How to make cheese from kefir

There are several ways to get delicious homemade curd. One of them is the preparation of kefir cottage cheese. Kefir cottage cheese, cooked with love, will be very tender to the taste.

The composition of cottage cheese from kefir

To make 250 g of cottage cheese, you will need 1 carton pack of yogurt 3.2% fat.

Method of cooking homemade kefir cottage cheese

  • Package kefir freeze in the freezer. Then take out, and while the kefir is freezing, remove the package from it with a knife or scissors.
  • Then prepare a sieve or colander with gauze on the bottom. Put on the gauze frozen kefir.
  • After a few hours, the kefir will defrost, excess liquid will drain. It is possible for a better flow of fluid, put on top of the load.
  • So we got homemade kefir cottage cheese. And also serum.

You can use not one package of kefir, but two or three. It all depends on how much cottage cheese you want to get.

Cottage cheese helps to gain muscle mass and is a dietary product.This is a very simple recipe that absolutely everyone can use. Drink whey, eat soft curd or add it to other dishes!

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