How to pump up the girl buttocks at home quickly

Each woman dreams of a toned body. Some beautiful muscles and model forms are given by nature, but some of the girls must work carefully to achieve the desired result. Many girls want to round the shape of the gluteus muscle. For this, it is not necessary to go to the gym. You can perform a special set of exercises on your own. On how to pump up the girl buttocks at home, we'll talk with you today.

How to pump up the buttocks: general recommendations

How to pump up the buttocks

As you know, advertising is the engine of progress. Many print and virtual publications talk about how to pump up the buttocks at home to a girl quickly in a week. Let's immediately determine whether it is possible to achieve the desired result in a week? Of course not. For muscle growth takes a long time, and in order for them to acquire relief and elasticity, repeated and systematic training is required.

A week after the start of classes, you can only feel how all the muscles begin to tighten, including the gluteus maximus. But for others, the results will be noticeable no less than 3-4 months.

Choose for yourself a suitable set of physical exercises, consult with an experienced trainer and start classes. Do not delay improving your body indefinitely.

A few general recommendations from experienced trainers will help you make your classes both useful and effective:

  • Before performing any exercise, the muscles should first be stretched. All joints and muscle tissue should be well heated to avoid injury. At home, it is enough to give 5-7 minutes to warm up.
  • If you want to achieve results as soon as possible, then the training should be systematic (at least 3-4 times a week) and long (from 40 minutes to 1 hour).
  • To improve the performance of muscle tissue during exercise, use special weighting, dumbbells or small barbells. At home, you can take bottles filled with water or sand.
  • The basis of the complex during the development of the gluteus muscles are squats. They need to be carried out correctly, without taking the heels off the floor and without moving the knees forward.
  • All exercises should be performed on several approaches with a short break of 20-30 seconds.
  • If you want to lose weight and build muscle mass, be sure to adjust your diet.

Proper nutrition is the key to success

Proper nutrition

As it is known, an excessive amount of protein is needed for the growth of muscle tissue in the body. But you can not limit yourself only protein food, so as not to provoke the development of serious diseases. A few tips from sports nutritionists will help you develop a complete daily diet:

  • carbohydrates should definitely be consumed only in the morning, because after lunch these harmless substances will be deposited in the fat layers;
  • for breakfast it is best to eat food enriched with healthy carbohydrates and fiber (cereals, fruits);
  • meals should be fractional, that is, in small portions, but 5-6 times a day;
  • not eating after 18 hours is a prejudice, the last meal should be done 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Be sure to drink up to 8 glasses of filtered, thawed or boiled water per day, but in no case drink water 40 minutes before and 1 hour after meals, so as not to slow down the metabolic processes;
  • To get the right amount of protein, include fish, dairy products, eggs in your diet;
  • for empty calories (sweets, tea, coffee, sugar, etc.) say no to solid.

For how much you can pump up the buttocks: a selection of the best exercises

As already mentioned, pumping the gluteal muscles in seven days is simply unrealistic. At home, if you practice systematically, you can get beautiful rounded, embossed and elastic forms no sooner than after 3 months.

Exercise number 1: squats or "plie"

Squats are considered the basis of the complex aimed at the development of the gluteus muscle. For the effectiveness of the exercises you need to know how to squat correctly to pump up the buttocks. To do this, read the instructions:

  1. The back should be kept straight, the legs should be on the floor without tearing off the heels or socks.
  2. Buttocks during squats should be retracted, but without bending the back.
  3. Knees during squats should not go beyond the toes.
  4. Squatting should be as deep as possible to feel a burning sensation in the muscle tissue.
  5. Exercise should be done 25 times 2-3 times with a half-minute break, in the future the load should be gradually increased.

Squats or

Exercise number 2: swing feet from a standing position

Such an exercise helps not only to pump up the gluteal muscle, but also to develop flexibility. You can use an ordinary chair or any other surface at the waist. Mahi should do this:

  1. Place your hands on the surface of a chair or table so that your back is parallel to the floor.
  2. Take the straight leg as high as possible to feel the contraction and burning sensation in the gluteal muscle tissues.
  3. It is not necessary to swing the leg, try to retract and return it to one position, for example, near the heel.
  4. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times with each leg.
  5. By analogy, you can perform side and front swing.

Mahi legs from a standing position

Exercise number 3: pushes bent legs

To perform this exercise, you can use a special mat or just lie on a non-slip surface:

  1. Get down on the floor and lean on your elbows and knees (something like a doggie style).
  2. Raise each leg a certain number of times so that the heel is directed at the ceiling, it is better to pull the sock towards you.
  3. Every time you lift a bent leg, you must make an effort and make a push or a punch.
  4. Alternate the legs after each time is not necessary, for a more effective result, perform 20-30 pushes each foot.
  5. For burdening you can clamp dumbbells or bottles under the knee.

Bent legs

Exercise number 4: picking the gluteus muscles "on the pin"

This exercise will allow you to not only pump up the gluteal muscle tissue, but also strengthen your back and abs:

  1. Lie on your floor with your back so that your legs are bent and as close as possible to your body.
  2. Perform pelvic elevations, resting on the shoulder blades.
  3. Every time the pelvis rises, strain your gluteus muscles with all your strength as if you are collecting them on a pin.
  4. Hold at the top for 5-10 seconds and gently sink to the floor.
  5. Repeat this exercise 25-30 times.

Glute muscles

For exercises aimed at building the gluteus muscle, you can use any sports equipment: barbells, fitball, dumbbells, expander. You can diversify the complex by jogging or walking. It is very useful to perform exercises aimed at stretching. It is safe to supplement the complex with other exercises, the main thing is to do them systematically. Do it with pleasure, improve your body and be happy!

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