How to make legs thin

Every girl dreams of slim and thin legs so that you can wear short dresses, shorts and skirts. Some women by nature have large forms, and others just recovered. This is not a problem, since there are several simple ways to make your legs thin. But it is better to approach the solution of the issue in a complex way, so that the result is maximum

Exercises for thin legs: how to choose?

How to make legs thin?

  • There are a large number of exercises that can give your legs relief, adjust the shape, reduce the volume and tighten the skin. It is not necessary to sign up in the gym to get the feet of your dreams. Enough instead of the elevator to use the stairs. The effect of such exercises will be noticeable soon.
  • Excellent helpers in the fight for slender legs are running and walking in the fresh air. The latter can be combined with the way to work or study.
  • To strengthen the lower part of the press and legs, it is necessary to perform exercises using the work of the limbs with a fixed torso. These include "bike", writing out eights in the air, alternately lifting the legs, jumping rope, swing back and forth, squatting without weight, lifting toes, stretching and bending.
  • If none of the exercises for a long time does not help you, sign up for a gym. During physical activity, wear special thermal underwear. It optimizes sweating and energy output, with which the result is achieved faster.
  • Another helper in the fight for a beautiful body is a fitball. It does not take up much space, since it is possible to blow it away and put it in the closet. A variety of exercises will turn classes into an exciting and useful pastime.

  • Swimming, aqua aerobics and Charcot’s douche - these procedures are very useful to give legs a slimmer and slimmer look. Water provides natural resistance that helps to make skin more feminine.

Slim legs for a week: diet

The physical form of each person is 70% dependent on nutrition. You will have to abandon fast food, chips, fried, fatty, salty, spicy and smoked dishes, sausages, sweets, bakery products, etc.

The basis of the ration should be fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruits, bread with whole-grain bran, cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat), rice, fresh herbs, red grapes, low-fat dairy products, legumes, eggs and green tea.

Such a diet is usually designed for 7 days. Nutritionists do not advise sitting on it longer, because the limited consumption of fats and carbohydrates can cause health problems.

Cosmetic procedures

Massage that includes general and anti-cellulite. The main thing is the regularity of the exercise, at least 2 times a week. Massage improves blood circulation, helping toxins to be eliminated faster. With the help of the procedure, the muscles of the legs come to tone, the skin becomes more toned and elastic.

You can also do self-massage regularly. After bathing, rub lotion, cream or massage oil, massage your feet. The process is characterized by a combination of different movements - stroking, rubbing, patting. Start with a massage of the feet and legs, then move up to the knee joint and towards the thigh.

Plus, get a vacuum massager; with its help, you will quickly get rid of orange peel, and in combination with other methods, you will quickly lose those extra pounds.

Wrapping is a great way to get rid of toxins, toxins and cellulite, thereby reducing the volume of the legs and correct their shape. Hot wraps that can be done at home are best suited. For them, the ideal algae, the mud of the Dead Sea, clay or honey. Before wrapping it doesn’t hurt to do deep leg peeling.

Sauna and bath will also help to get the desired shape and improve skin tone. If these procedures are combined with special cosmetic products and massage, the effect will not take long.

Cosmetics. In the process of losing weight, your skin does not sag, but remains taut and beautiful, you should use cosmetics for stretch marks. Good products are available from Biotherm, Vichy, Clarins, GUAM and Collistar. Such funds should be applied regularly after using the basic methods for slimming the legs.

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Slender legs are the dream of every girl. Someone they are from birth, and someone has to make serious efforts to look beautiful. Follow the diet, exercise, go more often, take a steam bath, massage and wraps - then slender legs will become for you not a dream, but a reality.

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