How to love your body

Luxury feel comfortable in your body according to statistics is available only to two women out of three. 25% of women hope that they will become happier if they lose weight. But satisfaction and joy will not come to the place of the lost kilograms, unless you learn to love yourself, love your body.

How to love your body? 7 proven ways

One of the causes of anorexia is self-dislike. Even those girls who brought their bodies to exhaustion, continue to consider themselves fat.

Learning to love yourself is strategically important., if you don't learn love your body, Whether it is worth counting on mutual feelings from others.

How to love your body? Guide to action

1. Pay attention to the advantages of your figure.. Each person has something in his appearance, which can be admired. Try right now to find 2 - 4 virtues of your body. Remember the complements that you have ever done. Ask your man to name what you like. Then clothing emphasize their dignity.

2. Look at your naked body more often.. Do not approach the mirror with a dismissive look. Get undressed, examine your body in front of the mirror, twist to see your body from different places. Admire what you like, then move your eyes to the figure flaws, but do not dwell on them, but just look. Do this exercise daily, praise yourself, make compliments. When you look at yourself you will like it, go on to another exercise.

How to love your body? 7 proven ways

3. Take care of your body., start caring for him, make gifts to your figure, buy care products, go for a massage. Since your body can give you pleasure, you can love it for it.

4. Do not compare yourself with the models from the cover.. Everyone is used to seeing perfect naked bodies from the TV screen, on the pages of magazines, it is difficult to face reality, you have to think that everyone is perfect except you. Go to the nudist beach, look from far away, and you will understand that real people are far from the glorified ideal. However, this does not prevent many people from living and being happy. Do not compare yourself with people whom a beautiful body helps to earn money, especially since all the photos in fashion magazines are processed in Photoshop. Compare yourself with women of your age and lifestyle and you will realize that you look great.

5. Do not impose your complexes on other people.. A man should not know what you do not like in yourself. On any female figure there are lovers. It is important to be well-groomed and love yourself again.. If you are charming, cheerful, only a stupid man will leave you because of those extra pounds, but a dull thin person will drive anyone crazy. If a man criticizes your forms, you are constantly dissatisfied, for no apparent reason, then he has a bad temper. You do not need extra complexes, you need another man.

6 The most important self-realization in all areas. Problems with a figure will bother you less if you are successful at work, happy in marriage.

How to love your body? 7 proven ways

7 Another little secret praise clothes, hairstyles of your friends, and if you have enough courage, and women unfamiliar to you, do it sincerely. You will see, as compliments made by others will raise your spirits. You will learn to see good not only in others, but also in yourself.

Love to yourself does not come overnight, it needs to be cultivated, nourished, cherished and cherished, then, as in the story about the ugly duckling, the body will respond to you in return, and you will turn into a beautiful swan.

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