How to pump up the press in 1 week quickly and correctly

Beautiful slim body for many purpose, towards which they move with enviable persistence. In this pursuit of ideal proportions, the key role is played by a flat stomach and press dice. But many people are not satisfied with the prospect of practicing for a long time for their sake until seventh sweat. And because there are many who want to learn how to pump up the press in 1 week. Is it real?

Features of pumping the press

Press - this is the abdominal muscles that distribute the load from the spine

The press is abdominal muscles that distribute the load from the spine and are responsible for supporting the internal organs. It consists of several muscle groups; each performs its function in the body. The straight line, in particular, is divided into upper and lower sections (upper and lower press) and determines the work of the pelvis and lower back. The upper section can be worked out by lifting the case, and the lower section by lifting the legs.

The oblique muscles (internal and external) help the body to turn, bend and bend. Therefore, their training requires asymmetrical crunches, twists, left-right turns and leg outs.

The transverse muscle is located under the surface of the abdomen and is responsible for its plane. To pump it, you need to do the lifting of the legs and pelvis.

How to download a press?

There are 5 rules for proper pumping the press.

  1. Quality, not quantity. Much more important is not the number of approaches made, but the usefulness of each repetition.
  2. Rational approach to training. Need to pump all areas of the press.
  3. The sequence of exercises. It is believed that the most effective is the first exercise in the complex, so the order of execution must be changed.
  4. Study of exercise biomechanics. For the competent preparation of the complex you need to know what effect this or that load has.
  5. The correct gain. For beginners, training without weighting, and for experienced ones - with him.

How much can you pump press?

The most popular question addressed to fitness instructors is how to quickly pump up the press. However, there is no definite answer to it. After all, the result of training depends on many factors:

  • genetic predisposition to completeness;
  • the presence of diseases that cause weakening of the muscles;
  • age Over the years, the amount of muscle tissue decreases - in women after 40, for example, by 1.5 kg annually;
  • neglect of fitness. If the shapelessness of the press is caused by sagging muscles, it will not be as difficult to restore the tone as if the muscles were already overgrown with fat.

But on average, in order to celebrate the first results, a week of daily workouts with full dedication must pass.

Exercises for pumping the press

The main exercises, a complex effect on all parts of the press

The main exercises, a complex effect on all parts of the press, are the following.

  • Crunches-twists (strengthening effect on the upper section of the press)
  1. We lie down on the floor, bend the legs at an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. Raise the torso, bringing it closer to the knees. Make sure your back is rounded when lifting.
  3. Return to the original position.

To enhance, you can lean your feet against the wall.

  • Reverse crunches-twists (develop the lower section of the press)
  1. In the supine position, we link the hands behind the head.
  2. Knee joints bend, lift the hips at right angles to the support.
  3. We pull the knees to the chest, lifting the pelvis from the floor.
  4. We return to the number 2.

To enhance the effect, slightly raise the head and do not lower it until the end of the exercise.

  • Oblique crunches-twists (working out obliques)
  1. Lie on your side, hands behind your head.
  2. Slightly bend the knees.
  3. We stretch our knees to our hands.
  4. We return to the number 1.
  • Abdominal vacuum (works on pumping the entire rectus muscle)
  1. We get on all fours.
  2. Bend your back and draw your belly.
  3. Breathe in and hold your breath for 15 seconds.
  4. Relax and straighten your back.
  • Bike (running on the transverse muscle)
  1. We lay down on the floor, hands behind head.
  2. Bend the legs at an acute angle to the body.
  3. We are pedaling an imaginary bike.
  4. Change the direction of the ride.
  5. Perform within 20 seconds.

To enhance the increase the execution time and speed.

  • Book (pumps straight muscle)
  1. We lay down on the floor.
  2. Stretch hands behind head, legs together.
  3. "Fold" so that the forehead touched the knee cups.
  4. We return to the pose number 2.

What you need to quickly pump up the press?

The success of pumping the press is largely predetermined by the mood with which you start training. In addition, for the quick effect of training you need:

  • train regularly;
  • do all the exercises correctly;
  • follow the intensity and rhythm;
  • reasonably increase the load;
  • follow the diet.

The main thing is that the result does not need to go to the gym, enough home workouts.

Average weekly workout results

Of course, many indicators affect the effectiveness of press training, but, as a rule, these “average” results can be achieved in a week:

  • loss of appetite. Trained abdominal muscles do not allow the stomach to stretch strongly, and the need for food decreases;
  • the appearance of mild pain in the abdominal muscles. This is evidence that they respond correctly to the load. But if the pain is severe, then it is better to review the set of exercises and consult a specialist;
  • increase the elasticity of the side and waist;
  • improve the overall tone of the body.

How to enhance the effect of training?

How to enhance the effect of training?

In order to give the body the desired shape, it is important to comprehensively approach the task. This also concerns the question of how to pump up the press in 7 days. To achieve the result, you also need:

  • eat right (eat at least 6 times a day, focus on protein foods - dairy products, meat, include fresh vegetables and seafood in the diet to strengthen muscle tissue);
  • to supplement the basic physical exercises with cardio exercises - active physical exercises in combination with breathing exercises that stimulate the work of the heart and blood vessels. This can be aerobics, running, walking, rowing, skiing or skating, etc.

In order for the figure to please the forms, and the health does not fail, one knowledge how to pump up the press in 1 week is not enough. You need to patiently train, monitor your diet and body reactions to physical exertion. But the most important thing is not to stop classes when the desired result is achieved.

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