How to remove the stomach and sides at home in the short

The main reasons for the appearance of fat deposits in the waist are poor metabolism and hormonal failure. The latter always affects the stomach, and to do something with it without the help of a specialist is extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible. But with the metabolism you need to work, and it is available to almost every woman at home. A simple and fast diet, of course, does not exist, but prohibited and permitted foods, as well as nutritional rules, need to be known and implemented.

How to remove the stomach and sides at home?

How to remove the stomach and sides at home

Nutritionists unanimously assure: there is no specific food for slimming the abdomen and sides in women, or to reduce the volume of the thighs - the body always loses weight completely. It is not nutrition, but genetic predisposition that certain areas leave faster. Thus, women with the type of apple figure will never have a narrow waist, and all the fat reserves on it will hold on to the last. Nevertheless, there is an important feature of this particular area: around the abdomen, not only fat but also fluid is collected, often tied up with hormonal background. Visual confirmation of this fact is an increase in the abdomen during the menstrual cycle.

  • Thus, in order to lose weight in the abdomen and sides in a short period of time, salt and alcohol should be eliminated from the diet, more often and more to drink clean water, to make the kidneys work. You can try diuretic teas on the basis of bearberry. However, if the problem is directly in the stagnation of fluid in the tissues, it is necessary to see a doctor, and not to look for a suitable diet.
  • The main enemies of a thin waist are fat, fried, sweet and flour. In fact, there are simple and tasty affordable recipes for weight loss, which allow you to safely endure a period of strict restrictions: oven-baked minced meatballs are no worse than fried pork, and homemade oatmeal cookies are healthier and more appetizing than shop rich.
  • It is especially important to abandon yeast baking. If you need bread, take pita bread (real, on water and flour), or buy small loafs, but not wafer, but whole grains.
  • Fiber should be present in the diet of a person who wants to have a beautiful waistline: in addition to blocking the feeling of hunger, it normalizes the digestive process, which has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the abdomen. For this purpose, it is possible to use both cereals and vegetables with fruits - the main thing is to give preference to those in which there is little starch (that is, not potatoes, not boiled carrots and beets), and sugar (not grapes).
  • Surprisingly, pasta does not cause any harm to the waist, if they are prepared on the basis of durum - a special coarse flour made from durum wheat. But, like cereals, it is undesirable to use them in the evening.

Besides the fact that you need to know what products for slimming the abdomen and sides to eat, it is important to understand how to do it correctly. And here the professionals give some valuable and simple advice.

what products for slimming the abdomen and sides to eat

  • Calculate your basic metabolism and lower it by 15-20% - this will be enough to lose weight without harm to health. The received amount of calories should be divided into proteins, fats and carbohydrates as 30:20:50. During weight loss, the proportion of proteins (in grams!) Is only 1 g per kg of weight.
  • Break the entire daily calorie into 4-5 parts: this will allow you to control the feeling of hunger better. Make sure that the total portion of the portion does not exceed 200-250 g, and you have not eaten longer than 20 minutes.
  • Try not to consume more than 100 g of cereals in a day (the volume is indicated for a dry product), while it is undesirable to put them on an evening meal: here you need light protein - fish, poultry. And, of course, vegetables.

It is also worth saying that if there is a workout in your schedule, and it is aimed directly at removing fat from the abdomen, eat 1.5-2 hours before and 1-1.5 hours after. If the food enters the body in this gap, it will immediately turn into energy, and those reserves that hinder you will remain in place.

Sample menu for weight loss for the week

Remember that dishes are best cooked in the oven or steamed, or boil some foods. Frying is better to eliminate completely, since all fats, on which it is carried out, after heating, turn into saturated, those that harm the body. And even if you keep within the framework of daily calories, such a step will not work for weight loss.

  • Monday. In the morning, steam the oatmeal, add 1/2 banana and cinnamon to it. As a snack or second breakfast, make cheese curds from cottage cheese 5% fat, egg white and whole wheat flour, but do not fry, but bake in the oven. Dine vegetable soup, which can be added and potatoes. For dinner, cook the pollock fillet patties with asparagus.
  • Tuesday. For breakfast, you can take 2-3 pieces. homemade oatmeal cookies, the recipe of which we give at the very end of the article, and a glass of natural yogurt. For a snack, take a handful (30 g) of nuts and any berries. Dinner is recommended veal baked with herbs and fresh cucumber. For dinner, make a salad of red beans, tomatoes and sweet onions, supplemented with buckwheat bread.
  • Wednesday. Breakfast millet porridge with raisins and apples, snack with grapefruit or orange. For dinner, make pasta with boiled cauliflower and mashed potatoes, add 10-15 g grated cheese. Dine steamed flounder with fresh tomatoes.
  • Thursday. Take cottage cheese for breakfast, mix with honey and any berries; For a snack, a banana will do. For dinner, cook braised with zucchini and carrots of chickpeas. At dinner, it is worth baking Bulgarian peppers with black olives and tomatoes.

Sample menu for weight loss for the week

  • Friday. In the morning, drink tea with whole grain breads and ricotta, a pair of peaches or other fruits will serve as a snack. Dine fish soup (without potatoes), for dinner, make a protein omelet with broccoli.
  • Saturday. Breakfast boiled egg and tomatoes dried in the oven with herbs, for a snack, make a banana and kiwi smoothie. For dinner, bake turkey breast with orange or pineapple, serve with lettuce leaves and brown rice. For dinner, cook salmon on the grill, add any vegetable salad.
  • Sunday. For breakfast, make porridge with dried fruit, for a snack - a little curd with greens. For lunch you can serve pasta with shrimp, stewed in tomato sauce with garlic and olive oil. For dinner - minced chicken mince and fresh carrot-apple salad.

Since the most difficult thing in the diet, as statistics show, is the rejection of sweets, you should find several recipes for useful desserts and pastries that will brighten up the difficult period. Of course, even such dishes should not be carried away, but if you really want (especially since sugar must still be present in the diet), then they are allowed to be used as breakfast.

  • Dietary oatmeal cookies will be primarily useful for the stomach: it is prepared from 140 g of oatmeal, 70 ml of kefir, 1 tbsp. honey, 1/2 banana and a pinch of cinnamon. The flakes are poured with kefir and left for 20-25 minutes to swell, then knead with a banana, add honey and cinnamon, form small circles of 4-5 mm in thickness from the dough and bake at 180 degrees.

In conclusion, I would like to once again remind you that healthy weight loss is a long process and not costing only a change of diet. Of course, food causes 70% of success, but the remaining 30% falls on your lifestyle and physical activity. Therefore, if you want your stomach and sides to lose weight quickly, the diet should be supplemented with at least walking and 1-2 cardio exercises for 30-40 minutes.

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