How to remove the riding breeches on the hips

It is always difficult to struggle with imperfections of a figure, each type of a build has its own problem zones. Fat accumulations in the body are not always evenly distributed, and if extra centimeters fall on the hips, "ears" are gradually formed, which are otherwise called riding breeches. Remove the riding breeches on the hips is not easy, but with the right approach and systematic training is possible.

Why appear riding breeches on hips?

Insufficient blood circulation. This is one of the reasons for the formation of cellulite and breeches. Blood stasis leads to fat accumulation. Special exercises increase blood circulation in the thighs, helping to correct the deficiency.

How to remove the riding breeches on the hips?

Improper nutrition. Since breeches are fatty deposits, they appear as a result of improper diet and overeating. A healthy diet is necessary to combat the "ears." While the calories are consumed less than consumed, the deformation of the figure is inevitable.

How to remove the riding breeches on the hips?

  • Gym. Sports activities should be systematic. It is not necessary to spend money on an expensive fitness club, you can also do it at home. In any case, the fight against riding breeches in the gym is better to combine with exercises at home.
  • Diet. It is not necessary to look for a modern, fashionable diet, it will be enough to give up salty, fried, smoked, flour, sweet. Adhere to a healthy diet will have no less than 3 months, during this time not only the hips, but also the whole figure will acquire seductive contours.

Exercises against the breeches on the hips: diet

  • Anticellulite massage. To increase blood flow to the problem area, you can use anti-cellulite massage. Vacuum is best done in the salon, but, if desired, it is possible to master the rules for performing a deep massage without the help of professionals. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 10 minutes. You need to start with light massaging movements, then apply the rubbing and kneading of problem areas, the massage is completed with light stroking movements. Make it better with anti-cellulite products.

How to remove riding breeches with the help of exercises?

Exercises are divided into:

  • Power;
  • Endurance;
  • Stretching.

First, the blood accelerates endurance exercises. It is necessary that the pulse was 120 beats per minute. (but age is taken into account), then the force ones go, which should be brought up to 60 repetitions. Both groups of exercises are designed to burn calories. The last stage of the workout is stretching. The complex of occupations should be carried out 4 times a week.

A set of exercises against riding breeches on the hips


You need to lie on your side, stand up straight and swing your leg, first one, then roll over on the other side and engage the other leg in the classroom. The number of approaches - 30, over time, you can increase the load with the help of sandbags.

Become facing the wall, put your hands on it, sit down a bit, slowly lift the left leg to the side, then the right leg.

Exercises against riding breeches on the hips: exercises

Lie on your side, fold your legs together, bend at a right angle to your body, lean on your arms. Begin slowly raising the calf above the ground (buttocks immobile), straining the hips. Stand in this position for 60 seconds.

You need to lie on your side, straighten up in a straight line, raise your torso, swing your straight legs up. This exercise differs from the usual in that the body is raised above the ground, which complicates the implementation.

There are many kinds of swings. Not only lateral are relevant if you want to remove the riding breeches on the hips, but also any other types of exercises.


Lie on your back, straighten your legs, lift low above the ground and then start to bring them together, then breed.


Lie on your back, straighten your legs, lift and start moving them as if you are riding a bicycle.


Begin with exercises with a rope, interesting variations of exercises with this shell diversify your classes.

Exercises against riding breeches on the hips: the result

If the usual exercises do not satisfy you, you can try to do callanetics. Choose a set of exercises that aims to strengthen the muscles of the hips. With a systematic approach, after a month, the result will be noticeable at minus 3-5 kg. There is a small nuance that needs to be considered. It is important not only to lose weight, but also to bring to tone the stretched skin. To cope with the problem will help contrast shower and massage with ice.

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The breech is a deep, subcutaneous layer of fat; patience and perseverance will be required to remove it. Only a set of exercises in combination with diet and massage can lead to a positive result. Perhaps the fight against riding breeches will serve as an incentive for you to switch to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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