How to remove fat from girls

Look closely at your body and you will find that the most flabby fat deposits are on the upper inner side of the thigh. They look not aesthetically pleasing and give women a lot of discomfort. It is very difficult to remove fat from lacquers, but first lie down under the surgeon's scalpel, try to switch to an energetic healthy lifestyle for at least a couple of months.

Remove the fat from the school for a week does not work, so be patient. A complex of effective exercises, diet menu and beauty treatments can work wonders.

How to remove fat from the girls?

How to remove fat from the girls?

During sports you will spend energy and lose weight, but try to direct maximum effort to fight fat deposits on the inside of the thigh. You may not lose the volume, but the muscles will make the hips elastic, and what else can you dream about. Drink plenty of fluids during class.

How to remove fat from the inner thighs: exercise

  • With squats for dumbbells. If there is no dumbbell at home, fill the plastic bottle with water. Become smooth, spread your legs slightly, put a dumbbell between your legs. Dissolve the feet in different directions, crouch and tilt the pelvis back. It is necessary to raise the dumbbell, straighten, and then put the dumbbell in place again. To increase the load, do not put a dumbbell or bottle, but put it on the floor, then the amplitude will increase. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  • Lunges with dumbbells. Pick up two-kilogram dumbbells and start doing lunges. 12 repetitions on one leg will be enough. Lunges strengthen not only the inner thigh, but also the abs.
  • Lifting the legs with weighting. Lie down on the floor on your right side to do the exercise. Straighten your right leg, bend your left knees and place them on the floor in front of the straightened right leg. Put on the right leg weighting agent, the more weight, the better the effect. Now raise your right foot to the highest possible height. Watch the position of the torso, do not need to bend strongly. After 10 repetitions, turn on your left side and begin to do the exercise with the other leg.
  • Lift straightened legs lying on its side. This exercise is also better to perform, with weighting on the working foot. Lie on your right side, straighten your legs, then start lifting your left leg with the weighting agent as far as possible. This is a great stretching exercise.

How to remove fat from lyashki: exercises

No need to limit yourself to doing only these four exercises. Go in for sports walking, swimming, jumping, go in for orbitrek. Perfectly strengthens the inner thighs of exercise with fitball. You can sit on the floor, place the ball between your legs and start squeezing it with all your might, trying to bring one foot closer to the other. The same exercise can be performed with the legs of the chair, if you have no doubt of their strength.

Only a regular exercise of the complex of exercises will lead to the desired result. Spend 20–40 minutes a day or 1 hour 3 times a week, and if you can, sign up for a gym.

How to remove the fat between the lads?

To remove the fat on the poles at home will help proper nutrition.

  • Discard high glycemic index foods.
  • Do not pursue a quick result, only gradual weight loss is safe for health. With a sharp weight loss is destroyed not only fatty tissue, but also the muscles, on which you work so hard.
  • Try to include in your diet foods that speed up metabolism.
  • Eat fractional and drink a glass of water before meals.

Cellulite wrapping

How to remove fat from the girls?

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Wrap 50 ml of apple cider vinegar dilute with 50 ml of lemon essential oil. Lubricate the inner and outer thighs with massaging movements, wrap with cling film for 30 minutes. 15 procedures per month will be enough for a visible result.
  • Honey wrap with grape juice. 50 ml of fresh grape juice mixed with 2 tsp. nourishing body cream and 1 tsp. honey Spread the mixture on the hips and warm with cling film for half an hour. Hold the wrap 2 times a week for a month.
  • Beautiful skin on the thighs can make wraps with clay.

Anti-cellulite baths

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Bath. 2 tbsp. bath foam mixed with 3 tbsp. vinegar, add 3 tbsp. cream and 5 - 7 drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance. Take a bath for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Turpentine bath. After a day for a month, do a bath with a pharmacy solution of turpentine on herbs. Before immersion in the bath, grease the body with a fat cream.
  • Perfectly improve the microcirculation of the bath with sea salt.

Contrast shower and massage with ice against cellulite

If every morning to take a contrast shower, the skin will become taut. And do ice for cryomassage with medicinal herbs, fresh juice, fruit and essential oils.


It is not difficult to remove the fat from the pupils, the main thing is not to be lazy and care for the problem areas in a complex. Sport, proper nutrition and spa treatments will have a beneficial effect not only on the hips, but will change the contours of the whole body. Good luck in the fight against excess weight!

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