How to remove cellulite at home

Such an unpleasant phenomenon as cellulite is familiar to many women, regardless of their age and body build. Cellulite can appear even in a slim girl, because "orange peel" - not a sign of excess weight, but a disease in which fat is improperly distributed under the skin, as a result, bumps appear.

How to remove cellulite with a diet?

  • What we eat greatly affects the appearance and spread of cellulite.. The most negative impact of the so-called "fast food", mayonnaise, fatty and fried foods, pastries and smoked meats, pickles, sweet soda, fried potatoes and meat, ham, instant coffee, alcohol, sausages, sweets and ice cream.

How to remove cellulite with a diet?

  • Besides, excessive salt intake is also promotes the formation of cellulite. From the foregoing, we conclude that these products should, if not exclude, then at least minimize their use.
  • Together with that need to increase the consumption of such products, as low-fat meats and fish, yoghurts, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, muesli and eggs. Should drink as much plain water as possible - not less than 2 liters per day.

How to remove cellulite at home with a massage?

Massage has a very effective effect on cellulite.. If you perform it regularly and correctly, this method will help get rid of cellulite forever!

  • Highly effective in the fight against cellulite dry massage. This massage should be done with bare hands, starting from the bottom and gradually rising up. Movement should be circular, soft. Perform this massage should be daily, paying at least 5 minutes of each area of ​​the body.
  • Proved its effectiveness and honey massage. To complete it, 2 tsp. Honey is mixed with 5 drops of citrus oil (be careful, allergies can appear on citrus oils!) and perform every other day for a month.
  • Perform well anti-cellulite massage using special stiff mittens. She needs to rub the areas of the body affected by cellulite. You can purchase a special massage brush or anti-cellulite massager. Massage with the help of these devices can be carried out under the shower, using all sorts of oils (for example, a mixture of vegetable oil and orange oil), and you can massage the areas affected by cellulite together with anti-cellulite creams.

How to remove cellulite at home with a massage?

  • If you did not have a massager or mittens at your disposal, you can perform an anti-cellulite massage with your fist. Hand squeeze into a fist and in a circular motion, massage the areas of the body affected by cellulite.
  • Before you start anti-cellulite massage session, Walk around the desired areas of the coffee scrub. After scrub massage will be much more effective. Take the usual coffee grounds, rub the skin well, leave it under the film for 10 minutes, then rinse. In addition to coffee grounds, as a scrub, you can use a mixture of sea salt with olive oil. The mixture should be massaged skin, leave it under the cling film for 10 minutes, and then wash off in the shower. You must perform at least 10 sessions every three days.

How to get rid of cellulite with wraps?

Wraps - method of dealing with cellulite, invented relatively recently. Its essence lies in the fact that anti-cellulite mixture is applied to the skin, and on top of the legs are wrapped with cling film. In this state, everything is left for some time: it depends on what mixture you use for wraps.

  • Acetic wrap. You need to take apple cider vinegar and plain water and dilute it in a 1: 1 ratio. Then, a few drops (from 3 to 5) of citrus oil are added to this mixture. We mix the prepared mixture onto the areas affected by cellulite, wrap with food film for 30 minutes, then rinse under the shower. Wrap should be done every other day for a month.
  • Grape honey wrap. Take 5 tbsp. fresh grape juice, add to it 2 tsp. any cream and 1 tsp. honey Apply the mixture on the skin, wrap a film, leave for half an hour, rinse with cool water. Wrap should be performed 2 times a week during the month.

How to remove cellulite at home with wraps

  • Wrap with blue clay. Take blue clay and dilute it with water so that a rather thick mass is obtained. Apply this mass on the areas affected by cellulite, wrap with a film, put on warm pants and leave for 50 minutes.
  • Wrap with Kapsikam ointment. Attention! The ointment used in the recipe has extremely pungent properties and can cause severe hives or burns. Therefore, if you do not know how sensitive your skin is, try an ointment on a single area of ​​skin! Carefully read the attached instructions! Be careful when applying the mixture on the hips - in any case, do not fall on the mucous membranes and genitals! Take 2 tbsp. any cream (except for children), 3 ampoules of caffeine and 1 pea (!) ointment Kapsikam. Mix all ingredients thoroughly (act with gloves), apply the mixture on skin areas with cellulite, wrap with a film, put on pants, cover with a blanket. Leave the wrap for 3 hours. At this time, you should not go to the toilet, drink, eat or move actively. It is best to lie down. The procedure should be performed every 3 days 10 times. Despite the soreness of the procedure, it is incredibly effective!

How to remove cellulite at home with exercise?

To exercise became effective assistant in the fight against cellulite, To complete them, you need to take at least 40 minutes a day and do it daily. Exercises will become even more effective if you put on an anti-cellulite cream and put on warm pants.

  • Exercise "Scissors".Familiar to us from childhood exercise. Lie on your back, lift your legs up and make them move as if you are cutting something with scissors. You should perform at least 3 visits 40 times.
  • Squats.Keep your hands tight on your hips. Perform 3 visits 30 times. This exercise will be even more effective if you begin to squat on your toes.
  • Fours.Get on all fours. From this position, swing your back leg. With each foot, perform 3 visits 30 times each.

How to remove cellulite at home with exercise?

  • Side swing.Lie on your side. Swing your leg up 30 times in 3 visits. Then roll over on the other side and make the same strokes with the second foot.

Remember that the more regularly and with better quality you will fight cellulite, the sooner it will disappear forever. The complexity of the proposed control measures will provide the best result. In addition, you can add walking, swimming, roller skating, active dancing, douche and baths with sea salt.

Good luck to you in this difficult struggle!

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