to the lack of effectiveness of the method of taking drugs. In such cases, cosmetologists advise various injections for weight loss.

For most slimming women, the question immediately arises, is it possible to get rid of a large amount of adipose tissue by injection? For a long time, injections for weight loss are used to eliminate small local fat deposits, for example, fat around the navel, on the sides, double chin, etc. It is rather difficult to get rid of such defects using diet or special exercises. Then you have to resort to injections.

Injections can also be used to combat cellulite, especially at serious stages, when nodules and lumps have already formed under the skin. Preparations are best used in combination with mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

Ozone injections for weight loss

Medical ozone is used in many branches of medicine. It is used for healing, rejuvenation, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Slimming injections

The appearance of excess weight and obesity is associated to a greater extent with a number of changes in the body that need to be adjusted in the process of losing weight.

Injections with ozone for weight loss have a number of advantages, among which the most significant are:

  1. Stimulating cells to absorb glucose and oxygen, thereby reducing the load on the pancreas, which reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes.
  2. The state of health, working capacity and mood improves.
  3. Ozone shots contribute to the elimination of toxins and harmful metabolic products.
  4. Blood oxygen saturation improves, its viscosity decreases, which best stimulates the blood supply. Due to blood stimulation, tissues get more nutrients and oxygen, and metabolic processes are accelerated.

At the moment, injections with ozone are used in the form of intravenous-drip injection, with the aim of a general beneficial effect on the body. As well as subcutaneous injections of a mixture of oxygen and ozone to get rid of cellulite and local decrease in the amount of fat deposits.

Indications for use.Ozone therapy can be used as an auxiliary method for losing weight, while adhering to a strict diet and exercise. The technique helps in the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.

Contraindications.Contraindications are any diseases of the body in which blood clotting suffers, especially hemophilia. Taking drugs that promote blood thinning, for example, Aspirin.

Before the procedure itself, it is imperative to undergo a certain study with an analysis of the number of platelets in the blood, in case their number is low - the method is contraindicated.

Some diseases of internal organs and injuries, such as head injuries, diseases of the thyroid gland, convulsions and epilepsy, heart attacks and strokes, diabetes mellitus (severe), allergic reactions to the components of the drug, the presence of malignant tumors, may also be contraindicated.

Ozone injection method.The choice of ozone injection method will depend on the result that you want to achieve. Tonic and tonic effect can be achieved with intravenous ozone. To get rid of cellulite and localize minor fat deposits use subcutaneous administration of the drug. It is carried out using a special system.

After several procedures, the excess weight goes away within a couple of months. The number of injections will depend on the severity of cellulite and the mass of fat.

Pros and cons of the procedure. The advantages of the procedure include a small number of contraindications, a large number of positive effects that ozone has on the entire body. In addition, it can be used for the prevention of many diseases and for rejuvenation.

The disadvantages are quite high demands on the quality of the equipment and the degree of purification. The presence of some complications - the appearance of bruises, pain. If there are no diagnosed tumors, such procedures can provoke their growth.

Cosmetology in our time has advanced far ahead. In addition to the usual ways to care for themselves, new techniques. These include injections for weight loss. Referring to such radical measures is necessary in the case of objective evidence after consulting a specialist.

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