How to remove cellulite on the legs

The most favorite place for cellulite is legs. As a result, short dresses have to be forgotten for a long time. It is inconvenient to appear on the beach, banned swimming pool and sauna ... Stop! Enough already regretting that it was not possible to avoid orange peel, it is time to begin effective measures to destroy it.

How to remove cellulite on the legs: food

In the fight against celluliteproper nutrition is important. After all, he, most often, appears in obese people.

How to remove cellulite on the legs?

  1. So, to get rid of cellulite legs, begin to eat a balanced diet. This does not mean that you should refuse to eat at all, start a fast or go on a strict diet. Just eat plenty of healthy and healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, cereals, muesli, drink more fluids, but in no case, carbonated water. Let honey, skimmed milk, kefir, low-fat cheese, green salad, apples, grapefruits, vegetable soups, boiled freshwater fish, crispbread, dill, celery and spinach be in your diet.
  2. Try to give up bananas, chocolate, sweets, ham, fatty meats, beer and strong alcohol, as well as fast food, contributing to the formation of an orange peel.
  3. Rebuild your attitude towards nutrition gradually, follow the principle of rationality and sufficiency. Do not abuse herbal intake for weight loss. As a rule, they have a diuretic and laxative effect. Taking them uncontrollably is dangerous.
  4. Do not smoke, it destroys vitamin C in the body.

How to remove cellulite on the legs: massage and wraps

To get rid of cellulite on the legs, one diet is not enough. It is useful to connect the massage wraps. Gathering in the shower, take a stiff brush or massager. When your skin is well-steamed, start massaging it. Do it actively and tough enough.

Try an effective honey massage. Smear your feet with fresh honey, then stick your hand to the surface of the skin and sharply tear it off. This method removes excess fluid and toxins, has a pronounced result.

Wraps - another weapon against celluliteon foot. To carry out these procedures, you can use both purchased products and those prepared by yourself. Usually used honey, salt, coffee - something that always exists in any kitchen. After applying anti-cellulite remedy, the legs are wrapped in cling film and covered with a warm blanket.

The course usually consists of 12 procedures that need to be carried out three times a week. After six months, it must be repeated for prevention.

How to remove cellulite on the legs: bath

Cope with cellulite will help the bath. Especially if you skillfully use an oak besom or a massager in the steam room. Well helps scrub from salt or coffee. With it, it is easy to quickly remove dead skin cells.

How to remove cellulite on the legs?

Treat not only problem areas with your broom or massage mitt, but also your whole body. Your task is to increase blood flow. Massage in a circular motion.

Eliminates cellulite and grape-honey remedy. To prepare it, take 1/2 tbsp. grape juice and dilute it 1 tsp. honey Apply to problem areas. Grapes - an excellent drainage tool, and honey pulls toxins and slags from the skin. Rinse off after 7 minutes. It is useful to drink lime tea in the bath. It helps speed up the metabolism and increase sweating. Regular visits to the sauna or bath will make your skin smooth and smooth.

How to remove cellulite on the hips: sport

Remove cellulite on the hips without playing sports is unlikely to succeed.

  1. Walking. It is especially useful if you have a lot of excess weight. Walk on foot every day for at least 1 hour. So you will not only get rid of cellulite on the hips, but also strengthen your body.
  2. Jumping With a rope or without it. The main thing is to do it as often as possible and more intensively.
  3. Squats. This exercise perfectly eliminates the orange peel. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms out in front of you, and begin to slowly squat, watching that your heels do not come off the floor and your back is completely straight. Do as many repetitions as you can without extreme effort.
  4. Do not forget about morning exercises and periodic jogging, ride a bike.

As you can see, getting rid of cellulite on the legs and hips is not easy. This process is long and requires some effort. Go to a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, exercise, take care of your skin regularly. Only a combination of efforts will help you to solve this problem.

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