How to make an elastic ass

Slim and fit figure - the ultimate dream of every woman. But the ideal body is the destiny of the elect. What do the girls with whom nature was not so generous? The main thing-- don't be upset! Indeed, in our time there are a huge number of ways to adjust your figure.

The most problematic places for most girls are the butt and legs. When gaining weight, it is these places that increase in volume, and the notorious "orange peel" comes down from them much more difficult. But modern standards of beauty prescribe that the legs should be slim, and the butt - elastic and taut. This can be achieved with a special set of exercises.

Recently, passive ways of losing weight and improving body shape have become very popular in Russia. Manufacturers of various creams, balms and other means assure that for a good figure it is not at all necessary to give up tasty but high-calorie buns, or go to the gym. It is enough to use cosmetics regularly, and the result will not take long. In practice, everything is different. So, what methods are ineffective in the fight for the perfect figure?

How to make an elastic ass?

  • Creams for slimming and restoring skin elasticity. Manufacturers of such tools claim that the latter are able to tighten the skin and get rid of cellulite, without changes in the lifestyle and nutrition of a person. This, of course, is a delusion. Creams give effect, but only in combination with exercise and diet.
  • Herbal decoctions and essential vegetable oils. In many magazines and on Internet sites they write that the use of oils and herbal infusions helps restore skin elasticity, improve shape and even lose weight. It is recommended to make wraps with the addition of essential oils and take baths with decoctions of herbs. These treatments are no doubt beneficial to the body. But to achieve a noticeable effect, they must be carried out in conjunction with sports loads. Only an integrated approach to solving the problem will give the desired result.
  • Weight loss diets. They really help to get rid of excess weight, gain slimness and elegance, as well as cleanse the body. But to restore skin tone and tighten the muscles of the diet will not help. This will have to do with the help of special exercises and cosmetics - massages and wraps.
  • Water aerobics. This method is very good for body shaping. Exercises in water contribute to the restoration of skin tone, and can even pump up muscles a little. But for finding the perfect figure is not enough. Need additional exercises on the muscles of the buttocks and legs. It is necessary to visit the pool at least 2 times a week and for a long time.

How to make a beautiful ass?

Particular attention should be paid to regular sports activities. You can sign up in the gym, exercise at the gym, in a group of fitness or aerobics. But if you do not have enough time or money for a personal instructor, do not despair! You can perform the following set of exercises without leaving your home. In terms of efficiency, it is not inferior to classes in gyms and fitness centers.

How to make an elastic ass?

Exercises for elastic buttocks:

  • Squats are a universal remedy for strengthening the gluteal muscles, calf and thighs. This exercise is recommended by most fitness trainers. Squats are easy and do not require any training from the person. You can do them at any time of the day. Take a stand while standing, legs should be set apart shoulder-width apart. The back should be perfectly straight - this is the most important condition for the effective exercise! Squat from the starting position, stretching your arms in front of you. The upper body should be in a position perpendicular to the floor. Do simple squats without a load 50 times.
  • If desired, the exercise can be complicated by adding not heavy (1-2 kg) dumbbells. Take the same starting position, take dumbbells in your hands and reduce them at the abdomen level. Squat, and gradually raise your hands to eye level. The palms should be turned to the floor. Return to the starting position and lower the arms. Do the exercise 12-24 times. It is best to do every day for 2-3 approaches. This will allow in a short time to get a good result.
  • Lunges - no less effective exercise for the legs and buttocks. Starting position - standing with legs apart, shoulder-width apart. The back should be flat. This exercise is best done with weight. It is recommended to use small dumbbells, 1-2 kg each, although at the very beginning of classes you can do exercises without them, so as not to overload yourself. Keep your hands at the seams, and turn your palms inward.
  • Lunge is a step of maximum magnitude, which is done while inhaling. During movement, the upper body should be kept even and perpendicular to the floor. It is very important to constantly monitor and maintain posture. When you fall out, bend your leg and lightly touch the floor with your knee. Exercise should be done abruptly. Then go back to the starting position, repeat the same for the other leg. For each leg you need to make at least 12 lunges. The optimal number of approaches is 3, but you can make 5-6. At the very beginning of classes, do not heavily load your muscles - 3 approaches will be enough. But over time, increase their number and weight of dumbbells.

How to make an elastic ass?

  • Exercise with stretching the legs. Accept the starting position while kneeling on the floor, palm up against the floor. Hands should be located directly under the shoulders and strictly perpendicular to the floor surface. The legs should also be straight. The stomach needs to be drawn in and the back relaxed. Imagine that your legs are attached to your body with hinges.
  • While exhaling, pull the left leg back, it should form a straight line and be parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position at the moment of inhalation. The optimal amount of stretching for each leg is 12 times. Over time, their number is recommended to be increased up to 24 times. In order to quickly achieve the desired result, do 3 sets with each leg.
  • Inclinations are a good exercise for different muscle groups, including legs and buttocks. Take a standing position, keep your back straight. Put your feet at a great distance from each other. Hands hands against the sides. When inhaling, lean to the side, try to descend as low as possible. Keep your back perfectly level while doing bends. Tension should be felt in the abdominal muscles.
  • Exhale and strain your gluteus and leg muscles. Return to the starting position. This is a very simple exercise, but in combination with others, it will help pump up the ass and tighten the legs, make them more slender. Lean on each side 12 times, and then increase the number to 24. The minimum number of approaches is 2, but it is better to do 3-4.
  • Popping the pelvis is a very effective exercise for training the muscles of the buttocks. The result is already apparent on the 2nd week of classes. Take a supine position, hands at the seams. In this case, the feet should rest on the floor, and the legs should be bent at the knee joints. Strive to pull up the heels of the priest so that you can hand hold the ankle. When inhaling, try to push the pelvis up, without taking your heels off the floor.
  • Pushing should be performed as high as possible and with great intensity, movements can be sharp or smooth. When performing pushing, you should feel strong tension in your gluteal muscles. If it is not enough, then you are doing something wrong. On the exhale, return to the original position. In order to complicate the exercise, put 1-well leg on the knee of others. Do pushing, and then change the legs. For each leg, you need to do 12 pushings. The number of approaches - 3.

Exercise, together with proper nutrition and daily care of problem areas, will make the figure an object of your pride. Now you know,how to make elastic legs and buttocks, using a special complex for home workout. Do these exercises every day, and very soon you will get the desired result!

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