How to swim in the pool for weight loss

Our calendar is replete with various holidays, accompanied by lavish meals. And without them, we all love to arrange their own holidays belly. It is not surprising that you have to periodically struggle with extra pounds. And if the gym is not your strong point, then make friends with water. Only before you need to figure out how to swim in the pool to lose weight.

5 arguments for

How to swim in the pool to lose weight

Water is a natural element that has a mere magical effect on the moral and physical condition of a person. If we talk about health, regular swimming trains all muscle groups, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, intensifies metabolism and stimulates blood circulation. And, of course, active movements in the water contribute to weight loss. About the advantage of water exercises over other types of physical activity says the following:

  • the load on the musculoskeletal system in the process of training is insignificant, so that excess weight will not cause possible injuries;
  • “hydro-weightlessness” allows you to do exercises without feeling the tension of the muscles;
  • for swimming there are no restrictions on age or physical abilities;
  • the bonus of occupations in the pool is the epidermis hydromassage;
  • per hour of active swimming you will get rid of 500 calories (for comparison: during the run, only 300 are burned during the same period of time).


It is not enough just to start going to the pool - it is also important to know how to swim for weight loss.

  • During training, you need to swim in different styles to use all muscle groups and create conditions for the loss of energy, and hence calories.
  • Be sure to do workout interval and strictly observe this mode.
  • You can not rest less than 15 seconds and work less than 20 seconds.
  • The main criterion for the effectiveness of training - a feeling of fatigue. Ideally, it should appear on the 7th interval. If earlier, then the program is too intense for you, and if later, it is unnecessarily easy.
  • To complete work in the pool you need a 5-minute swim at a quiet pace.

Styles that help to lose weight

How to swim in the pool for weight loss, for recovery

The most effective for getting rid of extra calories are the rabbit and butterfly. They are followed by breaststroke and free style. Butterfly assumes that the swimmer makes simultaneous strokes with his hands, then lifting, then hiding them under water. To master the crawl, you will have to learn how to distribute the load on your arms and legs. In this style, it is assumed that the arms do the strokes alternately, and the legs make a “wave” movement. In the process of mastering the breaststroke legs are connected to the hands. These parts of the body swings underwater - this ensures a uniform load on the muscles.

Sample training program

To combat excess weight, you do not need to be in the water every day for several hours - 2 times in 7 days for 45 minutes is enough. But from this time directly on swimming should go no less than 85%. We offer an approximate training program for two classes.

First training

  1. 100 m by 25 m crawl, butterfly, bras, free style.
  2. 50 m at the back.
  3. 50 m breaststroke.
  4. 450 m with 1 crawl interval.
  5. 100 m at the back.
  6. 450 m crawl, strokes with right and left hands alternate after 25 m.
  7. 100 m free style.
  8. 100 m crawl.
  9. 100 m favorite style.

Second training

  1. 50 m crawl.
  2. 50 m at the back.
  3. 100 m crawl.
  4. 450 m crawl, hands alternate alternate after 25 m.
  5. 100 m calm breaststroke.
  6. 100 m at the back.
  7. 100 m free style.

Those who have not gone to the pool for a long time should start with a smaller amount of exercises, performing them at a short distance.


Swimming for weight loss in the pool

Swimming for weight loss in the pool is a very practical way to get rid of centimeters at the waist. Proof of this can be numerous reviews of women who dropped and stabilized their weight. The most effective ways of getting rid of kilograms of excess weight are, as mentioned above, the crawl, butterfly and breaststroke. If you even alternate only these three styles in the framework of interval training, then in 3 months you can lose 8-10 kg of weight and also get rid of some problems with the locomotor system.

But at the same time, it should be noted that swimming for a number of women did not bring long-awaited thinness. This is largely due to the fact that water provokes a brutal appetite, and it can only be partially satisfied, and then only after 1.5 hours from the time of practice. So will power can fail.

Water is a friend of the spine

As already mentioned, movement in water is of great importance for the health of the musculoskeletal system. Specifically for the spine, this benefit is:

  • reducing the load on the whole ridge;
  • straightening the discs between the vertebrae, which causes an increase in growth of 1 cm in one 45-minute lesson.

As for how to properly swim in the pool for the spine, it is worth noting that this is not fully called swimming - it is more appropriate to talk about the exercises.


  1. We rely on the side, we lie down and we make legs and legs together 25 times.
  2. The initial position is the same, just move your arms bent at the elbows.
  3. At the expense of raising in turn bent at the knees. We perform at a fast pace 10 times.
  4. Bend the leg at the knee, then bring it closer to the chest, then sharply straighten.
  5. Jumps with protivokhodim. Become a step. Lunge forward onto the support leg, changing legs. Hands work in opposition to the legs.
  6. We lay on our backs on the water, trying to connect the legs bent at the knee joints with the chest.
  7. We stretch our knees to the chest once, spread our legs and arms to the sides.
  8. Raise the legs up on the "one", and arms apart.

The proposed complex is basic. But, if you have problems with the spine, it is better that the exercises for the pool were selected individually.

Now, knowing how to swim in the pool in order to lose weight and support your back, you can begin to work in the water, aimed at weight loss and recovery. Alternate exercises from different complexes, but remember that training should bring a feeling of mild fatigue, and not a complete loss of strength. Then you can evaluate the results of your work after 10-20 classes.

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